100 thoughts on “This is what happens when you interrupt WWE Champion Daniel Bryan

  1. Daniel Bryan has recreated himself. Hes the best thing in wwe right now. The fact that he was trying not to smile was classic

  2. Final Countdown IS the best entrance music in the world. Bryan, is just the best. Educate these fickle sheeple, good sir.

  3. Daniel Bryan is arguing about manliness and yet he's a vegan. Lmao when you think you've heard it all you hear something else tops it

  4. 0:23
    She touches Daniels arm and he backs away slowly because he is married and taken.
    She touches this random guy's arm and you can tell he is single because he stands still

  5. Asking a vegan what his favorite burger topping is, is like asking a Chevy guy what his favorite Ford to drive is. Jesus, that was painful.

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