Top 10 Most Laughable Wrestling Matches Most WWE Fans Probably Forgot ( WWE Funny Moments )

Top 10 Most Laughable Wrestling Matches Most WWE Fans Probably Forgot ( WWE Funny Moments )

Today we present you with
10 Most Laughable Wrestling Matches
Most WWE Fans Probably Forgot
( WWE Funny Moments )
10 Kennel from Hell
The Hell in a Cell match is one of
the most barbaric stipulations in
WWE history
with plenty of Superstars having their
careers shortened by stepping foot
inside the satanic structure
But at Unforgiven 1999, the WWE
tried to re-invent the classic match
, as part of the feud between the Big
Boss Man and Al Snow.
After the former correctional officer
had killed Snow’s dog Pepper,
and force-fed the pet to Snow, the
WWE hosted the first ever
Kennel from Hell match to settle this
war once and for all.
A Hell in a Cell match with rabid dogs
present and the Brooklyn Brawler
as special guest referee, the match
certainly could’ve been a show stealer,
if it had gone to plan.
Instead, these so-called rabid dogs were
anything but, and would often shy away
from the wrestlers, rather than attack
them, and occasionally relieve themselves
outside of the ring.
With urine and feces all around, the dogs
weren’t the only ones
crapping on the match, as the crowd were
virtually silent throughout.
Although Al Snow did get the pinfall and
was able to avenge his pet,
no-one came out of this looking like a winner.
9. Judy Bagwell on a Pole
Vince Russo is one of the most
controversial people in
wrestling history.
Whilst he did usher in some great
moments in the Attitude Era,
he is probably best remembered
for his bizarre booking in the
final years of WCW.
One of his weirdest match-types
came at New Blood Rising 2000,
when Buff Bagwell faced Chris Kanyon
in the first ever Judy Bagwell
on a pole match.
The real-life mother of Buff,
Judy was actually suspended on a
forklift, as the two men in the
ring fought over her.
Unsurprisingly, the match was terrible,
as both men failed to deliver
a decent performance,
as they both probably realised they
were making history for the
wrong reasons.
As if things weren’t bad enough,
the match was made worse
by the return of David Arquette, who
had held the WCW World
Championship earlier that same year.
Despite the Scream actor’s efforts,
Buff was able to hold off him and Kanyon
and reclaim his mother as his prize.
Although WWE have brought back
WCW projects like Starrcade
and WarGames in recent years,
we’re hoping we’ll never have to relive
a Judy Bagwell on a pole match.
8. The Bar Room Brawl
Stop me if you’ve heard this one:
The Brooklyn Brawler,
Doink the Clown
and the Easter Bunny walk into a bar.
While it may sound like the start
of a terrible joke,
this did happen at Vengeance 2003
as part of the APA’s Open
invitational bar room brawl.
A part of the first ever SmackDown
exclusive pay per view,
the team of Bradshaw and Farooq
gathered some
of WWE’s toughest and strangest
Superstars in a bar near the
entrance ramp.
Everyone from a drunk Funkai
to Matt Hardy,
to even Brother Love was there,
as the former manager of the Undertaker
attempted to defuse the hostility
with his own brand of peace.
Surprisingly, Love was one of the
last two combatants in the match,
doing up against Bradshaw.
Despite Love’s best efforts
the Texan refused to take it
easy on him,
and after demolishing the
red-faced man,
was deemed the winner of the
incredibly strange but fun match.
7. A real piece of junk
In 1999, it’s arguable that professional
wrestling was at it’s most popular.
and WCW were doing incredibly well,
with ECW also gathering it’s own
brand of fans.
Part of what was making wrestling
so popular was
due to more fans enjoying
hardcore wrestling,
and although purists may have
hated the concept,
casual fans lapped it up.
It was with this in mind that WCW
created one of their worst matches
of all time at Bash at the Beach 1999.
Dubbed the WCW Junkyard Invitational,
the match took place in an
actual junkyard,
where the only way to win was to
escape over a fence. This sounds
like it could have been good
until you realise just how ridiculous
WCW made the match,
by having cars wired to explode
at random points.
As if that wasn’t dumb enough, the
match was mostly jobbers,
though you couldn’t see them as
it was filmed from a
helicopter overhead.
Lasting a painful 13 minutes 51 seconds,
the match came to an end when
Fit Finlay escaped,
capturing the WCW Hardcore Trophy.
The cherry on top of this terrible match
is that several wrestlers were
seriously hurt,
though because of bad camera
angles, the fans couldn’t even see that.
6. Baby wants his bottle
Razor ramon always prided
himself in being one
of the coolest stars in the World
Wrestling Federation.
Debuting in the company in 1992,
Ramon oozed machismo, and with his
slicked back hair and cocky demenaor,
showed why sometimes it was cool to
be the bad guy.
Known as a cool-cat, Ramon was
putting a lot on the line
when he took on the 1-2-3 Kid at In Your
House 6 in 1996, in a crybaby match.
In case you haven’t heard of it,
the stipulation was that the loser would
have to dress in a diaper after the match,
something that neither man
obviously wanted.
Fortunately for Ramon,
he was able to topple the kid,
who had been a thorn in his side
for years
and forced the future X-Pac into the
diaper.As if that wasn’t embarrassing
the Kid would also be covered in baby
powder, just to add insult to injury.
Whilst X-Pac has since gone on to
have an incredible career,
including reigns as European,
Light Heavyweight and Cruiserweight
it’s hard to imagine he will ever be
able to live this awful match down.
5. The Four Doinks come to play
Longtime wrestling fans will
tell you that
1993 to 1996 was not a great time
in the WWF.
Whilst Hulkamania had finally left,
the company was still dominated
by wacky colourful characters,
that many fans were growing out of.
And at Survivor Series 1993,
the WWE proved they were behind on
the times, when they had not one
but four of their Superstars dress
as Doink the Clown.
The four doinks were actually
the Bushwhackers
and Men on a Mission,
who took on the Headshrinkers,
Bastion Booger
and Bam Bam Bigelow.
With four literal clowns in the ring,
the match was full of comedy spots,
though someone seemingly forgot to
tell the fans to laugh.
One of the headshrinkers even got
pinned after slipping on a banana peel,
which pleased absolutely no-one.
Whilst Vince McMahon, who was still
working at the time on the
commentary desk,
tried his best to make it seem funny, the Chairman wasn’t fooling anyone
as the match eventually came to an end
when the Clowns emerged victorious
after 11 minutes
4. The Snake ruins the blindfold match
Jake Roberts is easily one of the
greatest minds to enter the WWE.
With incredible promos and a
knowledge of psychology
Roberts could’ve easily have had
a long career backstage in WWE,
if he had not turned to substance
abuse instead.
In one of his most iconic feuds in WWE,
Roberts faced off against the
model Rick Martel,
who had sprayed his own perfume,
appropriately titled Arrogance,
in Robert’s face.
Temporarily blinding Roberts, the
Snake wanted Martel to feel
the same feeling of helplessness,
and challenged him to a blindfold
match at WrestleMania 7.
As Jake’s eye had healed at this point,
both men were forced to wear hoods,
and it was at this point that Jake’s
intelligence failed him.
Putting his hand inside the hood, fans
could clearly see Jake’s hand,
revealing that there was a mesh
in the hood,
allowing both men to see, running
the match entirely.
A series of bad booking decisions
made this match a stinker,
though at least Roberts did get his
vengeance, pinning Martel
after 8 minutes.
This would ironically, not be the last
time we saw the blindfold match,
as it was used in later years for epic
feuds like Hornswoggle Vs
Chavo Guerrero,
and Santino Marella Vs. Drew McIntyre.
3. Viagra on a pole
If there’s one thing WCW’s
writing team loved,
it was putting things on a pole.
And although there was no shortage
of weird things that had
for grabs in the Georgia-based
few of them were weirder than
a bottle of Viagra.
This all came as part of a feud
between Shane Douglas and Billy Kidman
as the BK Bomber revealed that
Douglas struggled tostand
for attention when in bed with
Torrie Wilson.
The only way to settle this feud
apparently, was to set up a
Viagra on a pole match,
which didn’t even make it to pay per
view, but was instead on the
next edition of Monday Nitro.
The pills that were on the pole
could legally be used as a weapon,
though we shudder to think how
that would’ve worked.
Shockingly, the fans didn’t like
the match,
as both men tried their best despite
the awful storyline and match
they were in.
The finish, if you can call it that, came
 when Torrie made her presence
known, attacked Kidman
and allowed Douglas to
retrieve the bottle.
Post-match, Torrie rubbed Kidman’s
face in the pills,
though we’re pleased we didn’t
see what happened next.
2. The Mountie gets locked up
In the early 1990s, it seemed that
every profession was
was represented by someone in the WWF.
Whether you were a trashman,
a correctional officer
or even a plumber,
it seemed that everyone and anyone
was welcomed on the roster.
As a representative of the Royal
Canadian Mounted Police,
the Mountie vowed to always get
his man, and often did that,
though through less than honest means.
The Mountie’s evil deeds eventually
found himself on the list of the
Big Boss Man,
and the pair competed in a Jailhouse
match at Summerslam 1991.
After coming up short, the Mountie
was hauled off to a night in prison,
something that the Canadian
was not pleased with.
After asked to give his fingerprints,
the Mountie instead gave the
police the middle finger,
beating Stone Cold to it by several years.
The best, or should that be worst,
part of the whole ordeal
when the Mountie met some of
his fellow inmates,
and what happened next, is
anyone’s guess.
1. The Duchess comes to Illinois
Chris Jericho may have been able to
retain the Intercontinental
Championship at WrestleMania 17,
but the war between him and William
Regal was far from over.
Meeting at the next pay per
view Backlash,
the English star promised to embarrass
Y2J in the first ever Queensbury
Rules match.
The main problem for fans though, is
that no-one in the crowd,
or at home knew the rules,
and neither did commentators Jim Ross
and Paul Heyman.
When Jericho went for a pinfall,
the so-called Duchess who sat at
ringside said that the first round
time limit had expired,
negating the Fozzy frontman’s pin.
And after beating Regal a second time,
this time by submission
the Duchess would once again interfere,
announcing that the match could not
be won by Submission.
Regal ended up the winner, though given
the various rule changes that helped
him a long the way
how could he have lost?
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  1. Fighting for a bottle of Viagra is bad enough, but fighting over Torrie Wilson, c'mon man! I get it, as everyone always says, because it's the only thing you can say about her is that she's hot and sexy. But still, in a storyline (although he was dating her in real life at the time), Kidman could've found someone else. Those Nitro girls just wasn't sitting around for nothing. And people thought that his feud with Hulk Hogan was bad…at least when X-Pac stole Tori from Kane, Kane didn't run around like a lovesick puppy crying over her. That monster wanted revenge! Hell, he even tombstone her ass! And as hot as Kidman was and still is, he could've had a feud with Shane Douglas without crying over Torrie Wilson! Yeah, she left him for Douglas but the things they had him do, just to get her back was ridiculous! Well, except for the sex tape part. I mean, damn, Vince Russo could've done better with that storyline!

  2. Glad you added the word "most", because goes to show, I guess I'm not like most. 😉 Even actually was at one of these matches live, The Barroom Brawl. Yeah, was just a 6 year old girl at the time, but still remember seeing it live, and the video screen, well, had it's problems that night. Luckily worked through the Barroom Brawl, because where they put that match, would be a pain for the audience to see otherwise. Yeah, even back then, even though didn't have lights shined in our eyes, still not totally friendly to live crowds.

  3. Why do people still shit on David arquette? He has done more for wrestling than most In the business have. Not to mention he is a legit fan. Look up the death match he had last month. Shit looked brutal and from what I understand, he wasn't supposed to be stabbed in the neck and lose that much blood. But he still finished the fucking match. David is a legend and should be in the HOF….

  4. By saying Vince Russo is most controversial do you mean the most horrible human to get lucky enough to get in the business?

  5. The mountie thing was actually kind of funny especially the end people are so blinded by PC right now that they don't see humor in things anymore and that's sad

  6. Those pills are not Viagra. Viagra pills are solid and diamond-shaped. The ones shown were football-shaped and transparent.

  7. What's this "GAG" NWA parody image from? It's at the very beginning of #1, and looks a little like an actual title belt.

  8. I remember that mountie match. When having his photo taken he wouldn't look up so the "cop" shouted out "I hear you lost to the boss man." Which made him look up

  9. All or "the Georgia based company's" shitty matches on here are from Russo. You missed the entire early 90s! Scaffold matches, hogan and savage vs dungeon of doom in whatever the hell they called those horrible cages Halloween Havoc 94. Dustin Rhodes bullhorn match in back of 18wheeler going down rural Mississippi road. Hogan vs Giant monster truck match where Giant falls off top of building into river and walks out to ring 5 min later…

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