Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, March 19, 2018

Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, March 19, 2018

>>Bray Wyatt, welcome to the Hardy Compound! Follow the music.>>[SOUND]
>>Here it is, Styling Machine!>>Revival with the victory. [SOUND]
>>He’s seen enough. That’s dumb, Seth. Come back here, let them beat up Finn.>>Rollins making his way
down to the ring, and Rollins going right after the Miztourage!>>Seth has no obligation
to help Finn Bálor at all.>>Trust that he’s doing the right thing,
Cory?>>Well you can tell that
he had mixed emotions.>>Lookout Miz, stomp.>>Guys, if that outfit’s in Wrestlemania, we may be crowning a new
Intercontinental Champion! [APPLAUSE]
>>That was me, I did that, you owe me [INAUDIBLE].>>[SOUND]
>>Trying to make it out of harm’s way.>>No!.
>>Nia’s got her. Bliss trying to drag her into
the WWE Universe and Nia won’t let go. And now James from behind.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>She almost had Alexa Bliss.>>My God, face first.>>She did get Mickey James.>>And Bliss has retreated. [SOUND]
>>The Swiss cyborg, El caught!>>Slam.
>>How quick was that!>>Cover!>>Two, three.>>Strowman wins! [SOUND]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Here is your winner, Braun Strowman. [MUSIC]>>Look Bailey at the backslide.>>Backslide, shoulders down.>>The official busy with
Sasha now back in position.>>Code blue that one, as Bailey just delivered a boot
right to the face of Deville. Deville from behind,
blasting Bailey into Banks. Man, kicked right to the side of the face. Cover on Bailey.>>Three!>>[SOUND]
>>Absolution with a win.>>Big time win.>>Is it yes or is it no?>>And Kane with a choke slam to Cena!>>Chair of wheels, mower of lawn, chair of wheels, mower of lawn. Chair of wheels, mower of lawn! Wonderful. [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Roman Reigns has had enough, but now it’s come to this. [SOUND]
>>Owens completely lost it. [MUSIC] My God, my God. Brock Lesnar’s here, the Beast is here,
and the situation is dire for Reigns. Roman Reigns is handcuffed! Roman Reigns is handcuffed! And Lesnar with a suplex to Reigns and
now a chair!>>Assault to Roman Reigns,
who is defenseless. And not the F5!>>[NOISE] [MUSIC]>>No, not again! Reigns is strapped to the backboard.>>Will somebody do something? This man-
>>This man is sick.>>Lesnar is the one who should
be arrested not Roman Reigns! Come on now! [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>He got the whole world in his hands.>>He’s got the whole
wide world in his hands. [MUSIC]>>One, two, three.>>[MUSIC]>>It’s not over man. It’s not over.>>Yes, Bray Wyatt, it is.>>[INAUDIBLE]

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, March 19, 2018

  1. ok at number 3 i get thery are trying to make matt hardy look insae but really…mower of lawns? the entire matt vs brey wyatt thing at the house was a big joke…it shouldve been like the brawl that stone cold had when he invaded pillmans house not some weird cliche

  2. Brock Lesnar stupid he's almost bald he thinks he's tough with everything Roman Reign everybody I said Jews not that big of a deal

  3. Ive learned that wrestling is fake so keep watching fake stuff u know how i kniw iys fale becuz if u slamb someone threw a talbe u will be bleeding

  4. One of the guys who was attempting to arrest Roman Reigns was the same guy that got put through a table by Ryback.


  5. Chair of wheels?
    Mower of lawns?
    Chair of wheels?
    Mower of lawns?
    Chair of wheels?
    Mower of lawns?

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss WOOoooooooonDErfuuuull!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Brock lesnar just goes for easy opportunity’s that’s why he went for roman reigns when he was hand cuffed

  8. See how the miz places himself for seth rollins to kick him all false n predicted fights ….wwe losing all its charm

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