100 thoughts on “Teen dies after fight outside middle school


  2. I know I’m late but we gotta try and stop these fights honestly 😩😩😩they are getting too far prays going to your mother and your family 😔😔💘💘💘💘

  3. "A single white death is a Tragedy. A million black deaths is a Statistic." J. V. Stalin (USSR communist leader)

  4. This is why I don’t fight people, you never know one punch you throw could end up killing someone and just like that you either get murder or manslaughter. But people now adays just want to see people fight and even tell people not to break up fights smh. RIP

  5. ima say rogt now that would not be my fucking sister i have a sister and if i know that this happend to her i would go kill both them girls and their parents

  6. When her mom said " I'm loosing my baby" made me cry and I hope that the girls who did that suffer bc she didn't deserve it💔😭 R.I.P to her ❤️

  7. Why is attucks middle school always on the news for fights. I lived on sterling street a few years ago and I was sitting on my porch and the whole school was chasing this one kid down the street to fight him. I mean what is really going on there

  8. Im trying not to cry the way she said "she lost her baby" its so sad you can see she doesn't want to say that but she is so brave i feel so bad

  9. Getting hit in the head makes you like lose your consciousness and can sometimes make you parlyzed and have a really bad tumor

  10. Why did that idiot let her daughter suffer with a headache after that for one for 2 you know ut was a horrific painful headache. Fake ass crying.. Bish you stole your daughter's life by not taking her to be seen.

  11. .., Charge them with murder, Arrest them, incarcerate them with NO MERCY to the full extent of The Law –now this mother has to go on without her daughter because of these 2 savages!!!

  12. Damn those kids, it’s all their fault for making a brain tumor magically appear in her brain!! It wouldn’t have taken days for her to loose consciousness if the fight was in any was directly responsible for her death. Chances are she would have died pretty soon anyways from the tumor. Look at all these medical experts in the comments who already guarantee it was the kids fault and calling for their death or lifetime incarceration!! She could of been running her mouth and instigating the fight along with the girl she fought, a 5 second video tells us nothing besides the tiny girl on top of her was basically slapping her arms and hands she had covering her face!!

  13. “It’s always a fight right here after school and they ain’t no police”
    Um how about parenting? Why is one culture exempt from parenting their churren? It’s a culture issue. Fix the culture, fix the “prolem”… cool “homie”?

  14. The evil bullies who ever killed that innocent girl desevere to be torture to death and go the hell and may Allah blessed the girl and her family Eman

  15. Even though I'm late to this but that girl should be in jail because if the tumor was in the other girls head and the girl was hitting it that's what probably caused her death

  16. Image how those girl feel how fought her. They never meant for her to die they most likely feel horrible. They shouldn't go to jail

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