1. Didn't like the leaked photos love the finished product. It's way better than the spinner but not up to par with the pre-spinner titles tho.

  2. So incredibly glad I don't have to look at that insipid Spinner title anymore. It's ok, I just wish they would've filled out the background of the main plate–just the logo on black leather makes it look kinda plain. The pre-Spinner titles definitely had a more prestigious look, but this is a welcome upgrade from that Spnner

  3. @Hazardf5 I must say I did notice one thing that was missing… NO EAGLE ON THE BELT =( I wish the side plates would have had it though. I kinda always felt that the eagle was the untold mascot of the WWE belt. But I like it. Like you I loved the Undisputed best way to describe the WWE title. This one I like more than I thought I would.

  4. Dave Millican
    And a version of it with an eagle was made but never used. WWE will post pics of the "previous concepts" of the belt in the coming weeks

  5. I can not believe that dave millican actually designed this belt just shocking. I wonder if dave is losing his creativity or this is the wwe idea ? Not surprised with the wwe. It amazes me this is their best. Perfect example the wwe tag team belts.

  6. As stated in the video, Dave Millican made it, he did not design it, the design was given to him by WWE. Dave had no say in how the belt looked.

  7. They brought the classic IC back. Never hold out hope. Why did they bring the classic IC back anyway? Better yet, why did they ever switch to that god awful other version?

  8. I honestly don't love it, I like the side plates but they get rid of the old WWE championship because it looks like a toy for a new belt… Which looks like a toy?!?! -____- …. Remember I think people just like it because it's something new, atleast the spinner belt had an actual design to it, this just has a BIG ASS "W" in the middle with the word "Champion" under & on top of that! CM Punks hold the tile for what "400" days, but rocks champ for a couple weeks and he gets to unvels it

  9. The black back is the actual leather of the belt. Also the guys from OCC helped make the main plate because of how it has the 3D effect so that the leather could show and Dave Millican couldn't make it work with his equipment. This belt is a hug breath of fresh air after the Spinner (which I liked at first but then grew to hate just like I grew to hate Cena). The spinner belt was supposed to be a gimmick for Cena back in 2005 but ended up being the longest design for the belt in history…

  10. The Rock not up there with Austin? The Rock is on the exact same level as Austin as well as HHH. These three made the Attitude Era what it was. I'm not taking anything away from all the other great wrestlers from that era, but Austin, Rock, and HHH were the top guys and were all on the same level at the same time. That's why the Attitude Era worked…No one guy was the top guy all the time (Hogan, Cena). No one guy was champ all the time. Austin is in the HOF because he no longer wrestles.

  11. They got rid of the old title because it was time for a new belt. It wasn't ready until then or they would have given it to The Rock when he won it at the Rumble. This belt was actually the hardest belt in WWE history to make because it's not just a plate like all the others. This one had the W made in a 3D model to give the belt a uniqueness like no other belt in history. It's not perfect but it's better than the damn spinner by all accounts.


  12. WWE designed it. Dave Millican and the guys from OCC actually made the belt itself. OCC made the main plate because of the 3D effect it has due it not being an actual full plate and they had the equipment to make it. That's where all of those leaked photos came from.

  13. anything is better than the spinner. I agree it will be know as the superbowl belt, looks just like a RING. I like the shape i like the belt but I dont like all the black on the face plate. I think it would have looked better with the gold ontop of silver with the black it looks too hollow and empty like a stencil. a solid gold or gold on silver would be nicer

  14. @pjdragonmaster20 The original winged eagle. 88-98. 10 year run. Longest of all designs. I'm not sure if the black back is the leather strap of the belt. Look at pics on wwe.com. Especially of the Rock wearing it. The black back is a harder, solid texture. Unless its dashboard leather.

  15. I love it, and it went up on wwe shop as well I've already order the replica it's been shipped and I can't wait to get it 🙂

  16. I can't help saying this be I think the main plate is missing something. the side plate are the best side plates I've ever seen which is why I don't like the rocks version of this belt.

  17. I like the custom sideplate idea. I think the belt represents the company at the minute. Anything like the big eagle or winged eagle wouldn't make sense, even if they are prettier.

  18. Can you please do an unboxing video of the championship when it arrives? Thanks, then just reply to this telling me its up…cheers!

  19. I wasn't crazy about it when I first saw it on RAW, but since the side plates are interchangeable and they're not just that stupid bull, but it is nice not having the "name plate" for the champion I think it's a great redesign. I agree it does look almost like a championship ring which I think adds a bit more appeal to it after that terrible title for
    the last 8 years and and the undisputed belt wasn't much better either.

  20. i want the spinner back i give this belt a 7 1/2 for looks they should make the belt just like the one the champion the rock has or when a wwe superstar has it just like they have it or give the buyer that is buying the replica belt should be able to choose the champion they like on the side like the rock did it for his so the belt is to cstly and unfinished in the middle of the center plate

  21. It's funny. If the side plate was the main plate, and vice versa. I might actually have liked this design. But WWE found a way to make an even more obnoxious belt then the spinner! Terrible.

  22. It is indeed leather. The plate from the leaked pic was finished into a complete belt, WWE (cm punk) decided it was far too heavy so a new one was made, this one was missing the back panel, exposing the tooled leather strap at the back.

  23. I see what your saying, but still having The Rock "A old wwe superstar" bring the a "New Era" doesn't make since, and the at least the spinner belt had an actual design , & I didn't like that it said "Champ" instead of "Champion" tho! and I think even tho a new title was needed I would have rather them old out longer and have something better

  24. Damn the side plates with globes are waaaaaay better than the rocks logo as the side plates. The front plate design is too plain it should have a winged eagle at the top or a globe in the background.

  25. TNA's World Heavyweight title(not the shitty Jeff Hardy version) looks way better than this new belt. The World Heavyweight title looks better than this belt and that's the no.2 belt in the WWE. I think that the title belt should actually look like a belt you would fight for and be proud to wear; the spinner belt was not that belt. But, with the belt designs the WWE has come out with the past 7-8 years, this is no surprise. The best belt move they made was bringing back the old IC belt…

  26. on the spinner that's actually meant to be the eagles"tail"
    i was referring to the "wwe title"specifically, maybe i should have been a bit clearer on that

  27. looks much better than the spinner. This belt actually looks like it has the weight that the spinner belt never looked like it had.

  28. the raw plates were created by OCC, the etching, engraving, plating, stone work, painting and leathering was done by Dave Millican.

  29. I don't like this belt. It's too big for my tastes, and I don't like how the front looks almost "empty," with the thin W overlaying that huge black leather strap. I do agree that the side plates are quite nice. I also grew to like the "spinner" once they fixed it in place. It had a nice, 3D look to the front plate. I prefer that one over this belt.

  30. The new belt is growing on me and I would buy it but I don't want to spend $450 on a belt that will be out of style in a year or so.

  31. It grew on me very fast and I love it now. As for going out of style, this belt isn't going anywhere any time soon. They put $50K+ into it and developed custom plates for everyone. It'll be around a minimum of 5 years.

  32. Like you, the belt is growing on me. Two points of the belt that I don't like are 1.) I do not like the United State Championship belt, and the new WWE Championship almost has the same leather cut out. 2.) Most of the WWE Championship belts have the eagle on it and this one doesn't.

  33. sorting a spore throat lol jk but nice video and i am rather happy a new belt has been unveiled…unfortunetly, the belt doesnt look THAT great, but its better than the spinner

  34. ehh i have to see other superstars with it,i dont like it,the spinner grew on me,the eagle is a classic,this one is just like the ear boring just the way i feel

  35. I am not a huge fan of the design, but the spinner was only supposed to be a gimmick and it only stuck around because they were making Cena the top guy and it was his thing. Unfortunately, it stuck around for too long. I don't like the design of the new belt, but I love the creativity and uniqueness behind the new belt and how futuristic and all of the hard work that went into making this belt. I don't agree with The Rock presenting the new belt, but it was him making a jab at Cena by doing it.

  36. the main problem I have is it doesn't look like a championship belt… it really does look like a ring..

    Why we can't have a winged eagle belt again I'll never know or at least something that looks like a belt

  37. can't believe anyone likes it. It's one of the most horrid belts I've ever seen. Was really hoping u;d rip it a new one, lol oh well.

  38. no not really imo. u replace the spinner plate with a stationary one and add ion to champ and it's actually not bad

  39. Damn! Midway through the video I was going to comment that it looks like a Super Bowl ring on roids. Well done–beat me to the punch.

  40. I like to call it the "Truck Grill" belt. I kinda like it, and Cena's gonna put the spinners back on the plates after this Sunday.

  41. I'm not a fan but anything is better than that fuckin spinner.

    that being said if they just remove all the fuckin bling i wouldn't mind it that much. but having so much of the main plate be empty just doesn't sit well with me.

  42. Just like you, this belt is growing on me. As far as buying it goes, I need to buy the Undisputed version first. Will take ALOT of convincing to get this one.

  43. Paul is a very close friend of mine, talk daily and I do consider Dave a friend also.
    For prices you need to contact the releatherer directly.

  44. think they could of done better,,,,but at the same time anything is better than the spinner,,,,,they clan flush it down the toilet.

  45. i would have preferred if they had put the eagle back on the belt i liked all the designs they had with the eagle on it 

  46. John Cena with his spinner belt and holding the wwe title SO MANY TIMES,

    he fucking ruined that belt, he totally took a SHIT on it.

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