100 thoughts on “Triple H’s attempt to lure Kevin Owens to NXT leads to brawl: Raw, Nov. 18, 2019



    7% : „Triple H is such a great manipulator !“

    1% : „OC was the Highlight…“
    1% : „ Where‘s Seth Rollins !?😢“
    1%: sth different

  2. nxt get more people in a fight then they do it but when numbers get even they get scared
    smackdown gonna win want raw to though

  3. I hope every former nxt Superstar Who is now in raw or smackdown and who's Talent is wasted turns on raw and smackdown this sunday

  4. Take this with a pinch of salt. Let's say KO leaves to NXT. That means theres a spot for raw, and smackdown. A coincidence that CM Punk is back and Chicago hosts Survivor Series. Let's see who will get CM Punk or let's see who CM Punk comes back to attack.

  5. Ko gonna join raw and then turn on them to become nxt and nxt will win at survival serious cuz its the next best thing for business

  6. If KO is smart he'll head back to NXT. I think their singles division is on fire right now. Adding Owens would be the icing on the cake.

  7. get in his face,,,,,,, tell him off now,,,,,,put him in his own place now,,,,,,,,, your in now ,,,,,,big show will help you now,,,,,,,,,,,,you got your match now,,,,,,,good luck,,,,,,watch this now,,,,,,,watch it in lockerroom now,,,,,,,,,

  8. Yes, Owens does deserve this much praise and he'd be in his element back in NXT. PLEASE make it happen. But for god sake – take Nakamura and Samoa Joe with him too!!

  9. HHH: "theyre gonna prove to the world that they are no longer the A brand, they are gonna prove to the world that the brand is now"

    UNDER ATTACKED BY RAW ROSTERS yeah that's your brand for ya , Hunter 👏👏👏 slow claps

  10. I wonder if Triple H was sincere this time. I mean he does look a bit surprise and a little pissed about undisputed era jumping KO. Besides, If KO join NXT, it kind of weaken the Raw team as there is no more Raw before Survivor Series so it's a last minute pick.

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