100 thoughts on “Top 10 NXT Moments: WWE Top 10, Oct. 30, 2019

  1. They were calling the Undisputed Era the UE a lot yesterday. I swear to god they better not call them that from now on like they did with AOP

  2. No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    William Regal: appears out of nowhere on a balcony for the 2nd time now and starts angrily shouting at people

  3. Are you joking? That Balor promo should be number 1. This is why wwe will fail, you dont realise how good some things are but you rate other things higher than they should be

  4. Re they still treating NXT as the Developmental Brand. Everyone on NXT should just stay there. It's not worth going to Raw or Smackdown and get buried

  5. Well somebody at 2:09 takes an influence from The Rock 💪💪 lol

  6. Not to downplay their efforts but this is the United States of America’s. If you don’t want to see our television or performers the next channel over is showing goat breeding.

  7. Oh my God I hope this year there is 2 wargames matches the women's and EU&Finn balor vs Johnny tommaso Keith matt and dominic

  8. Omg wwe thank u so much for the women’s war games match this match will be lengendary I will try to find the full match everywhere please put out the full match

  9. Why nxt viewrship is getting low even it is giving nice show today wrestling audience sucks they only want pg wrestling

  10. Finn: Which brings me to Johnny Gargano
    Me: ohhhhhhh myyyyy Goood! Say Gargano again I love your accent 😍😍😍😍

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