Tommaso Ciampa attacks Johnny Gargano with a crutch from behind: NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia

Tommaso Ciampa attacks Johnny Gargano with a crutch from behind: NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia

>>Johnny Gargano had to overcome so much. And I think he’s reliving it right here, realizing that-
>>[APPLAUSE]>>The dream remains just that for Johnny Gargano.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>What the hell, my God!>>Did that just happen?>>No, Tommaso Ciampa attacking his former
tag team partner with one of his crutches.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>No, Gargano is one of the biggest hearts in NTX, well, this guy’s
former best friend, Tommaso Ciampa. He has a for
lease sign where his heart should be

100 thoughts on “Tommaso Ciampa attacks Johnny Gargano with a crutch from behind: NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia

  1. Perfect end to an amazing event! I'm so glad Candice got involved in the match to defend Johnny. I was so worried they'd have her look daft by making her a helpless bystander. Should have had more faith in NXT. I keep forgetting this isn't the main roster.

  2. What a great main event!!!! This is like AJ Styles GREAT!!! Andrade is THE MAN! Johnny Gargano you win my heart and respect every night bro! The cat fight was awesome! Poor Selina got wrecked by Candice! And I somehow was expecting Ciampa back just didn’t expect him like that haha ouch! But worried he might beat Gargano in front of his family OR even hit Candice!!!

  3. gargano is the next d.brian. dont waste him in 205, he is a main roster talent and should be in world championship picture

  4. IMO, this match was the show stealer of it all! Both Alma’s and Gargano showed they have what it takes to bring the house down! And I’m so glad Candice LeRae was apart of it. I knew that from when she signed she would be a important part of the match and finally after all of Vega’s games. She got a taste of her own! Sadly, Gargano didn’t win but rekindling his rivalry with Ciampa will do wonders for him. Takeover New Orleans, Gargano vs Alma’s III. Gargano finally wins the title, Boom Ciampa ruins his spotlight again! Whoever is in charge of creative for NXT, THANK YOU for telling a GREAT storyline!!

  5. I'll be honest, I was rooting for Gargano to win the title. However, after seeing just how good Almas was in this match, I changed my mind. Almas deserves a run with the title. However, I feel like they should have a rematch for TakeOver New Orleans of Gargano v Almas, with Gargano winning this time. Then, after finally winning the title, Ciampa comes out and brutally attacks Gargano a la Takeover R Evolution when Kevin Owens attacked Sami Zayn after he finally won the title. This was a damn good match, and I think it would be a huge missed opportunity if we didn't get one more between the two at New Orleans at Mania weekened, with Gargano finally winning and Ciampa ruining his moment again, cementing this feud for another possible MOTY candidate at TakeOver Brooklyn IV.

  6. I have just puchased the WWE NETWORK and whether I access it with my Windows (in an HD monitor). through Chromecast or through the Samsung up for my 4K tv. I do not see an HD quality or rather I see a mess with the picture and colors although my settings are just fine. Does anyone has this issue with the WWE network ?

  7. Oh look, ?… Tomasa who's been irrelevant since the DIY break up, he's back… Johnny been moved on from him since he betrayed him… now he's back again to fued, like dude you're nothing without Johnny Freaking Wrestling!!!!!!!

  8. Johnny Wrestling has such a good wife, doesn't just stand there as her a man gets beat up like most wrestling wives on screen ?

  9. Nxt Takeover Philly > Wrestle Kingdom 12

    Almas vs Gargano should be a 6 star.

    And i thought how the main event gonna beat Cole Vs Black? . Damn NXT makin me lika a kid again

  10. Gargano deserves to be NXT champion because he can build the brand and resonate with the fans…Andrade is just a filler champion and no one will remember that he was a champion…I just don’t see him as a star quality player for nxt…he is just generic…he really has no star power in terms of getting over with the fans…if anything put the title on Aleister Black because he can truly build a brand and get over with the fans!!!

  11. 'You know, Gargano may have the biggest heart in NXT but this guy? His former best friend, Tommaso Ciampa has a for lease sign where his heart should be.'
    Great call, Mauro. Great call.

  12. So when is this war gona end
    The first battle was at Takeover New Orleans. Let me guess The next battle is at Take over Chicago II

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