Toy Hunt & Haul – WWE Wrestlemania Toy, Captain Marvel X-Men Legends, Pop Vinyls, Star Wars & More!!

Toy Hunt & Haul – WWE Wrestlemania Toy, Captain Marvel X-Men Legends, Pop Vinyls, Star Wars & More!!

okay guys it’s time for another toy hunt
in this one we’re gonna look at some Muppets first of all I really love me
some but look it’s an emo animal I’m still considering picking those up I
haven’t actually got any yet if anything probably that animal plush is gonna come
home but for now oh here comes Super Junior look what she’s doing what’s she
up to oh she wants them the doll in my hands
more on that at the end of the video guys stick around to see that doll in
its full glory oh yeah Super Junior I was really liking their
stuff we picked up today lots and lots of dolls there’s also his new pet
carrier that she was kind of interested in along with the Little Mermaid bath
toys she was kind of into those um she likes all that kind of stuff so it’s no
no no surprise she’s gonna be loving him plus we got nothing new in the the
Disney infinity action figures the toy box stuff nothing new there a lot of
people are saying about the Iron Man’s in their star now some playing slots to
trickle down into a store all the wreck-it Ralph stuff though is on sale
every single item from wreck-it Ralph is currently on sale including at those
little mystery boxes widget now marked down to about two pound 50 or something
and then you got the all the pop vinyls for about seven quid and stuff so
definitely worth it they had this cool new line of stuff as well from Pixar
which looks awesome a lot of new stuff including the the sushi boxes there I
was toy barn the Abdi aliens in the machine grabber as well a boatload of
new stuff which I kind of like to look up there were pretty cool ideas nearly
got me a Pizza Planet hot because that is just too awesome I tempted to wear
thank Disney and that owls toy barn bag as well he’s very tempting for a beach
bag for a holiday especially as we’re going to Orlando said coming with a lot
of use that that super swell jr. and Missy supersorrell wandering around the
new stuff here got a boatload of new like friends sort of merchandise and
where else to call it up she’s found the handbags
super junior like her mother is obsessed with handbags blaster I wish you could have the audio
one for these things but you know what I can’t look it’s it’s a general Merc and
he was markdowns just eight pounds nice to see him actually only UK shelf in
here in the Entertainer haven’t seen on the UK shelves before I only seen that
on Amazon and eBay evil Bay but it seems like they are trickling down to the
Stars now it’s just shame that the movies being gone and done with so it’s
not really much using me reviewing it at this point I don’t think but let me know
in the comments if you’d like to see that get reviewed also an entertaining
they had a boatload of new panels we love at the pop vinyl ranges including
the he-man battle pops I would really like those and they have all the Seven
Dwarves as well I would tempted to pick those up at some point although all the
pops as well a 33% off and then more off depending on which ones they were so the
basics were just 33% off and then you add 50% off some of these older ones as
well but there’s still a pretty decent pop they’re not that old in my opinion
they’re quite they’re not ones that are like everywhere the ones I consider it
to be everywhere what seemed like a stir and Sainsbury’s of Morrison’s whereas in
here they’re pretty unique if there’s a lot of special edition he ones as well
and a lot of ones that are quite unique as well because I haven’t seen these
everywhere so that’s kind of nice there’s a lot of Dubi Dubi ones
including Triple H as Sasha banks they had a flock symbol which I’ve never seen
before and on amassed iron-on I inspired a sari the gold waiter I’ve only seen
her he have not seen her elsewhere the exclusive Jasmine’s in here as well at
50% off which is insane then we have the all the new Mary Poppins ones are in
there the spider-verse ones and all these special edition ones as well
including a baymax then you got the escape pod landing down below that which
looks awesome and then finally at the bottom is the big green goblin from the
spider verse and just 30 pounds for that tempting Akoya as well as markdown as
well at the moment so if you need these pops
definitely head to your local entertainers stores and see what they
have in now moving on to Smith’s it’s time to check out the fortnight stuff
once again it’s myths they do have a drift in the little mini figures which
are 499 by the way very good price but I’m gonna leave that for now they do
have the is it love Ranger in the five star on
the pop vinyls but man I’m gonna leave him behind I was tempted to pick him up
for doing a Valentine’s Day kind of theme special but then I remembered that
I’m gonna do that awesome video with the Marvel Legends figures and the couples
of the action figure universe world so I don’t really need a Marvel Legends
that’s right I really need a special figure for Valentine’s Day really so I
left those behind on the shelf but my mission they’re not even gonna check at
this point they’re all gonna be the same let’s move on from there no one’s got to
face I really need to raise but they do have some new ee ee stuff in so it’s
definitely gonna be worth a look there but look first of all Pokemon that whole
section that I was looking at the other week there was barren is now full of
Pokemon including they’re these cool little play houses
wait you’re interesting I’ve never seen these before but it looks like there’s
gonna be a boatload of new ones coming out yeah by Tomy enough for the $19.99
so not bad I quite like that little set but yeah do be do be have released all
that WrestleMania figures now these are slowly trickling into Smith’s look it’s
the elite entrance greats and this is the Goldberg one I played the song but I
can’t play it for copyright purposes on here but it goes down just imagine the
smoke going off that pyro and he comes out breathing that smoke out yeah nostalgia but they did have the
Wrestlemania packs in including a very retro looking edge and Jeff and I wanted
that so badly because I remember that much also we’ve got Seth Rollins and The
Miz not sure why they’re paired up together it seems a bit random and of
course then we’ve got AJ Styles and Shinsegae Nakamura again I could have
picked that back up cuz I don’t have either of those figures I’m really
tempted to start a little w/e collection but I have to stop myself because I
already spent far too much on toys as it is but I would like to grab something to
be stuff I think they also had the other that’s a bad look at shins guy I do like
me some system so machine scan that was really hard to say I do like me some
shins game there we go and they also had the Elite Series ones
as well and they’d get that weird John Cena won the slammin one or something
but they had walk with Elias in also in that range as you can see there’s a John
Cena there’s always a John Cena but they had Matt Hardy in his delete style
persona so yeah I could be tempted to pick that one up especially on his own
because they did release the one with Jeff the you know the brother Nero pack
and all that right I’m tempted just to grab the the basic single Matt Hardy
with the white streak down the middle cuz that’s really cool to me just so
that whenever I do a mistake in the video I can have my hearty pop in a
shout delete then we’ve got an Elite Series Sasha banks there with the new
woman’s title that again could be pretty interesting and they also have that new
face tech technology on some of these so we have Triple H here
which I don’t think even lead doesn’t lied to me that doesn’t look like Triple
H he looks worse than the current ones but they Undertaker when he spawn
I love the Undertaker and let’s see if the camera can do it just this cuz in
hand they in handy under take a look spot-on yeah that looks pretty sick the
the Triple H won’t look nothing like him though which made me laugh we also had
Scott Hall but oh they didn’t have it any of the Scott Hall on the shelves
because again he would it be one out of been tempted to pick up from my
childhood yo the machismo there why I’ve given him a London accent I clearly
can’t even raise it on my own voice what moving on boys let’s see what else we
can track down yeah nothing else really new there except those WrestleMania
figures hey guys me host supersorrell thank you very much tuning so as you saw
from the vlog a little weather we went shopping today and we decided to go to
Disney stop and then we met with a couple of friends and I got a couple of
items so first things first guys we met up with David sorry we will do me Oh
David David Mullen sent me through something awesome in the post
so I want this to be the first thing that we open so let’s brewery
you know magazines what do is I already kind of sniffed it a little bit you can
see from the side because I wanted to go out have a look it up that’s where I’m
doing super tall juniors decided to randomly show up I see Charlie she’s
eating ice cream right so guys look who we’ve got here it’s my holy grail of
Marvel Legends I’ve been after her for so long
it’s rogue and now I finally have her in the collection oh she’s like Goldust I’m
not sure if anywhere else she is but here in the UK you can’t find this love
money so I’m gonna be doing a full review on this girl and I’ve got the new
mystique head that I can try on her and stuff and I’ll probably use mystique in
the video I’ve got some video some ideas of you to use her and stuff obviously
with um with the gambit right around the corner she’s a great figure to now own
so really looking forward to reviewing her she’ll also be used in the
Valentine’s Day video which said I was gonna make about the best and couples
and then you guys can vote on your favorite Marvel or DC couple will use
all the action figures and we level up but yeah awesome figure what so happy to
have they my collection so big thank you today with McMullan dude I really
appreciate it next up we have we’re actually metal
with undies don’t lick me we we met up with Andy Smith and Andy Smith found and
sauced me and ahsoka tano finally I have very my collection another Grail down
that two Grails in one video for me so we will be reviewing ahsoka tano in the
coming days what are you doing to me we’ll be reviewing ahsoka tano in the
coming days she is an awesome figure and I really can’t wait to mess about with
her and play with her she’s going on the shelf she’s never getting sold so she’s
coming out of the box and she’s gonna go on the shelf I’ve got a bunch of the
forces of Destiny dolls to review let me know if you’re interested obviously I
would review her push in my favor but I have all of the others I’m
probably not gonna do all of them but I think at least some of the special ones
we’ve got it’s like I’ve got the 2-pack with kylo Ren array and I’ve also got
the pack with Prince’s layered r2d2 in it are you doing through me so I’ll
probably review that definitely she’s doing this on purpose
now Disney star leaks out some products a little bit early it seems this is the
special edition doll Captain Marvel it’s available at Disney star the velvet 430
pounds page now 430 pounds and it’s a special edition one it’s not I don’t
think this is the same one that’s been released in American stuff this is like
a special one for Europe so it’s the special edition doll it comes in a
special box and everything but the part that interests me is on the back it says
in collaboration with Marvel Studios that Disney star is proud to introduce
the Marvel special edition action dolls meaning that this isn’t the first only
one they’re making it says to introduce the Marvel special edition action dolls
and the way it’s written is very much in the style of the elite series
the way they write the elites hammers boxes in collaboration with Lucasfilm
business Titus project it’s the same thing
and so it looks like they’re gonna be doing some more this exclusive series
captures our heroes an incredible detail inspired by the groundbreaking films of
the Marvel Cinematic Universe this one is Kay’s Carol Danvers so they
are gonna be doing some other ones I’m hoping inside that it might be leafless
something with some more ideas on but yeah we’ll have a look this is gonna be
I would probably review this first this will be reviewed one day morning and
then I’ll probably do a Soaker and then rogue so good things are coming up on
the channel what are you doing to me I also received a notice from FedEx saying
that my Funko products are on the way cuz Funko is sending me a bunch of stuff
I’m really sorry she’s in this video Funko sent me a bunch of stuff as well
so that should arrive real soon but no I better go and take care of this monkey
so I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video if you’ve enjoyed today’s video you
enjoyed what Super Junior beat me up hit a subscribe button it really supports
this really helps us out and helps us keep making awesome videos hit that like
button under the notification Bell to stay on stay up to date with all my
content I can’t speak I’m going thank you for watching I’ll see you guys in
the next video until then may the force be review by you go say bye no bye you

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    Paige is growing up so fast & looking more like Mrs Super Sorrell all the time. Chin chin.

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