Talking Wrestling with John Cena – 7 Minutes in Heaven

Talking Wrestling with John Cena – 7 Minutes in Heaven

– Hi, this is 7 Minutes in
Heaven with Mike O’Brien. I’m here today with WWE
superstar John Cena. – That’s me, and that
was very official of you, WWE superstar, John Cena.
– That’s right. You work out? – No, I was gonna start
everybody says I should. – You should, yeah. – Why, do I look feeble to you? Do I look like I can’t handle
myself? – Seems like it’s been
going okay without it. – So I should not? – Yeah, it’s fine. I do 20 pushups every couple of
days, you might at least do that. – Just to, you know, for effect? – Yeah, and to win the wrestle. – To win the wrestle? Okay. – In the new movie Sisters,
you play a tattooed bad boy. – Drugdealer. – Drugdealer?
– Yeah. – Were you ever that guy growing
up? Not drugdealer specifically but what’s the worst crime you
committed? – I was into the usual
haberdashery as a teenager, just tryin’ to– – Hat making? – Yes, actually, actually
hat making, yeah. – Well that’s legal.
– Yeah. – So WWE SmackDown is moving to USA Network.
– It is. – Starting January 7.
– Yes. – Do you know who you’ve got on
January 7? – I do not, I’m so ready to
fight, ready to smack down as they
would say. – Yeah, you have to, you
have to either be raw or you have to smack someone
down. You used to drive a limo? – I did, that was a career
short-lived, it was awful. – Always lost with the big paper
map? – Aways lost, always lost,
always late, people would call me everything
on the way to the airport ’cause literally I’d be
an hour late for them to miss their flights and now
as a traveler, I would just– – And it’d be your fault? – Oh, oh definitely, no other
reason. – You’ve wrestled Big Show a
lot. – [John] Yes. – [Mike] A rival, if you will. – Heavy man. – Yeah. – Yes.
– Yeah, which leads me– – Smells like a chicken
processing plant. – My question is genuinely
going to be multiple choice, what does Big Show smell like? – Just, just– – Chicken. – Yup. – My options were like an
encyclopedia that’s been in a swamp for a
week. – ‘Kay. – Like a dog toy that’s
been soaked in dog saliva. – That’s not it, that is not it. – And also fell in a swamp. – That’s not it. – Like a freshly opened stick of Right Guard antiperspirant
and deodorant Cool Blast. – No, that’s also not it. – That the stick of deodorant
was in a swamp for a week. – No, I will go this far,
I will go as far as to say an encyclopedia wrapped up
in a beach towel of farts. – Okay, Big Show, that’s how Big
Show is. – That’s his musk. – He sells that scent. – Oh yeah.
– Beach towel. – Big, Big Show. – Let’s do a little role play
scenario where we’re tag team partners
who are in couples’ therapy because you turned your back
on me in the last match. – Okay, cool.
– As you did to Billy Kidman. – All right, you don’t do
anything! – See, when you yell, then do
you know that that puts me– – Do something out there! You just stand there! And I just have to stand there
while you don’t do anything. – This is our whole
relationship, this is happening all the time. – Smokin’ god! – What are the most
serious actual injuries you’ve suffered from over
a decade of wrestling? – Every single time I go out
there, my feelings are hurt. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – Broken hearts? – Yeah man, at the– – ‘Cause you’re like, I can’t believe this
guy dislikes me so much. – Yeah, and they sing along
to my music, and they’re ♪ John Cena sucks ♪ and they’re like hey
man, you need to quit! And like hey man. – The fans hurt your feelings.
– You suck, bro. Like we hate you, bro. – I have to be honest,
I felt that a little bit when you said you wanted
to punch me in the face. – No, but that’s just what I was
thinking. I didn’t mean it, but I totally
did. – So, I’ve had a good time. – I think, I think that
probably is gonna get me in so much trouble with my gal, but it was what you felt you
needed to do. – Yeah, I mean, sorry to your
gal, it was a one time thing, and it has not been going on on the side on the side for
months. – I’ll tell you what,
we’ll keep it European. All right, perfect, perfect. – Ow.

100 thoughts on “Talking Wrestling with John Cena – 7 Minutes in Heaven

  1. They should've each worn one of those boots upside down with the laces tied to their chins as hats…missed opportunity good sirs.

  2. SAD STORY 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

    🙁 go scroll up down you'll find my comment earlier . In that comment I asked for subs or just viewers but people liked other comment with absolute nothing to like but they didn't like my comment where I asked for subs and like on my vidz . Man this world is mean.


  3. What the hell was that at the end?! It was so awkward and uncomfortable. Like when a relative you don't remember just decides to kiss you or come in for a hug…

  4. so now a person can get sexually assaulted BY A MAN for a national network, filmed, and published & its coool???

    as long as its a straight man i guess…….
    keep supporting lgbtq+

  5. LGBTQ has WAYYYY to much power in this Generation…
    They shouldn't say shit else to Kevin Hart. Cena should file a police report.

  6. Now why did you do that… could’ve been a great video with a great guest and just blow it with whatever just happened, was that guy previously on SNL? Must’ve been fired 😂💀

  7. Jfc, these comments are not helping the stereotypes about pro-wrestling fans. Mike O’Brien, the interviewer, is straight. “7 Minutes in Heaven” is a routine in which he tries to kiss the person he’s interviewing, just like the game it’s named after. That’s why it takes place in a closet. It’s a common cultural reference—ffs it’s in Family Guy—so being a 12-year-old shut-in is no excuse for not knowing. The guest is in on it. And, for the record, John Cena has a gay brother and is an outspoken supporter of gay rights. I’d imagine he’d say to keep the homophobic virtue signaling to yourself.

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