100 thoughts on “Triple H vs The Rock Wrestlemania 32 Promo HD

  1. hey bro great promo everything is perfect but one little change would make it even better, at 1:43 when triple h blows water in the air that is  when the music should have started. According to me that would be more epic as I am a great Triple H fan

  2. Build from this feud from the Royal Rumble til Fast Lane then the night after Fast Lane, Stone Cold returns… Make WM 32 Live in Dallas the biggest WM ever.. Give us the Wrestlemania Match we never had, start Wrestlemania off the very first seconds it goes live with The Rock vs Triple H vs Stone Cold Steve Austin and end Wrestlemania 32 with Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Wrestlemania 32 an old era passes the torch to the new era as 2016 sets its course.

  3. I hope that happens where the Rock will win and Triple H will be suspended until Christmas where Triple H must apologize to the fans or he'll fired forever.

  4. the rock vs triple h….sting vs undertaker…but they need to build Sting at Survivor Series……and probably Roman Reings will have another titlle match…probably Seth will remain champion until Wrestlemania…..

  5. I hope this happens as a tornado mixed tag-team street-fight at WrestleMania 32. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon lose: the Authority disbands permanently, but they still keep their positions, and they'll be suspended until December 2016 where they must apologize to the WWE Fans for everything they done since after SummerSlam 2013 or they'll be fired.

  6. I've never been a WWanything fan but Brock becoming the UFC champion & Dwayne Johnson making great movies & now with Ronda it has peaked my interest the last few yrs or so… That vid right there was pure entertainment! Whats not to enjoy…cuz that got me pumped!

  7. I'd book HHH vs The Rock where if HHH loses, the Authority is out of power for good, if The Rock loses he must retire from the WWE

  8. Rock vs triple h

    triple h is coming for roman reigns after what he did to him at tlc but it mighy backfire when the rock might come out and save roman reigns leading a wrestlemania match between rock and triple h

  9. You need to pack this the fuck in. I know it's custom but my mind goes "bruh……" 10/10 bro. Seriously. You need a job as a promo creator. In WWE. Who cares if it's not a real job. It should be. YOU should have it. Because seriously, this is fucking awesome!

  10. the Rock is going to be at Mania.. I wonder if he's going to face the Undertaker.. that match has never happened.. would be an awesome bout..



  12. Haven't watched WWE in like 4 years…. And when did Dwayne "The Rock" come back? And why is HHH in a tux and shit. Seems odd now.

  13. They have to make this match happen at wrestlemania 33 next year in Florida. This is one hell of a main event….. One of the best rivalries during the attitude era!

  14. vince book it last match rock vs hhh.retirement match at wrestlemainia this draw billions of viewers . well if happen is epic rock has unfinished bussines with hhh and hhh has unfinished with rock.this match happen should be clean match no outiside interfrence and no sledgehammer no one in ringside no stephanie . lets see clean match and who be victorious and better man in that day and end fued onece for all.

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