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Here’s your news for
November 12 2019 We’re starting of with news
from WWE RAW today, as
the company gave Lana a live mic to explain her recent
actions, but things didn’t go
as planned. During last night’s RAW, the
Ravishing Rusian confessed
that she had cheated on Rusev, but not
before the Bulgarian allegedly
cheated on her first. The other big reveal Lana
revealed was that she’s
nine-weeks pregnant, but when she said that she
and Lashley had done the
nasty for the first time seven weeks ago, meaning
that Rusev is the father. After a solid five minutes of
ranting, Lana’s promo was
cut short thanks to Rusev himself, who’s only counterpoint
to his wife’s comments was that
he is a sex addict. Retreating to the entrance ramp,
Lana revealed that she was just
faking the pregnancy, keeping the
charade up for mere minutes, and ended it with locking lips
with her new man. A segment that wouldn’t even
make Days of Our Lives, the story
was said to be met with negativity in the building and
online, but it seems Vince McMahon
doesn’t feel the same way. According to sources, McMahon
gets a kick out a storylines getting negative reactions, and believes
this is just getting more heat on
Lashley. So far in this angle, Lashley has
got one over on Rusev every time but expect that to change when
the two meet at Survivor Series. Though fans may hate it, the
story is being rewatched a lot
on YouTube, and and though the revenue made
on the site isn’t close to what’s
made on TV, the company does include the figures in their
quarterly reports to boost their
stats. Whilst many fans want the angle
to end soon, the same source
we mentioned earlier has said the angle still has many layers left,
and is scheduled to play out for
at least a couple more months. This week’s RAW wasn’t all soap
opera though, as WWE United
Kingdom Champion WALTER brought
some intensity to the broadcast. Flanked by his Imperium stable
mates, Walter emerged to
confront Seth Rollins who received a tepid response
by the Manchester crowd. Answering the Beastslayer’s
open challenge, the match
was predictably excellent and ended with Team RAW
getting the advantage, thanks
to Kevin Owens stunning everyone in sight and a Curb
stomp to Alexander Wolfe. Score one point for the RAW team,
but the real MVP of the match was
WALTER, who no doubt impressed thousands of fans
who have never seen him before. Outside of the ring, Sin Cara
publicly requested his release from
WWE yesterday, and after being squashed by Drew McIntyre on
RAW, he probably hasn’t
changed his mind. The match, which was filmed Friday,
was short, sweet and didn’t make
the masked star look like a threat to anyone, especially
after repeated losses to Andrade
in recent weeks. The news was not that shocking in
the company, as Sin Cara has
reportedly been unhappy after signing a new deal this year,
and according to the PW Insider,
the masked star was supposed to be at next
week’s RAW in Boston but has
instead been sent home. As of this video, his request has
not been approved, and if the
WWE keeps him, the former Tag
Champion will remain until
the spring of 2020. The word going around is that
Cara, who is close friends with
Alberto El Patron, has an interest in going to work for MMA
promotion Combates America,
which also features pro wrestlers. As previously reported, WWE is
now very hesitant about letting
Superstars go, thanks to the rise of AEW, so fans shouldn’t
expect to see Sin Cara any
where else, anytime soon. On Twitter, Gran Metalik simply
said “We support you, brother”,
but El Idolo mocked mocked Sin Cara’s request, and
said how while he couldn’t retire
Rey Mysterio like he wanted he is making Sin Cara run away,
ultimately calling himself the new
“Face of Latino.” Speaking of Mysterio, the former
World Champion will have his
hands full when he takes on WWE Champion Brock Lesnar at
Survivor Series, but little is
known about what will come next. On Twitter, Brad Shepard said
how a source told him that
there are no dates for the Beast after Survivor Series,
though the Rumble is a safe
bet. We all know that Lesnar’s unique
contract allows the Beast to come
and go as he pleases, but the fact that they’re no plans for next
month does have some
speculating that Mysterio will pull off the upset of the century,
15 years after Eddie Guerrero
did the same thing. If Rey was to win, it’s likely that
Cain Velasquez would give him
a big assist but whatever happens, fans
shouldn’t expect to see the
Beast every week. From one UFC star to another
now, as Ronda Rousey hasn’t
been seen in WWE since her WrestleMania 35 loss, during
which she lost the RAW Women’s
Title and broke her hand. Now, months later, Rousey is
rehabbing a different injury after
nearly losing her finger whilst filming FOX’s 9-1-1, but that doesn’t
mean the Hot Rod is going to
stay away from the ring. This week, Triple H confirmed that
Rousey has pitched several ideas
about her return, and the Oh You Didn’t Know Patreon plus a source
in WWE also reports she’s
expected to return in early 2020. With the Royal Rumble coming
up, it makes sense for Rosuey
to return then but only time will tell what’s next
for the Baddest Woman on the
Planet. Before the Rumble though, we
have this month’s Survivor
Series, and another tri-branded champions
match has been announced. During RAW, it was confirmed
that US Champion AJ Styles,
Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura
and NXT North American
Champion Roderick Strong will face off in non-title action,as
part of the show’s RAW Vs.
SmackDown Vs. NXT theme. Also, on this week’s show we
found out more about the RAW
men’s team, as it was revealed that team captain Seth Rollins
will lead Randy Orton,
Ricochet, Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre into battle
for the red brand. Becky Lynch, Bayley and SHayna
Baszler will also face off at the
show, and so will the three brands respective tag Champions, but
this match was changed this
weeks thanks to the New Day. Defeating the Revival on Smack
Down, the team not only won
their 7th tag titles, but also earned a spot on the
show, where they’ll face RAW
Tag Champions the Viking Raiders and NXT
Tag Champs the Undisputed
Era. The updated card is as follows:
((SHOW CARD)) As we all know, Survivor Series
will be a tri branded event,
which has had the unfortunate side effect of making
the recent brand split a bit of a
moot point. It’s only been a month since the split,
but we’ve already seen plenty of
Superstars make use of the now defunct Wild Card rule, and although
this is a bit ridiculous, seeing Becky
Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Asuka, Kairi Sane, Bayley and Shayna
Baszler share the ring this week
was an epic sight. In Manchester, The Man said she
missed having two titles on her
shoulders, and after a women’s tag title match between Lynch and
Flair against the Kabuki Warriors was made, Becky Two Belts
was a real possibility. With four of the most gifted
female Superstars, the match
was rightly epic but came to an abrupt halt when
Shayna Baszler brawled with
The Man. Seconds after Bazler appeared
though, SmackDown Women’s
Champion Bayley showed up, wearing her street
clothes and attacking the NXT
Champion. Baszler punching out Bayley proved
to be enough of a distraction for
Asuka to pin the Man, and Bayley attacked Lynch post-
match to send a message to her
Pay Per View opponent. What do you think though, is
Bayley the third wheel in the
Lynch-Bazler feud, or is she holding her own?
Let us know in the comments
below. We’ve got some worrying news
up next as former WWE and
ECW Star Francine has announced that
she is being re-admitted back
into hospital. Breaking the news, Francine said
she will be in a hospital in New
Jersey for issues she didn’t disclose, pending from a surgery last week
for an abdominal reconstruction,
as well as a hernia repair. This is the third such surgery for
the Queen of Extreme, and has
doctors placing mesh to secure her stitching, which came undone
prematurely after the first two
surgeries. Obviously everyone here at Slat
Rock wishes Francine nothing
but the best at this time, and we’re
hoping for a quick, painless
recovery. We’re looking back to WWE’s
recent Crown Jewel Pay Per View
in Saudi Arabia, and while many Superstars said they’d never go
back after travel issues, Rusev
isn’t one of them. Speaking to British tabloid The Sun,
the Bulgarian Brute explained his
tweet during the issues when he asked for prayers, and assured
readers he’ll be going back,
because he loves money. He said: ““I make a lot of money, I will definitely
go back. I love it, I love every single
trip that we do there, I love how we break barriers with
women wrestling there and Lana
being able to go.” “I think it’s a great victory for the
company, not just for that, but to
open new doors and new opportunities to develop further,
it’s just amazing. It’s a great
opportunity for us to be ambassadors for
entertainers.” It’s no secret that the money from
the Saudis has been reflected in
the pay received by Superstars, and with Crown
Jewel having the first ever
women’s match in the country, its hard to argue
that the deal has implemented
change. It’s clear that Rusev is a fan of
WWE’s partnership with the
conservative nation and now that his wife Lana, who
is with him in real life despite
their angle can go with him, the decision
is much easier to make. We’re heading back to the good
ol’ U.S of A next, and whilst count
less homes are preparing for Thanskgiving, the WWE will be
hosting their third annual Starr
cade event the weekend after. This year’s edition of the WCW
tradition comes our way from the
greater Atlanta area, and for the the first time, the show will be
streamed live on the WWE
Network, after the 2017 show wasn’t taped, and matches
from last year were aired as a
pre-taped special. There’s plenty of huge matches
announced for the show, though
someone may need to speak to the folks at the Infinite Energy Center
in Duluth, Georgia, as the main
event will see Bray Wyatt face The Miz in a steel cage match for
the WWE Championship, a belt
that neither man holds. Here’s the entire card for the
show and as like any WWE show, the
card is subject to change. We’re moving from wrestling to
MMA now, as the main event of
UFC 244 ended with Jorge Masvidal winning the
BMF title over Nate Diaz, due
to a cut stoppage. Clearly in a bad mood, Diaz took
his frustrations out on Dwayne
‘The Rock’ Johnson in a post fight press conference,
as it was the Most Electrifying
Man in Sports Entertainment who had
introduced the championship
belt. During the conference, Diaz
said he was a fan of The
Rock’s show Ballers but said, and we quote that
“with all due respect, he can
get it too.” This was in response to Rocky’s
friendship with Masvidal, and
the People’s Champion took the time to address these
comments on Ariel Helwani’s
MMA Show. He said: “I wasn’t surprised at Nate’s
comments because that’s the
Nate we all know and love He is as advertised. He gets it.
He knows that me and Jorge
[Masvidal] are boys we’re from Miami, we have a lot
of deep connections down there so there’s a connection. I was
totally fine with it. He gets it.” It’s highly unlikely that the Rock
will ever enter the Octagon as a
fighter, especially as countless careers in Hollywood rely on
him being fit to make a movie,
but it seems if the Great One does ever want to
test himself, he already has
an opponent ready for him. From one icon of the Attitude Era
to another now, as Stone Cold
Steve Austin has confirmed that he will be bringing his
second podcast-adjacent
show to the WWE Network. Called ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin:
The Broken Skull Sessions, the
new programme will air immediately after Survivor Series
on November 24th, and according
to the company, will feature no-holds-barred, one-
on-one conversations with the
biggest names in WWE history. So far, the promotion has certainly
kept to his word, as Austin’s first
guest will be none other than his old foe the Undertaker, and the
WWE’s YouTube channel features
a brief clip from the very first show. Known for hosting the Steve Austin
show over the airwaves, Austin
previously hosted the Stone Cold Podcast from 2014 to 2016, with
many episodes being filmed as
part of WWE. When asked about the new
endeavour, Austin said: “I’ve raised hell all over the world
inside the ring while with WWE.
Now with The Broken Skull Sessions I get to raise hell
outside the ring, shooting the
breeze with Superstars from the world
of sports entertainment.” Even though he retired from the
ring over 16 years ago, Austin
remains one of wrestling’s most beloved stars ever, and
fans will get to hear what he
has to say with the Demon of Death Valley when the two
cross paths on his show, on
November 24th. And finally, today we’re wrapping
up with the news from this week’s RAW that we weren’t able to
cover earlier n the video. In a rare sanctioned 24/7 Champion
ship match, The Singh brothers
were able to keep the gold away from R-Truth in Handicap action,
though this ended in a No
Contest, when Erick Rowan laid waste to the brothers, after
they Bollywood Boyz ran afoul
of him earlier in the show. We mentioned that Seth Rollins’
battle with WALTER ended in a DQ,
but that wasn’t the end of the night for Imperium, who came up short
against the Beastslayer, Kevin
Owens and the Street Profits. After toppling Sin Cara last week,
Andrade also made quick work of
Cedric Alexander, and after the timely distraction of Zelina Vega,
finished the match with an elbow
to the jaw and a Hammerlock DDT. It remains unclear whether Erick
Rowan actually wants to win the
24/7 Championship from the Singh brothers, but we do know that
he didn’t have to the title on
his mind when he took on local
competitor Soner Dursun. Whilst the match was an expected
squash, Rowan did enter with some
thing hidden in a burlap sack, and after crushing the Dursun, left with
whatever he has, without giving
any indication of what it might be. Next up, fans saw more action from
Great Britian, as former NXT UK
Tag Champions Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews took
on RAW Tag Team Champions
the Viking Raiders. Defeating the two British stars,
Erik and Ivar sent a clear
message to the Undisputed Era and the New Day ahead of their
tri-branded match at this
month’s Pay Per View. And in the main event, Randy
Orton, Ricochet and Humberto
Carrillo were somehow able to co-exist
long enough to defeat the OC. After weeks of trying, Carrillo finally
got his man, pinning the US
Champion in the main event, though it was Orton who stole
the show with his charismatic
performance. Ensuring his team mates he could
be trusted (despite the past 17
years proving otherwise Orton was at one point left with
Ricochet and Styles in the ring,
but ultimately remained loyal to the faces,
hitting a Phenomenal RKO and
letting Carrillo get the pin. As part of Team RAW at Survivor
Series, it seems Orton is trying
to show he can be trusted, but we all know that
there’s only so much faith you
can place in this serpent.

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