100 thoughts on “UFC 238: Post-fight Press Conference

  1. I believe I am truly witnessing greatness unfold here. Henry is absolutely blowing up . He might actually be p4p

  2. It’s also crazy how championship fights bring out that animal in somebody. Henry really put it on him

  3. Henry first true simultaneous champ..defended first title..beat next champ and really defended a belt he really won……Conor vacated first title then lost then won..then won next title…how is that simultaneous? Badass but not simultaneous!

  4. worst questions always. that john dude is a tool. no john tony wasn't happy with his performance he only beat one of the best fighters in two rounds…gese luise.

  5. valentina is my vote for best female fighter along with nunes. nunes was way bigger in their second fight and i still felt the bullet should of won that split decision fight. go back and watch bullet won. either way they are 1a and 1b best all time.

  6. Tony should fight Mcgregor for an Interim Title very soon. Think about it. Dana Wants Khabib vs Mcgregor 2 for the money. If Mcgregor beats Tony he will deserve the title fight and it would sell even bigger. If Tony wins against Mcgregor he becomes a superstar and the Fight with Khabib becomes even bigger (major money fight). If they do it before the Khabib Dustin fight it can be for an Interim belt becuase Khabib is technically still banned. Interim belt means it can be a main event and propels the excitement about the fight. Regardless the nect opponent for Khabib assuming he wins the Porier fight or McGregor wil have to be Tony for there to be any Justice in this situation.

  7. I'd love to see Cyborg slap the snot out of Dana for lying! Who's the one that said she wouldn't fight Cyborg again?
    Dana is a bullshit artist.
    And also not being allowed to use the word bitch now that espn is in charge is so ridiculous!

  8. 50:39

    This is the most Russian answer she could've given. Lol Only "if she dies she dies" could've topped this.

  9. Why does this fatty always gets to ask first questions. He is such a horrible interviewer. His responses after the fighter gives their response always shows such disinterest. He just fires away or says; ok great, boom next question.

  10. If they cut cejudo today, would not bother me at all lol. He went up in weight to the same weight as Valentina, and she's not in the heaviest woman's class. I'd bet her over him if they fought.

  11. What kind of question is the reporter asking about concern for hurting someone? He needs to have his license revoked. This sport is centered around someone getting KOed – a measure of how successful the fight was to the fans.

  12. YOU TUBE please with all respect your ads really suck every 5 mins the same rubbish about personal development, cut them back please or people will move site, warning from the pubic

  13. Cejudo better stop being the nice guy and start talking shit if he wanna make the heavy weight money like he's sayin..

  14. Valentina annoyed me a bit in this interview, just because it is a sport doesn't mean you cannot have compassion and still care for the well being of an opponent. Especially when you are talking about consciousness vs unconsciousness. As someone with a TBI, that seems cold and unnecessary.

  15. I'm on the edge to hit 10,000 subscribers, and that's my last milestone I desire to achieve. I don't think I'll pass 10k soon, or not maybe at all, but hey I'm writing this comment down to maybe check my channel out if you love UFC content, and hopefully subscribe. If not, all good, I appreciate you both ways. That's all. 🙂

  16. shevchenko perfect example of next level mma, woman & athlete
    she is ispirational
    thak you

  17. If they fought at whatever weight class, could Shevchenko vs Amanda Nunes 3 even be entertaining? Those two cancel each other out like crazy.

    Valentina your amazzzziiing!!
    If you want be the best in UFC&MMA you can do it!!
    I get my best train in 2-3 months I'm super happy
    the hardest thing is a new beginning but the longer you persist the more you successfyl you will be and there is nothing resist!!
    thats how I started my journey
    be champ

  19. Tony has a career in becoming a commentator, he's very good at talking and getting his point across. What an around talented young man, these guys don't get paid enough money to do what they're doing.

  20. All these comments trying to show how much compassion they all have and trying to get Valentina to feel bad about what she gets trained to do. Valentina was having none of it, nothing mamby pamby about this chick. I liked her, "you give the ko or you get the ko". She understand perfectly what she does for a living.

  21. Looking back a little. The "Connor trash-talk" was publicity on steroids. it works, but it also pulls out a lot of evil… dollies thrown at buses, people picking sides, a respectfull fighter jumping out of the cage to punch some one… I mean, it worked to make money, just like steroids do, but it also fucks up other things.

    These days feel less powerfull in that area, but more healthy… sport still growing, but the aproach is more to get to know the fighters as people, rather than mythical leaders with mass phycology. I personally like it better like this.

  22. Valentina is so damn good. She could probably beat Cyborg's ass even giving up 20 pounds. In fact she's pretty much on equal footing with Nunes.


  24. Dana you are such a jerk sometimes. Michelle Waterson was ranked 5th, wins 2 more fights and drops to 7th. Damn if she wins 3 more fights she might drop out of the top 20.

  25. Don’t really watch ufc like that but that dude tony is official 👍 love the way he talks very motivating…. 100%

  26. I think Nicco Montoya still deserves a chance to win her belt back .. Well she is suspended now .. Some said she is moving up to 135# who knows..

  27. At 50:20 he asks her basically if she feels shitty when she does that to opponent and Valentina basically says … fuck no, you know that risk is there i feel nothing … assassin fersure

  28. Fantastic interview Tony Ferguson! The 'other' Tony persona is fun, but I do prefer this calm version of reality and openness. I hope you get to take the belt man – you totally deserve it.

  29. I don’t see why anyone would wanna see mcgregor get raped by khabib again, rather than tony vs. Khabib which would be far more competitive.

  30. I don't understand the questions these dumb reporters are asking Valentina! Like she suppose to feel bad for what she did to Evil Eye! Fuck that!!!! Jessica talked so much crap about the Bullet skill! There are levels to this Jessica and you are not even close!!!!

  31. Is this a sport? Looks like the idea is to inflict as much PAIN as possible. Interesting 🤣. I guess the winner is the one who doesn't get carried out on a stretcher with memory loss and a broken Jaw. Meanwhile Dana White looks more like Jabba the hut. How is he gonna spend the next 50 Million. 🤣😎. Your all on roids Mfkrs. Valentina if "she dies she dies".


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