Two HUGE Title CHANGES! | WWE TLC 2018 Review! | WrestleTalk

Two HUGE Title CHANGES! | WWE TLC 2018 Review! | WrestleTalk

Ronda Rousey screws Becky Lynch! Baron Corbin
is no longer the Raw General Manager [2] and it turns out Dolph Ziggler is still a heel.
And people wonder why no one cares about him. I am Luke Owen, press the thumbs up and leave
a comment I can reply to, and use the i above my head to vote in the poll to let me know
what you thought of the show – where you can choose from Best of Both Worlds, Great Per
View, Thumbs in the Middle, Meh Per View, and Worst of Both Worlds. And keep an eye
on the screen to keep track on the WrestleTalk predictions and how it will affect the overall
WrestleLeague Predictions Table – where the loser by the end of the Royal Rumble will
have to perform a wrestler’s theme song. So with that admin out of the way, this is
WWE TLC 2018… in about 4–wait a second. This is a very long show, so we may need to
run longer than four minutes. This is WWE TLC 2018… for as long as it takes to review. [If you want to have a fancy bar around these
that would be great, but I appreciate you may be pushed for time so just text will be
fine. I’ve also listed who predicted who so it would be good to have that on screen
too. After having a couple of shows where the the
Cruiserweights were featured on the main card, the Cruiserweight Championship match was moved
back to the Kick Off Show – where it bloody belongs! That’ll teach you for getting over!
In all seriousness, it’s a shame to see these guys get bumped down the card again
– especially when the Cruiserweight Championship matches have been such a fun part of the last
few PPVs. This was the match you would expect it to be: lots of knee-slapping action with
reversals, counters and plenty of nearfalls. Both tried really hard but the whole crowd
weren’t really into it. And why would they? This company keeps presenting 205 Live as
third rate. Murphy hit the CHEEKY NANDOS, Cedric hit a Death Valley Driver on the apron,
and eventually Buddy hit Murphy’s Law for the win. A fun opener that deserved more time
and a better reaction. Also bumped to the Kick Off Show was the ladder
match between Elias and Bobby Lashley with a guitar hanging above the ring – which on
Raw was explained as the first person to pull down the guitar could use it as a weapon.
Both men really put over the dangers of a ladder match with some crazy bumps, and Elias
overcame both Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley to pull down the guitar and… oh no wait he
just won. Wait, what? Lashley then laid him out with the guitar to make sure no one got
over. A waste of time, this was. But the main show kicked off with what everyone
had been waiting for… The finals of Mixed Match Challenge Season
Two! WWE had three whole months to plan out this tournament – featuring big names like
Finn Balor, Bayley, Braun Strowman, Ember Moon, Bobby Lashley, Charlotte Flair, The
Miz, Asuka, Rusev, and AJ Styles – with any of these names earning the coveted #30 spot
in the Royal Rumbles – and the final was R-Truth & Carmella vs. Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox.
Good work, WWE. This was a very short match that felt more like dance break than anything
else. R-Truth and Carmella did a rap that was somehow less entertaining than The Bar
last Tuesday, and Carmella tapped out Alicia Fox with the Code of Silence. So the #30 entrants
in the Royal Rumble will be Carmella… and R-Truth. I would imagine Truth will not be
coming out at number 30 next month. What was funny however was Truth revealing that the
holiday they won will be at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT. Hijinks will ensue, no doubt. The commentary team for Smackdown matches
was of course Corey Graves, Todd Phillips and Byron wait a… you’re not Byron Saxton.
No sadly Byron was unwell so David Otunga returned to Smackdown commentary for the night
and… well I thought I should mention it here as I’m not sure he said anything all
evening. And yet he was still somehow better than Renee Young. The Bar, New Day and The
Usos had – as you would expect – a very good match but it didn’t get a lot of time. After
a bit of a schmohz of moves at the end, Xavier Woods walked into a Brogue Kick by Sheamus
for a Bar retention. I am very much ready for these three teams to stop wrestling each
other now. In case you missed it, Vince McMahon returns
to Raw tomorrow night. And I would be surprised if you missed it as they made mention of it
enough throughout the night. Vince McMahon returning to TV for no storyline reason? Anyone
would think the Raw ratings were bad or something. Baron Corbin ordered his personal referee
Heath Slater to count out Braun Strowman in their TLC match as he knew he wouldn’t be
able to compete – but Braun did come out however – and reminded Corbin that TLC matches are
No DQ – so anyone could come out and help him win. And like Ebenezer Scrooge in the
classic holiday tale Muppet Christmas Carol, Baron’s past actions came back to haunt
him. You know it was brave of Charles Dickens to try and adapt Muppet Christmas Carol, it’s
a near perfect movie. Finn Balor came out because of Corbin’s actions [30], Chad Gable
and Bobby Roode came out because Baron gave them multiple tag team championship matches,
I guess? And Apollo Crews came out because… he’s a babyface, I guess. Finally Kurt Angle
returned and everyone beat up Corbin allowing Braun to pin him with a foot on his chest.
So that’s the end of Corbin as Raw GM, and Braun will now face Brock Lesnar for the Universal
Championship at Royal Rumble. And before you make a comment, there have been other TLC
matches that have ended in pinfall – including The Shield’s debut match and when Kurt Angle
teamed with them last year to take on Strowman, Kane, The Bar and The Miz. What an odd match
that was. The tables match between Natalya and Ruby
Riott went a lot longer than I would have expected, considering this storyline has been
presented as an afterthought on TV since Survivor Series. Nattie dispatched of both Liv Morgan
and Sarah Logan through tables – and countered Ruby’s table with her father’s picture
on it by bringing out a table with Riott’s picture on it! My favourite part of this was
Michael Cole saying, “I can’t wait to see how Ruby Riott reacts when she sees that
table with her picture on it!” and Ruby didn’t react to it at all. Instead she just
looked at it like, “huh would you look at that.” Nattie eventually put Ruby through
the table to win for a nice moment. Let’s hope this storyline is over and we can move
on from the Jim Neidhart storylines. And if you think Ruby is going to get some sort of
push in this company, you would be mistaken. Drew McIntyre got a really great showing in
his match with Finn Balor, which really felt like a showcase for the Scotsman in what I
think is his first singles match on PPV since his return? So it’s even more surprising
that Finn Balor pinned him after some interference from Dolph Ziggler. You don’t have him pinned
for 90% of 2018 and then he loses twice in the space of a fortnight? Later in the night when Finn Balor got into
a scuffle with Dolph Ziggler who definitely isn’t a face. They’re going to have a
match tomorrow night on Raw. That’ll put butts in seats. Rey Mysterio next took on Randy Orton in a
CHAIRS MATCH. And no, you didn’t set your WayBack Machine to No Way Out 2006, Rey Mysterio
and Randy Orton really had a PPV match here in 2018. I’m not really saying that like
it’s a bad thing, but WWE used to make fun of WCW doing this thing all the time, and
TNA was heavily criticised back in the day when it pushed older talent over younger and
upcoming guys and girls. Why not use Rey and Randy to elevate new talent? Mysterio had
the best spot of the match when he did the Penguin Slide with a steel chair to the outside,
but the finish saw Orton set up FOUR STEEL CHAIRS SITTING IN A ROW and tried the RKO
– but Mysterio reversed and rolled Randy up for the win. I guess this feud must continue. At this point of the show I thought TLC was
a perfectly fine little show that could be best described as “not too shabby”, but
it really picked up a gear when Ronda Rousey had easily Nia Jax’s best match since…
well the last time she was in the ring with Ronda Rousey, and before that her NXT Women’s
Championship match with Bayley at TakeOver: London. I’m not sure if this has been said
enough on this channel, but Ronda Rousey is really, really good at professional wrestling
– and she looked awesome during her comeback on Jax – tapping her out with the Armbar after
kissing the #Facebreaker for a nice touch. Not even the charisma vacuum of Tamina could
suck up this great crowd reaction for Rousey – despite her best efforts. After the match, Nia refused an interview
and then got punched in the face by Becky Lynch. I really hope this isn’t the payoff
to #FaceBreaker – even though Nia’s heat has diminished somewhat since Survivor Series.
Ronda also cut a promo later in the show about Charlotte Flair saying that payback is a bitch
– and she’s the baddest one on the planet. Foreshadowing. Here’s a shocker: Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles
had a great match on PPV. I know, I’m as stunned as you are. This was helped by the
pair being given nearly half an hour to tell a great story of two guys who know each other
very, very well. There was a lot of back and forth action, with Bryan playing the cocky
heel trying to get away, while AJ was the confident babyface who didn’t want to give
up. This got several THIS IS AWESOME chants and featured a great finish that played off
their TV match just before Survivor Series – with AJ nearly knocking down a referee with
the Phenomenal Forearm, only this time he dodged the Running Knee with a small package
– reversed by Bryan into one of his own for the win. It’s a perfect finish because,
while clean it was far from decisive – hopefully setting these two up for a rematch at Royal
Rumble. What was surprising, however, is that Seth
Rollins and Dean Ambrose had a really boring match that the crowd were not into whatsoever.
Given all the build and focus put on this feud, it was a shame to hear the crowd chant
THIS IS BORING at them. It’s even more of a shame that there is probably more to say
about the bickering between Corey Graves and Renee Young than the match itself. Part of
the problem that although it was a blood feud, this never felt like a war. It wasn’t a
bad match, just a pretty dull one – with Dean winning by hitting a Dirty Deeds out of nowhere
to capture the Intercontinental Championship – which he hit because Seth distracted himself
with feelings and emotions. This was the most disappointing thing on the show, and it was
clear at this point this deep into this very long show that the fans just wanted to see
Becky Lynch. Which thankfully they got next when Becky
defended her Smackdown Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair and Asuka. Not only
was this a deserving main event due to the caliber of star and story going on, it more
than delivered. Asuka threw Lynch onto a ladder, Charlotte did a senton off the top rope to
the outside through a table, Lynch squashed Flair through the announcer’s table off
a ladder, everyone went nuts with the kendo stick, Flair speared Asuka through the barricade,
and so much more. They did everything they needed to do, while at the same time not doing
too much – allowing for each of them to sell the previous spot. The finish saw Becky and
Flair up on a ladder – when Ronda Rousey came out from the back and pushed the ladder over
– allowing Asuka to climb the ladder and win the Smackdown Women’s Championship. This
was a terrific TLC match and easily the best thing on the show. And it capped off a really fun PPV to round
off a pretty much hit-and-miss 2018. Both Women’s Championship matches ruled, the
Bryan vs. AJ match was great and everything else was pretty decent, apart from Seth vs.
Dean, of course. And the WrestleLeague Predictions Table sees Laurie in the lead with 19 points
– he got a bonus for predicting how many tables would break in the show which was 5. Because
apparently the announcer’s table doesn’t count which would have awarded me the bonus
point – Oli in second with 17 and me just behind with 16. Better start warming up those
vocal chords. WWE TLC was a Great-Per-View! That was a great TLC match but what are the
seven best TLC matches of all-time? Click the video on screen right now to find out!
I’ve been Luke Owen and that was wrestling!

100 thoughts on “Two HUGE Title CHANGES! | WWE TLC 2018 Review! | WrestleTalk

  1. HAW! I PREDICTED ASUKA WOULD WIN! I think Ronda Rousey will move to SMACKDOWN when the show moves to FOX! That's when Ronda will be the heel who will challenge Asuka for the new UNIFIED AND UNDISPUTED WWE WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP! You heard it hre first!

  2. I agree. Surprisingly, a "Great-per view" among some seriously slipping TV episodes. Just goes to show that the talent these guys and gals have can really make up for shoddy booking in-between PPVs.

    Also, in what world does the announcer table not count as a table break? I don't get Ollie's reasoning on this one.

  3. I think that this was the best pay-per-view of the year it was done very well there were some spot's that dragged and the best match of the night was the Smackdown women's championship match and it's about time that auska got the title she should have received the title back in Wrestlemania right…

  4. Dude seriously stop hating on Rene, she is a hell lot better than Saxton not as repetitive as Cole or Phillips, she does her best with what she is given, she cant give a play by play of moves because that is all Cole. So if you guys really want to spread positivity in the comments than maybe you should be wiser and more respectful when it comes to criticism, be constructive not destructive. Because otherwise you will just be like the “I hate Roman” chants, which is like saying, i dont know why we boo this guy, but lets do it anyways. Sheep 🐑

  5. Dear Santa Luke—
    My name is Billy, and I am 52 years old. This year for Wrestle-Christmas, I want the WWE to have booking that makes sense, no more stupid comedy spots, wrestlers who have gotten themselves over to get well-deserved pushes, and more matches and less talking on Raw and SmackDown. I will leave milk and cookies for you and carrots for your two reindeers, Oli and Laurie.

  6. 10:16 THAT DIDN'T COUNT?


    you dang brits and your silly newfangled counting mechanisms.

    Is everything survivor series preshow now???

  7. Best Match – Murphy vs Cedric
    SD triple threat TLC womens title
    Balor vs Drew
    Seth vs Dean
    MMCS2 Final
    Tag Match
    Orton vs Mysterio
    Styles vs Bryan
    Worst – Raw Womens Title

    (missed the elias vs Lashley match)

    overall it was a meh per view with nothing surprising happening especially compared to a normal week of 205 or NXT, last night i watched this weeks NXT and found that hour to be more interesting than everything except the Cruiserweight match, which i might add is a huge shame as the 205 guys could easily main event a show and shouldn't be limited to 205 the same way Mysterio isn't, it truly is a shame as their roster has some amazing talent which usually put on one of the best matches of the night on any PPV, hopefully WWE pushes the division more in 2019 or treats it like it did the women this year and give the cruiserweights their own PPV it doesn't have to be a full lenght PPV but say 2.5/3 hours and you could expect consistently great matches the same way you do when watching a takeover

  8. I really hate how the WWE is using Finn Balor as their get out of Story free card every time he is in a match that they changed the decision about at last minute

  9. Hey Luke, where's the CTRL V + CTRL C. The Ambrose Vs. Rollins match was the same thing as the Ambrose Vs. Triple H match back at the 1st Roadblock PPV/Houseshow and he said the same thing about working the knee on The Stone Cold Podcast on the WWE Network.

  10. Yeah I agree it was a great person view. Now Becky's going to win the rumble & going to face Rhonda at WM! Meanwhile Asuka can hold the SmackDown title.

  11. are there any fucking Brits that produce good wrestling videos unlike these bums ……( I know I like Simon , Daze and Kip ) but why are most just negative wankers who believe themselves to be oh so funny

  12. Ronda really good at wrestling? Lmfao great joke man. Great joke. There are way more skilled women on that roster deserving of that belt. She did absolutely nothing to earn it. It was gifted to her due to fame. Every match she has is a carbon copy of her first ever match. It's disgusting how basic her move set is and yet she's the champ. It's things like this that make folks think the women's division is a second rate joke.

  13. Ambrose doesn’t have great matches. Never has done. He’s had good matches but he just can’t put on a show like a lot of the talent we see do it week in week out.

  14. Switch Ember for Charlotte, set Charlotte up to be Number 1 contender, have Becky take the RR win and steal Charlotte's spotlight completely. Set up Charlotte/Becky/Ronda for WM. On Smackdown Ember Moon and Asuka reignite their battles with Ember finally taking the title at WM.

    Meanwhile, Nia Jax volunteers for a match against New Jack.

  15. wouldnt it be funny if r-truth books that week off the same week as the rumble….. thats something they would write truth doing….

  16. Meh. Crap PPV bar two decent matches a one good match, and if you think differently, you are wrong and clearly don't know what makes a great PPV anymore.

  17. I showed up for the wrestling results; I'm commenting because I also am pro-Muppet. Luke should get a bonus point for Muppet Christmas Carol comment.

  18. a boring feud with a side dish of cancer? hwat could possibly go wrong?!! great performers under certain circumstances, but Seth is a dull babyface and Dean gets written into disasters.

  19. Your explanation of how Baron Corbin isnt Raw GM anymore made no sense to me.. i dont really care though.. so ill just type this while your talking about a bunch of other junk that makes no sence.. i am exited for Raw though cuz im hoping Vince shoots himself or something cool.. fuck American pro wrestling…

  20. I'm with U Luke. How and why Ruby Riott is not getting a push from the WWE Raw creative team? Its a travesty! Nattie should be putting Ruby over and over again.

  21. Definitely not a Great Per View the only good part was the triple threat Smackdown Women’s Title Match and Bryan vs AJ.

  22. The only announcement I want to hear from vinnie mac when he returns is i'm stepping down from wwe and i'm bringing my bitch writers with me to xfl.

  23. Roode and Gable were there because of the Lucha House Rules matches. That's the way they can keep Lucha House Party as babyfaces.

  24. I thought that TLC was best of both worlds! Amazing matches with finishes that added to the feuds, good storytelling and amazing weapon spots. The only thing I hated was the crowd booing Seth vs Dean; the match was the same pace and Bryan vs Styles but had more storytelling outside of the context of wrestling. Also San Jose were spoiled with TLC unlike the other PPV's this year so in the nicest way possible the San Jose crowd gets a [email protected]#k You!

  25. Any one notice the botch in the tag team tittle match. Cesaro tagged out Kofi yet after the uso splash on both of them Kofi was the one pinned, and from then on the new day was legal. #titlegate

  26. People bash on Corbin for the ratings being down, but Seth has been all over the shows and in the main events as much as him, and it just seems that fans aren't as in to Seth Rollins as the IWC likes to pretend. Seth's a decent wrestler, sure, in that needlessly dangerous indy spot monkey style, complete with no or bad selling, but has yet to show he can carry a pay-per-view match where is isn't in against, or teamed with, bigger, more over stars.
    It's also not believable he could beat Brock. Hopefully they go with Braun or the returning Kevin Owens to take the belt off Lesnar.

  27. What if WWE is forming Bálor Club since “Bálor Club is for everyone”? So he is taking the the forgotten and neglected wrestlers from around the WWE and give them a home. Not sure how that is how I would have booked that.

  28. Great show-especially watching Corbin get what he deserved and Asuka getting a title.
    I like Rollins more, but I get why Dean was set to win.

  29. Why does wrestletalk think calling Tom Phillips Todd is funny? It was funny when Jericho did it, but them doing it is just calling him unimportant, but he's not that bad, and shouldn't be disrespected for the sake of an unfunny joke. Not to mention the fact I want to correct them, but I know they do it on purpose. P.S. Rousey vs Nia was average at best, cringe worthy in my opinion, in fact if you take into consideration the fact it was probably practiced for weeks, it's pretty shit.

  30. The one time I didn't mind someone coming out and interfering in a championship match. It succinctly played into the story and can expand on it further without being tired of it like all of WWE's other "stories."

  31. Asuka needs to be the most active champion ever, defending the belt against anyone else not named Charlotte. Becky needs to go after Ronda. Charlotte….I don’t know, another boob job and a vacation. New tag team champs would be woooooooondeerful. Also put the US strap on Rusev and stop being a lop Vincent.

  32. Maybe it’s because i wasn’t watching during the whole shield destruction angle when seth turned on dean but i didn’t hate their tlc match. The only match on the card i hated was ruby riott vs natalya. I didn’t get a nice feeling from watching boring-natty squash upcoming talent. Also i wish the bar vs new day vs usos got the “tables match” stipulation instead.

  33. Rainbow Balior is very confusing. Who has Balor beaten besides McIntyre? I dont remember. WWE just cant give each of it's stars time for storylines. I watched the first couple of matches of Tables, ladders and chickens then started hitting the fast forward button,. Rhonda Reigns looked better with her makeup not having the mascara bit running all over. Daniel Spongebryant is better than New Daniel Bryant. AJ should have won. and a big thank you for the mixed ma.., nvm. Someone already said R-Truth or Carmella will get clocked coming out at 30 with their dance break.But hey Luke is selling it as Great. Orton is not the legend killer anymore. Now he is the legend Loser. nuff said

  34. somewhere in heaven (or california, dunno), Judo Gene is smiling. which might be scarier than when he is twisting someone.

  35. I'm confused .. for the mixed match final you first mention all the guys/gals we could see that we actually see ALL THE TIME. Something you guys complain about ALL THE TIME. Then R-truth not one of the a-listers gets a push and the #30 and you guys complain. I love you guys but for fucks sake you guys sound like Star Wars fans. I think with proper build up, The NEW Daniel Bryan, white man crying about 1st world problems, and R-truth, an entertaining black man with real things to complain about if he wanted to but chooses not to, I think their fued could really be entertaining, both on the mic and off. I think R-truth could really get under his skin. BTW I care about Dolph Ziggler .. he's one of my favorites across both brands … he plays a great dick heel, the man can sell a bump like no other .. I do wish though, they would write his character to have some fun and get into some on-screen hi-jinks like Shawn Michael's in the 90s. You guys are still awesome, just don't be hypocrites.

  36. The stupid mix match challenge should of been on the pre show not Buddy Murphy & Cedric Alexander they should of been the first match of the real show, Fuck you WWE does guys didn't deserve that.

  37. It was a good (not great) PPV. Not surprised about Dean's match, I don't get the love for him imo he sucks big time. I also don't get the Ronda love, me and my friends laugh at her matches. Those punches that miss by a mile and that stupid head shake every time she goes to the top lmao.

  38. it bothered me so much how Graves kept picking at Renee about the damn Dean v Seth feud. EVERY SINGLE WEEK there's a point where they keep asking her about Dean. and then in the final match itself. thats all i remember from it, their talking ruined the match. just that logic of including renee in the story SOMEWHAT when she shouldnt be at all just ruined everything tbh

  39. The Mismatch Challenge should've been the match in the pre-show, not the CW match. Asuke winning one of the Women's Championship titles should've happened at Wrestlemania, but hell, I'll take it! It's about time she's champ!

  40. I actually liked Seth vs Dean, I was surprised when the crowd turned against them. I think the modern product relies too much on big spots so when a psychological battle occurs between two men in a (relatively) well thought out story we don't know how to engage with it. Ambrose has a great ring presence right now, he really should be Universal champion.

  41. I didn't like the finish of the triple threat match. To me, it felt like they were putting Asuka in the same league as Carmella, whom couldn't win the MitB without Elsworth. I dunno. Just felt like bad booking for Asuka, while WWE did everything to protect Charlotte, who didn't need a win nor protecting. I really, really hope we don't get a repeat of Shinsuke's US title run with Asuka as SD Women's Champ.

  42. I'm guessing Kevin Owens will beat up R-truth backstage for his number 30 spot at Royal Rumble and signal his official return….

  43. Props to Luke for accurately using the word "fortnight" in a sentence in 2018 and not while talking about a video game. Well done sir.

  44. Ok I know I'm late, but I will consider removing you guys from the AdBlocker whitelist. 10 minutes and 4 damn commercials? This is getting a bit out of hand I'm afraid

  45. Luke wtf did you actually say that? Renee is a great commentator, and far better than Otunga, honestly half the shit you say sometimes is just stupid, mate.

  46. Even though everybody is complaining about the IC title match I still loved every second of it BTW just because these idiots chanted this is boring does not mean they were right they are annoying as hell no wonder the WWE does not want to listen to these jackasses

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