100 thoughts on “THE GRANDMASTER | Train Fight

  1. This entire movie was flat out beautiful. This fight is one of the best fights I've ever seen. My brother and I talk about it all the time. After seeing Zhang Jin for the first time in this movie, I started to notice him everywhere. Ip Man 3, Master Z: Ip Man Legacy. He utilizes the same fighting style that he uses here in Grand Master and I love it. The song they play for the battle, a beautiful piece.

  2. I don't like this at all, just pan the camera out and let me watch the fight, no need for all the super closeups and slowmo

  3. I saw this movie a few years ago it had great cinematography but it wasn't as good as I expected it to be.

  4. Вот такую жену, после работы как штык дома да еще стал бы подкоблучником

  5. This feels like a really long commercial. The movie must have been made by someone who used to do commercials.

  6. 八卦掌対形意拳、すばらしいシーン。この二つの武術を用いた映画はもっとあって良いと思う。

  7. Interesting, I like her mink coat… Don't like her too much, seen all her movies… she's ok, her face expression never change. Something about her is just nah I'll skip her next movies.

  8. .
    2:34 – He uses Ma Xing (Horse strategy) which is brilliant because his name is Ma San (which is like 'Horse 3' or something). Maybe it's a pun?

  9. 🙏🏿 0:10 "Chinese Cinema and Martial Arts" paying mutual respect and homage to "Hip-Hop" (New York City "B-Boys" style/WuTang Clan/Grandmaster Flash, etc.) 🐉

  10. Суровая китайская жизнь!это они из-за билета на поезд подрались?

  11. Если китайцы такие кунг фуисты почему не один китаец не участвует в мма ? Они все трусы и поетому их не любит вес мир !!!

  12. I love how she has a flower in her hair; I see it as an emphasis that she can be feminine while still being strong and skilled at the same time

  13. China deserved so much better than what it got. I hate the Westerners and Japan for what they did to this country's pride and culture

  14. In the movie the One, Jet Li's character plays two versions of himself from alternate universes who end up fighting each other. Each one uses a different martial art: Xing Yi Quan or Ba Gua Zhang, just like in this scene here. But as much as a liked the final fight in The One, this version of Xing Yi vs Bagua here to me is the best by far.

  15. I remember being so excited to watch the movie after the trailers I love the cinematography. Truly an art. But the plot was a bit disappointing for me. Still beautiful scenes tho

  16. She won the fight but her injuries from this fight ultimately contributed to her own end. As I recall, she relied heavily on opium or some pain killer to treat her injuries and died from that as a result

  17. Saddest thing is that this one fight killed them both, him almost immediately while she succumbed to her injuries later and I think they both knew it even before the fight began.

  18. This scene made with many shot transitions and slow motions for dramatic effect. The train is not that long, but this is made so the audience can observe what's happen in each move they made. Of course you smart audiences would realize that, right?

  19. This movie had way too much atmosphere and not enough plot. The rain scene was pretty good, the rest I couldn't get through. I tried.

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