Top 10 SmackDown Live moments: WWE Top 10, Aug. 2, 2016

Top 10 SmackDown Live moments: WWE Top 10, Aug. 2, 2016

(rock music) – [Voiceover] Yeah, you
know it took Jason Jordan a little time to come into his own at NXT, but oh man, did he explode! – [Voiceover] Double hit.
– [Voiceover] Ties the tag! – [Voiceover] And landing on his feet. And the tag was made and have they set up? They do now. – [Voiceover] Diving
double clothesline by Gable and drop kicks in stereo
by American Alpha! (laughing) – My name is Carmella. And I am the moon-walking, trash-talking chick always ready to go. So get your popcorn ready ’cause
I’m about to put on a show. I’m one of the– – [Voiceover] Oh!
– [Voiceover] Whoa! Natalya broadsiding Carmella. And she continues to display those Queen of Black
Hart characteristics. A nasty chang in attitude for the third-generation
Superstar from Canada. – How ’bout this, we give
you a match next week and if you win, you get a
contract with SmackDown Live. – Now you’re talking. Who’s my opponent? – Take a guess. – Jumpin’ Marty Lundy. – Who? – You know, Chris Jericho’s
made-up tag team partner he had? – No, it’s actually… (screams) Rhyno. – [Voiceover] Uh oh, that’s
what power does for you. Apollo Crews with the drop
kick to the back of Corbin and he sends the Lone Wolf to the outside. – [Voiceover] Guy’s are ready, here we go! – [Voiceover] Good throw now by Crews! (bell dings) – [Voiceover] We’ve got a contender for the Intercontinental Title! – [Voiceover] Here’s your
winner, Apollo Crews! – [Voiceover] Jason Jordan! – 1, 2, 3! (bell dings) – [Voiceover] Grand Amplitude, and American Alpha with a fantastic debut! – [Voiceover] Here are your
winners, American Alpha! – [Voiceover] Now The Miz
is interjecting himself! – [Voiceover] Oh, a Skull-Crushing Finale for his new number one challenger! – [Voiceover] Oh, an End of
Days, courtesy of Baron Corbin! – [Voiceover] The Lone Wolf
lives up to his moniker! – [Voiceover] Oh, and
Wyatt walks right into the back elbow and Ziggler ran right into that exposed turnbuckle! – [Voiceover] Veteran instinct. – [Voiceover] He’s out. – 1, 2, 3! – [Voiceover] He’s done it!
– [Voiceover] Wow! (bell dings) – [Voiceover] Here’s your challenger, Dean! – SummerSlam. AJ Styles, John Cena, one
on one, no excuses, no club! Me and you. (cheers and applause) – I need to teach your ass a lesson. You’re on. (cheers and applause) – You wanted the real me? I’m right here! – [Voiceover] Oh wait! There’s Erick Rowan from behind! – [Voiceover] Erick Rowan attacking Dolph Ziggler from behind! And now the WWE World
Champion, Dean Ambrose, he puts himself into the fight! – [Voiceover] Dean helping his opponent, I’m not sure how smart that is. – [Voiceover] Oh! – [Voiceover] Erick Rowan looking to put the WWE World
Champion through the canvas! Now Bray Wyatt has Dolph Ziggler set up– – [Voiceover] Good night, Dolph! – [Voiceover] Oh! The sinister Sister Abigail has its members of the Wyatt family that have laid waste to
the WWE World Champion and the number one contender! – [Voiceover] Oh, good lord, good lord. He’s here! – [Voiceover] Brock Lesnar– There’s an RKO! There’s another one– Lesnar has Orton up. F5! (bell dings) F5 on The Beast Incarnate! (rock music)

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  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! NVM COOLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT'S WRONG IS ERICK ROWAN DID THE ROCK BOTTOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cannot believe Dolph Ziggler is the one who's going against Ambrose, out of everyone Styles, Cena, Wyatt, Crews, they chose Dolph? Jesus Christ

  3. Mick foley should stop wearing leoperd skin. Soon he'll be hanging with gold dust and r truth. see what he did to r truth being around golddust. We should see him take the World Heavyweight Title. Every week all show call out athletes for a title match.  PUT the title on the line to bring out the best in the athletes in the match. Say he's doing it to bring some heart and desire and take out all the scripture out of the ring (Wink WINK). Keep the title until he see what he likes in a championship match "like they where in my era" he'd state. A champion like one in his day. To see how hard they push for a classic title.

  4. Let it happen. Vote Dolph for wwe superstar of the year 2016. He needed to promote long time ago. He deserves to be in a spotlight. He always works hard. He had those brutal matches when authority was on charge.

  5. I'm a wwe geek ya ebehsjbsjehwvebbeceeegwwhwgaabsgcegsgdudbsvdcfsgsjevsjsvssagsggwfsfsfeffegecefegegehehwjiwkwhwmwkwwkks

  6. I don't know why Brock Lesnar needs to use Paul Heyman to talk for him I reckon he's just scared because he doesn't want to talk because you're rubbish at it

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