100 thoughts on “Top 10 NXT Moments: WWE Top 10, Nov. 27, 2019

  1. The Undertaker is the backbone of WWE. But he is now too old to play. So WWE authority should bring a new man for the role of the Undertaker with an announcement of the Undertaker to WWE universe. But it means not to bring other person. It means WWE can bring undertaker’s son and like that. If they can do it, WWE will become more popular all over the world. the Another thing is that the authority should not cut the undefeated record of undertaker. Rather they should remain it unless the undertaker retired. However, now it is your main duty to bring the Undertaker’s son or any other like that so that again the streak remains. If WWE failed to do so WWE will fall down day by day.

  2. NXT = Land where fighters are respected

    Vince = The guy who buries the career of great promises of the fight … And the guy who prefers to give importance to lumps, and boring stories.

  3. So pleased Mauro Rannallo wasn’t there maybe they will beat AEW this week hoping he never comes back much better without him

  4. The lesson to be learnt today: "Don't trust the prince!"
    This moment had to be #1!

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  5. Keith lee and dajakovic (i feel like i butcherd his name but oh well) won just cause of lee sending adam cole FLYING into the Audience

  6. Anyone else amazed that Ciampa has like 4 finishers? Project Ciampa, Fairytail Ending, Psycho Cutter, that middle rope Apron DDT that I'm forgetting the name of (something with a B)? He's pinned opponents off of all 4 of those moves. It's crazy¬…

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