The Miz calls Daniel Bryan’s return a “bust” after SummerSlam: SummerSlam Exclusive, Aug. 19, 2018

The Miz calls Daniel Bryan’s return a “bust” after SummerSlam: SummerSlam Exclusive, Aug. 19, 2018

Excuse me, Miz, congratulations on your
victory out there against Daniel Bryan. Now there’s eight years of
history between you two. But how was tonight’s encounter different?
>>There’s your closure. Eight years, there is your closure,
me beating Daniel Bryan. Daniel is exactly what I said he is. Daniel Bryan, no doubt four years
ago was absolutely incredible, one of the greatest of all time. But four years is a long time to
come back to a talent like me. I’m at the top of my game. The past four years,
I have honed my craft to be number one, I am number one and
I proved it out there tonight. Did Daniel Bryan, look at me,
marks all over the place. Punched me in the face, that is
actually what he is going to do, but in the end,
one punch from me was all it took. I have the hardest punch in the WWE. Any other brain-buster questions you got?
>>Earlier this week, right here in New York, you said that
if Daniel Bryan did not win the match, that his return to the ring
would be a failure. So you stand by that?
>>I said it would be a bust, and I stand by every single word. Am I right, dear?
>>Yeah, totally.
>>Has it been a bust?>>Mike, you’re the best.>>The best.
>>You’re the best.
>>Who’s the best?
>>You’re the best.>>Who’s number one?>>[LAUGH]>>All right, thank you and congratulations.
>>I proved once again that I am and always will be awesome.

100 thoughts on “The Miz calls Daniel Bryan’s return a “bust” after SummerSlam: SummerSlam Exclusive, Aug. 19, 2018

  1. Well the fact is ,it was the Miz who actually kept Daniel Bryan alive by mimicking him (or whatever) all these years while Bryan couldn't wrestle.
    Hats off to THE MIZ,he deserves all the attention of this world.

  2. Miz deserves this WIN
    edited: wasn't expected 70 likes plus just wanted to let it out there that miz deserved the WIN even though he cheated because HE'S A FREAKIN' GREAT HEEL AND ONE OF THE BEST INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION

  3. Something made me like this video, maybe that's the Miz being nicer than usual, maybe because he cut a nice and confident promo, or maybe it's just Maryse…

  4. miz is bloody bustard cheater i promise to wwe universe that after 4 years when i became wristler then i break his hands and leg and reason behind his retirement😠😠😠😠😠😠

  5. Miz you're a known no good for nothing washed up cheater! daniel had you on the robes and if your wife never helped you out with those knuckle dusters he would of won and not you.

  6. I'm glad THE MIZ WON but he brags to much to where it gets in his head to failure fact he made history but the when could we ever see him get injure cause I'm really tired of seeing his face but congrats to the miz and Daniel Bryan they both show toughness and put there body on the line

  7. miz won because his wife help him that because you are a coward i hope McMahon someday will say this words to yo miz YOU'RE FIRED

  8. Hear me out here. Here's my fantasy booking for WWE till wrestlemania. Bryan goes on a sabbatical to find himself again after losing to Miz while Miz goes up the card and slowly challenge for the WWE Championship.

    In the meantime, Styles feuds with Joe and loses the title at Hell in a Cell. They continue feuding all the way to Royal Rumble with Joe retaining. At the Royal Rumble, Bryan finds himself again and the strength to crawl to the top of the card. He serves up an incredible performance and win the rumble, eliminating Miz in the process. The 2 feud again.

    At the elimination chamber in February, the last 3 survivors r Styles, Joe and Miz. Joe eliminates Styles which causes Styles to lose his mind, brutalising Joe. Miz then pick up the pieces and get an easy pin to win the WWE Championship. Bryan's music hits and we get Bryan vs Miz for the main event at wrestlemania and also Styles vs Joe for the final no holds barred match of their long grudge feud.

  9. Miz cheated again, maybe nexttime maryse should be banned from the crowd and just stay in the backstage thefuck.

  10. the miz is an cheater…he always wins when his stupid wife helps him cheat…fight with love and passion for the sport and you became an winner don't win because of cheating…

  11. Now he needs to fight AJ Styles once his thing with Samoa Joe is over, and Daniel Bryan goes off of TV for a while, until Survivor Series time

  12. He couldn’t beat Daniel Bryan Fair so he beat him by cheat because He had help by his wife and doesn’t deserve too win

  13. Nice job mike oh I mean miz still can't get the job without a easy woman to help you have always sucked and always will be just a b movie actor ..

  14. Mix so sad you can't won unless your wife helps you. She needs to be barred from ringside then let's see what you can do. Wife makes me sick and your show totally sucks

  15. What makes a great heel is a character that speaks the truth, arrogant like it or not and backs up the talk in the ring. The Miz is hands down the best thing going in the WWE right now (both promos and in the ring) and has been so for the last 3 years in my opinion.

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