The Shield’s coolest moments: WWE Top 10, Oct. 14, 2017

The Shield’s coolest moments: WWE Top 10, Oct. 14, 2017

[MUSIC] [SOUND] The rumors of the Shield
reuniting are exactly what you are. Nothing but hype.>>Who said anything about rumors?>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>The lunatic friends, Dean Ambrose.>>[LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>And the architect Seth Rollins!>>This is surreal. This can’t be happening.>>And the rumors appear to be true! The Shield is back! [SOUND]
>>[NOISE]>>No, not this, not this. We’ve seen the Shield do this to many men. Now it’s the Rock’s turn.>>No.
>>Brahma Bull taken out by the triple power bomb.>>[NOISE]
>>The following is a six man tag team contest scheduled for one fall. Introducing first,
at a combined weight of 707 pounds, the team of the United States Champion,
Dean Ambrose, along with Seth Rollins and
Roman Reigns, the Shield! [SOUND]
>>[NOISE]>>Take him up.>>Are they just doing the-
>>Wait, no, no, no, no, no, no. Reigns has just called for it! Reigns has called for it! This is old Shield!>>No way.>>This is Shield of old! The Triple power bomb
[SOUND] to the table!>>[NOISE]
>>[NOISE]>>The Shield!>>[APPLAUSE]
[SOUND]>>Later on tonight, we’re gonna take you guys out.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Ya! [SOUND]>>No. We can just wait until later, all right?>>[SOUND]
>>[SOUND]>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND]>>[NOISE]>>No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, they’re gonna go for a power bomb.>>Through the table. Reigns for the cover.>>One, two, three.>>And he got him. [SOUND] The Shield had won.>>The winner’s of this match. The Shield.>>The Shield winning their
first match here at WWE and as Seth Rollins tweeted earlier tonight. They changed the world. [SOUND]>>It’s the Shield. The Shield are here, Michael.>>Indeed it is.>>A fantastic arrival for
Rollins, and Ambrose and Reigns. The Shield preparing for
a six-man tag match. [SOUND]
>>Here we go.>>My god, look at this.>>It’s their yard now.>>You gotta be kidding me! You gotta be kidding me!>>[NOISE]
>>Don’t do it guys.>>The Shield!>>Come on. Come on, it’s the legend, don’t do that!>>The Shield with a triple
power bomb through the table. Undertaker driven through the table. [SOUND]
>>[NOISE]>>Watch out.>>Here we go.
What’s this?>>Dean Ambrose, Kofi Kingston.>>New champion. We’re gonna have us a new champion.>>One, two, three.>>Dean Ambrose [INAUDIBLE] Dean Ambrose
is the new United States Champion!>>[INAUDIBLE] Daniel Bryan
right where they want him.>>And Kane is out of it. Daniel Bryan’s got no help.>>What is this, what is this?>>Man, turning Bryan inside out.>>One-
>>The cover.>>Two, three.>>They do it. The Shield wins tag team gold! All members of the Shield now have gold. There’s Ambrose,
the new United States Champion. Rollins and Reigns, tag team champions. [SOUND]
>>Ryback’s unbelievable.>>My god!
>>What in the world? What is this?
>>Who the? What the? That’s Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose,
Seth Rollins, all from NXT. What are these guys doing?>>No way!>>Ryback sent through the table.>>My god.>>What is going on? What are you guys doing out here? [MUSIC]

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  1. Shield mean in German Squint or to be cross-eyed aka boss-eyed but you spell it other out "Schielt" . But you speech it exactily so like Shield and it's also not a huge difference in The Autographs aka The Letters xD .

    Also Seth Rollins , Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose hit people so That They Squint .

  2. I have absolutely loved The Shield right from the start, and I always will! One of THE best trios ever in professional wrestling! 😊❤️

  3. I cant go there cause you guys keep going places and plus I might not have a chance so please go to hicks house that’s were I live

  4. DX Generation 🐍🐍🐍🐍
    Brother of Destruction 👿👿👿
    The Shield 👑👑👑👑
    Who like this teams in 2020 on WWE

  5. Who like the shield and Who miss the shield and Who wants the shield back please like

  6. Survivor series when ambrose was team smackdown and roman and seth were raw, and they saved ambrose from security. Goosebumps.

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