100 thoughts on “The Undisputed ERA take out The Velveteen Dream: WWE NXT, Oct. 16, 2019

  1. This is what NXT needs to keep doing. They did a good job progressing storylines tonight. Keep it up

  2. No problem!!!! Let Dream "sleep"….
    We'll be witnessing Lee vs Strong vs Dijakovic next week for the North American Championship!!!!! After that, Dream's not gonna sleep!!!! IT'S DREAM OVER FOR STRONG!!!!!

  3. I honestly don't see how anyone can take these guys seriously as the most dangerous group in NXT. Also no character or charisma other than taking Heath Slater's catch phrase. I get that size doesn't matter and all but this is ridiculous. They're supposed to be a threat? It just feels forced.

  4. The undisputed era totally a serious faction and really good unleashed a Wolfpack mentality. Put velveteen to sleep and oh,yeah, dream over!!!

  5. Well actually the undisputed era attacked dream because He embarrassed Rodrick last week of sending in the picture if he lose the title as naked

  6. The Undisputed Era take out The Velveteen Dream and Roderick Strong forced to defend the North American Title against two behemoths in NXT

  7. I was actually waiting for an announcer to pop out and try to get a quick interview with Dreams unconscious body lol

  8. Velveteen Dream vs Rodrick Strong for the NXT North American Championship at NXT Takeover WarGames 3 in a Ladder Match.

  9. Yo I miss this video due to a commercial with in my city of Houston while NXT was live so I didn't even know what happened. But now that I've seen the video we're supposed to believe that Rodrick Strong through Velveteen Dream of the top of a truck without actually seeing it. 🙄🙄😤🙄

  10. Get well soon velveteen dream is out nxt north American championship can wait triple threat matches for nxt north American championship Keith lee take on dominik dijakovic nxt north American champion Roderick strong next week nxt can wait for it

  11. I bet Velveteen, Tommaso and Finn form their own team just to fight the Undisputed Era. I wonder who will be the fourth wrestler. Tommaso-NXT Champion, Velveteen-North American Champion, Finn & maybe even Johnny as NXT Tag team champions.

  12. “How about we let Dream sleep on it” good one

    Adam Cole versus The Dream for the NXT Heavyweight Championship! I’d like to see Dream win it at some point.

  13. Look like strong crying and let see if strong can beat dream by hisself without interference. I’m calling it that he will

  14. War Games is coming and there’s like half a dozen possible combinations that could be going in to that match right now…more if we include the women, though if they do have a women’s war Games it really should be the 4 Horsewomen vs 4 Horsewomen

  15. I don't know why but remeber when Aces & Eights had there own personal commentator i would so be all for The Undisputed Era commentator who hay just a thought WWE 😉

  16. Potential Double Take Moment of recent memory: After the beatdown of The Velveteen Dream, one of the UE guys should've said "Now we go check out Adam's girlfriend!" Before Cole can even respond in mock exasperation, the guy rolls his eyes to indicate clear disgust. Perfect sense that the faction working a sabotage storyline on NXT as top heels would entertain a momentary notion to see Dr. Britt in the only place that she can be seen on Wednesday nights!😂B.W.

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