OPENING FUNDING + INTRO Would you look at this. This is from last night’s Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View on the MONDAY NIGHT RAW BRAND. And things didn’t go good after all. (sighs) Hey there, guys, Tyreese Joyner here, and um, it is the 5th day of June. As you may know, guys, um, those are the results from last night’s RAW exclusive Pay-Per-View Extreme Rules, and it wasn’t good. MIZ winning his 7th intercontinental champion against Dean Ambrose in a… with the stipulation of Dean Ambrose who gets disqualify, he lose the title. But he didn’t get disqualify to lose the title. Nope. But MIZ, who won his 7th intercontinental champion, and now, he is getting back to his world tour as intercontinental champion. Or should I say, the comeback tour. Um, Alexa Bliss retaining her title in that Singapore in a Pole match against Bayley. Sheamus and Cesaro winning the RAW tag team champions against Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy in a steel cage match. Austin Aries lose yet again to Neville in a submission match. And of course, Kalisto beat Apollo Crews in the kickoff. And also, the biggest news is: Samoa Joe, the rookie of RAW, he is now the 1# contender for the WWE Universal champion. Brock Lesnar, you better watch out, because guess who you’re going to be facing on the next RAW exclusive Pay-Per-View on July 9th: Samoa Joe. So now, RAW will be talking about what transpired last night at Extreme Rules. And that will happen later on tonight. But now, the Pay-Per-View we’re now going to be turning our attention to is the MONEY IN THE BANK Pay-Per-View on the SMACKDOWN LIVE BRAND. And that happens on June 18th. 2 MONEY IN THE BANK ladder matches: 1 for the divas and the other 1 for the superstars. Well, that’s all I have to say to y’all, so good bye, and thanks for watching. I’m getting a shout-out to all of you, and as always, keep it real, and stay in school. THE END + CLOSING FUNDING

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