Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, July 25, 2016

(rock music) – [Voiceover] What can
ya tell us about Nia Jax? – [Voiceover] I can tell ya there is truly nobody like Nia Jax in
the WWE Women’s Division. She is this hybrid blend of
speed, power, and agility. Nia Jax is like nothing
you’ve seen before. Just driving Britt Baker into the corner! – [Voiceover] What a headbutt! – [Voiceover] Sending
a message to the entire Women’s Division, putting the
Women’s Division on notice. And the exclamation point! – One, two, three! (bell dings) – [Voiceover] What is this
goofball doing in the ring? – [Voiceover] It’s Golden Truth! – [Voiceover] Is somethin’ wrong with him? – What are you doing? (men yelling) I mean, I know something’s wrong with him, but what’s he in the
ring with a phone for? – [Voiceover] Yeah, Pokemon Go can take ya to some crazy places. – [Voiceover] And ooh! – [Voiceover] Big bruise! – [Voiceover] Pokemon Go just cost The Shining Stars this match! (bell dings) That’s Enzo, Cass. – [Voiceover] Here are
your winners, Enzo Amore and Big Cass! – [Voiceover] Yeah, that
was a little bit awkward. – [Voiceover] Look at how big Strowman is! – [Voiceover] Ha ha, oh my
God, like a sledgehammer to the heart! – [Voiceover] Look out,
here it comes! – [Voiceover] Oh, God! – [Voiceover] Why don’t you go help out Mr. Ellsworth, Byron? – [Voiceover] I’m needed here. (announcer laughing) – [Voiceover] Oh my gosh! – [Voiceover] Oh no,
the reverse chokeslam! – [Voiceover] So much for hope, James. – Three! (bell dings) – [Voiceover] That didn’t go too well. – [Voiceover] RAW! – Get it shorty, get it shorty,
get it shorty, yeah, yeah! – [Voiceover] Woah,
woah, woah wait a minute! – [Voiceover] Gallows and Anderson! – [Voiceover] Karl Anderson! And Luke Gallows! – [Voiceover] They’re
ruining the celebration! – [Voiceover] Oh man, Xavier– – [Voiceover] So much for the party! That’s the Magic Killer! – [Voiceover] No way. – [Voiceover] Muscle ‘em up. – [Voiceover] Neville, extremely
powerful German suplex. – [Voiceover] Mr. Irrelevant,
you’re in the drop zone! – [Voiceover] Been awhile
since we’ve seen it! Here it comes! – [Voiceover] Red Arrow! – One, two, three! – [Voiceover] Neville
successful on his return! – The first episode of the
New Era of Monday Night RAW will feature two Fatal 4-Way matches. (crowd yelling) With the winners of those
two matches facing each other in singles competition for the main event. – And the winner of that
main event match here tonight will go on to face our number
one draft pick Seth Rollins at SummerSlam for the brand
new championship title. (fans booing) – The WWE Universal Championship. – [Voiceover] Finn Balor
gonna go up to the top rung, Rusev’s in trouble,
this is Balor’s moment! Balor with the Coup de Grace,
the Coup de Grace to Rusev! Here’s the cover, up and away! Finn Balor is in our main event! Finn Balor is in our main event! – [Voiceover] Here is
your winner Finn Balor! – [Voiceover] What an incredible moment! – Ahh! – [Voiceover] Jericho mocking Reigns. – [Voiceover] Runnin’ off the leap frog. – [Voiceover] Bam! – [Voiceover] That’s how it’s done! – One, two, three! (bell dings) – [Voiceover] Roman Reigns
advances to the main event. – [Voiceover] And for
the spear, Finn Balor from outta nowhere! – [Voiceover] Counters with
the sling blade, drop kick! – [Voiceover] Into the corner,
Roman Reigns is in trouble! Finn’s gonna go up high,
Finn’s goin’ to the top rope, Balor’s opportunity coming, Coup de Grace! Coup de Grace! Finn Balor cover, hooks
the leg, Balor’s got it! – [Voiceover] Oh my God! – [Voiceover] Balors goin’ to SummerSlam! – [Voiceover] Here is
your winner Finn Balor! (rock music) – [Voiceover] Happy Birthday Finn Balor! (crowd cheering) – [Voiceover] Sasha Banks, back stabber! Now to the Bank Statement again, now they’re in the center of the ring! Now Charlotte’s got nowhere to go! Sasha Banks, Mike, it’s in her name! – [Voiceover] It’s over, she’s tapping! – [Voiceover] Sasha’s the champion! – [Voiceover] Here is your winner and the new WWE Women’s Champion. (crowd cheering) Sasha Banks! – [Voiceover] What an
incredible moment, Corey! Sasha Banks has realized her dream here tonight on RAW! – [Voiceover] What an ovation, this place just came unglued. Sasha Banks, the new WWE Women’s Champion! You gotta give it to her, she earned it. Sasha Banks is overcome with emotion! (rock music)

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