The Miz calls Daniel Bryan’s return a “bust” after SummerSlam: SummerSlam Exclusive, Aug. 19, 2018

Excuse me, Miz, congratulations on your
victory out there against Daniel Bryan. Now there’s eight years of
history between you two. But how was tonight’s encounter different?
>>There’s your closure. Eight years, there is your closure,
me beating Daniel Bryan. Daniel is exactly what I said he is. Daniel Bryan, no doubt four years
ago was absolutely incredible, one of the greatest of all time. But four years is a long time to
come back to a talent like me. I’m at the top of my game. The past four years,
I have honed my craft to be number one, I am number one and
I proved it out there tonight. Did Daniel Bryan, look at me,
marks all over the place. Punched me in the face, that is
actually what he is going to do, but in the end,
one punch from me was all it took. I have the hardest punch in the WWE. Any other brain-buster questions you got?
>>Earlier this week, right here in New York, you said that
if Daniel Bryan did not win the match, that his return to the ring
would be a failure. So you stand by that?
>>I said it would be a bust, and I stand by every single word. Am I right, dear?
>>Yeah, totally.
>>Has it been a bust?>>Mike, you’re the best.>>The best.
>>You’re the best.
>>Who’s the best?
>>You’re the best.>>Who’s number one?>>[LAUGH]>>All right, thank you and congratulations.
>>I proved once again that I am and always will be awesome.

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