Triple H Talks Kota Ibushi, Sasha Banks Promises To Main Event Wrestlemania – Wrestling Report

Triple H Talks Kota Ibushi, Sasha Banks Promises To Main Event Wrestlemania – Wrestling Report

Welcome to the Wrestling Report
First up we’ve got some news on Kota Ibushi. Earlier this week, Triple H held a media call
to further promote NTX TakeOver. Someone asked Triple H about Kota Ibushi signing
with WWE and how Kota wanted to work with WWE but only part time as a free-lance wrestler. Triple H emphasized that he wanted to keep
the Cruiserweights exclusive to the WWE, so it looks like Kota Ibushi will be not be signing
with WWE full time or maybe at all. How does this make you feel? Do you think Ibushi will go back to New Japan
and become the IWGP Heavyweight champion? Just coming off the recent controversy with
Dean Ambrose getting heat because of what he said on the Stone Cold podcast. It wouldn’t be too smart for Sasha Banks to
overstep her boundaries in an interview, especially when saying she believes that she will main
event a wrestle mania. This is incredible and could potentially be
a huge success. The Women’s revolution in sports is massive
and plenty of people would be ecstatic to see a Women’s championship headlining the
biggest wrestling event of all time. Be sure to let me know what you think in the
comments. We also have some information regarding Jay
Lethal joining WWE. Jay Lethal was in a recent interview with
“JR” Jim Ross on The Ross Report. Lethal said that he would love to work for
WWE to perform on the largest platform of wrestling today. He said these would need to be under, of course,
all the right circumstances. However, he said he wouldn’t mind even if
his tenure with the company was only for a short span of time. And that’s the Wrestling Report. As most of you know, someone is supposed to
be taking over the Wrestling Report for a while and that someone is me, your good pal
John. Anyways, I’ll be doing my very best to make
sure that everyone is getting their daily news. Hope you guys enjoyed. See ya in the next one!

44 thoughts on “Triple H Talks Kota Ibushi, Sasha Banks Promises To Main Event Wrestlemania – Wrestling Report

  1. Sorry casuals but Kota is destined to return to Japan to take down his former best friend Kenny omega who should be IWGP heavyweight champion by the time he gets there and the two will be the best wrestlers in the world under the new Japan name.

  2. wwe has got to be thinking about Jay Lethal, he would have been in the top 5 wrestlers in the world over the past year and a half

  3. On today's wrestling report the original wrestle hub has Brocken the wellness policy and I will be taking over

  4. lol…the whole point of a match being the main event is that the interest level and excitement of watching that particular match keeps the crowd and online/tv viewers present through the lesser important matches too, so they have to sit through those before they get to watch the BEST match of the night, so sasha…not gonna happen, ever!

  5. Ibushi is gonna go fight his bestie kenny omega in Japan. Especially since Kenny used his moves in the g1 finals.

  6. her and bayley already main evented nxt so there is a possibility of it happening fam as long as hunter agrees to it

  7. John i'm really happy you're taking the job seriously this was a good one thank you for listing to us we the wrestling hub universe 👍👏👌

  8. Before any women can main event anything the whole division as a whole needs to improve on there mic skills and overall quality of wrestling

  9. All of these people is the comments saying "Sasha wont Main event cause she is trash" or "Women wont Mainevent Mania" are the exact reason Women's Wrestling isnt getting the enough credit

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