Undertaker At WWE Performance Center! RVD GETS IMPACT WRESTLING BANNED! John Cena Big News! WWE News

Undertaker At WWE Performance Center! RVD GETS IMPACT WRESTLING BANNED! John Cena Big News! WWE News

Here is your news for
January 17, 2020 We’re kicking off with some
potential big news, as The Under
taker has been spotted at the WWE Performance Center. The Deadman has spent his time
there speaking to the NXT
Superstars and giving them advice, but it is interesting that he’s at
the Center so close to the Royal
Rumble Pay Per View. It seems that there is a possibility
for ‘Taker to work this month’s
show, or possibly the Saudi Arabia show that will take
place in February. The Phenom last wrestled at
Extreme Rules in July, where he
and Roman Reigns defeated Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon,
and it’ll be interesting to see what
condition the former World Champion is in, if he returns. From WWE to Impact now, as new
World Champion Tessa Blanchard
has broken her silence on allegations that she used racist
language against another wrestler. On January 11th, Allysin Kay
accused Blanchard of using the
N-Word against a wrestler, who turned out to be La Rosa Negro,
who claims Blanchard used that
word against her in 2017. Blanchard denied the allegations,
but since then, other wrestlers
have spoken about bullying behavior by the Impact World
Champion. After remaining silent on the
allegations following her title win
at Hard to Kill, Blanchard posted a statement on Thursday, where
she flat-out denied using any
racist language. Interestingly, Blanchard did not
address bullying allegations in the
statement, and following her victory at Hard to Kill admitted
that “nobody is perfect” in a
post-match promo. It’s hard to tell whether this was
just part of her character, or in
response to the allegations, but it’ll be interesting to see where
the company goes from here. Over to the Wednesday Night War
and this week’s Bash at the Beach-
themed episode of Dynamite averaged 940,000
viewers and a 0.38 rating in the
18-49 demographic, similar to the week prior. The latter number was good for fifth
on the night on cable TV and was
up six percent from last week. As for, NXT, they suffered a 3%
loss in viewers, averaging 700,000,
though did score a 0.21 in the 18-49 demo, up 11% from last
week, and the gold brand finished
31st on cable in the category. As was the case early in the
ratings war — but had stopped
leading into the holiday season — AEW beat NXT in every demo
except those over 50.. NXT had a very narrow win in
that category, drawing a 0.35
rating to AEW’s 0.34. The biggest gap in the
demographics was in men aged 18-
49, where AEW almost double NXT with a 0.51, compared to 0.26. The only major sports competition
was an NBA game on ESPN that
averaged 1.128 million viewers. whilst News programs
were up from their usual numbers. One man who knows all about
working in WWE as well as out of
it is Rob Van Dam, and the former WWE Champion is
seemingly enjoying his recent
divorce. Not only does he have a girlfriend,
but she has a girlfriend as well,
though this relationship has found impact in hot water. Following a very steamy scene
between the trio, Twitch pulled
their affiliate status with Impact and banned them, and there’s
no word on when the issue
will be fixed. Clearly, Van Dam’s relationship
got the attention of both the
Internet Wrestling Community, as well as some powerful folks at
Twitch, but since Impact found
AXS TV as their new TV network, losing Twitch may not be a
big deal. With that said, Twitch was still a
platform where fans could enjoy
the show, and now it seems that Van Dam’s triple threat in the
bedroom got them banned. Back to WWE now, and two weeks
ago, Sheamus returned to Smack
Down, and the Irish Superstar has picked up where
he left off as a singles mid-card
star. Returning in a look very similar to
his early years, WWE Creative
and Sheamus went back and forth on how to present him and
one idea was flat-out terrible,
as Sheamus described: “I get back and I got these note
books of ideas from creative,
with like a small mustache and suspenders, and hair pushed
over to the side. One of them
looked exactly like Jack Gallagher, who’s on 205 Live, I was like ‘You
know we have someone who
looks exactly like this here. You know that, right?’. It was just like
man, if I do any of those pictures
I’d be done. I’d be toast. The slagging I would have got, just
from my Granny. It would have
terrible.” It’s interesting that no-one in
Creative picked up that the new
look was a rip-off Gallagher, and it leaves us wondering whether the
writing team watch 205 at all. Sheamus also asked whether he
could bring back his old entrance
music, but this was denied, and what do you think the WWE
should do next with Sheamus,
leave an answer in the comments below. Over to RAW now, and after Mojo
Rawley became 24/7 Champion
this week, the hyped- Superstar has now said he wants to
legitimize the gold. In a minute-long video that shows
Mojo cleaning the title, the Andre the Giant battle Royal
winner proved he can cut a
decent promo on his own and teased something
big for this week’s RAW. Time will tell what Mojo has planned
with the gold but expect something
interesting from the new 24/7 Champion. More title news now, and we all know
WWE has plenty of titles across
their brands, but it looks like the WWE United Kingdom
title will soon get a name change. According to PW Insider, the
company is considering changing
the title that is currently held by Walter, as they said: “There’s been a lot of talk of late
that the WWE UK Championship,
currently held by WALTER, will be rechristened the NXT UK
Championship to bring it in line with
all the other NXT UK title belts.” Recently, the title was modified to
include the NXT logo in the center,
replacing the WWE logo, and having the name change
confirmed at the upcoming Wolds
Collide event could be the best time to introduce a new title on
a big stage. We’ve got some more news now
on the sad death of Rocky
Johnson, who died aged 75 on January 15th. A great man who changed a lot
about the business, it’s not
surprising that there’s plenty mourning him, and now the
Associated Press is reporting that
Johnson was dealing with a recent illness. As stated by Brian Blair, the Hall
of Famer thought he had the flu,
but it got much worse, saying: “He was just under the weather,
he thought he had the flu or
something. I said, ‘You, need to get checked out, Rocky.’ He said
he’d be OK. Then he missed this
Sunday, a few days ago. When I talked to him again, he said he
still wasn’t feeling good and he
still missed church. He still didn’t get checked out. I talked to
Sheila and she said he was just
being stubborn. He died at home, today.” Since his death, Vince McMahon,
Triple H and more have commented
on this terrible loss, and though Rocky Johnson is gone,
he will never be forgotten. Onto a big story coming from AEW
now, as Taz has officially signed a
contract with the company. AEW broke the news yesterday
that the former ECW World
Champion has signed a multi-year deal with the promotion and
posted a video of Taz signing his
contract backstage at the Bash at the Beach Dynamite. Taz’s AEW debut took place back
in October, where he worked as
a guest commentator for the third edition of AEW Dark, and he
also filled in for Tony Schiavone
on the New Year’s Day edition of Dynamite. After calling this week’s AEW Dark
tapings as well, Taz tweeted that
he had signed, saying he is beyond proud to be on the
AEW team. Before news went public of his
signing, Taz took to Twitter to
address his career, telling his followers that the Taz show
podcast will be on old for
quite some time. This signing is just the latest piece
of big contract news for the
company, as it was announced earlier this week that AEW has
signed a deal with TNT, that
will keep Dynamite on the air through at least 2023. In addition to this, the new TNT
deal also includes launching
another night of AEW action in the form of an hour-long show, so
fans can expect to see a lot
more AEW coming soon. Back to WWE now, and John Cena
has held nothing back regarding
his future in the company. After an incredible career that saw
Cena become one of the most
loved and loathed stars at the same time, an introspective by
Collide gave fans a refreshing
takes on the man behind the 16- year run. When asked about when he was
returning to the ring, Cena seemingly
confirmed his retirement, saying: “Dude, all this stuff is great, but if
it all stops tomorrow, I’m still okay
with me. I know the good things that define me, and I know
the qualities I have as a human
being. I’m going to move on and go forward. I know that all
this is borrowed. I’m just grateful
to have it and grateful to be able to contribute. I don’t want to
be greedy as a performer and I
see that a lot in sports entertainment. The movie The Wrestler was
centered around a guy who
can’t let go. I’m being a s***** human being because I can’t let
go of this thing. I invested my life
in that company and then there’s no one, whether they like
my performance or not, that will
argue that. I think after the extended period of time that I put
in, it’s okay for me to take a step
back and reflect and be like, “Okay, I need to have more than
that in my life because if that’s
all that defines me, that’s a depreciating asset.” Every sunset
that happens, I get a little slower
and a little older and a little slower and a little older and it’s
eventually going to end.” Cena would later continue, adding: “That’s been three years of hard
conversations with that dude
looking back in the mirror and I’m at peace with where it’s at. I
want to contribute where I can.
I’ve even talked about coaching or mentoring. Like I said, it’s the
environment I feel the most fluid,
so I can sit down and talk to you about WWE as long as you
want to talk, but what I don’t want
to do is take somebody who has spent 50 bucks on a ticket
for themselves, their partner,
their families, they bought souvenirs, they bought popcorn
and paid for parking and have
look at me like, ‘He used to be something.’ You know?” “Every sunset that happens, I
get a little slower and a little
older” It’s not exactly the news many fans
will have wanted to hear, but it’s
good that Cena knows when to walk away. With roles in Disney’s upcoming
Dolittle film, as well as Project
X-Traction, Fast and Furious 9 and Suicide Squad 2, it makes
things a lot easier for the 42-year-
old to leave his WWE career in the past. With that said, it’s still eye-opening
to hear something be this self-
aware about knowing the right time to walk away, and after
over a decade and a half of high-
profile matches, Big Match John has earned this retirement. We’re heading overseas now to
the nation of Qatar, and the host
nation for the 2022 Soccer World Cup will host a special
wrestling event on February 21st. At the Superslam 2 event from
the Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiyah Arena,
the Qatar Pro Wrestling promotion will welcome several
stars from ROH and Impact,
including former WWE World Champions such as the Great Khali,
Mark Henry, and Alberto Del Rio,
who is the QPW World Champion. Eric Bischoff will oversee the
event as the QPW GM, and so far,
matches announced include NZO Vs. Brian Pillman Jr, and
Brian Cage against Michael
Elgin. Other names confirmed for the
show, including Kevin Nash and
Road Warrior Animal, as well as Matt Sydal and RVD, though
hopefully the master of the five-
star-frog-splash won’t get this show in trouble as well. Rich Swann, PJ Black and Caprice
Coleman are also announced for
the show, and fans in Qatar should prepare for a huge night
of entertainment with such a
stacked line-up. And finally, today we’re ending
with news from Marty Scrull, as
the British star has been announced for one night of
NWA’s post-Hard Times
TV tapings. Scrull will be in the front row of
the crowd at their Powerr taping
in Atlanta Georgia on Sunday January 26th, and fans can check
out the show when it starts at
3pm Easten. This will be the second taping
after GPB Studios hosts the Hard
times Pay Per View on January 24th, and an interpromotional
match has been announced
for the show. At the event, the NWA’s Nick Aldis
will face Villain Enterprises’ Flip
Gordon, and this came around after Scurll confronted
Aldis at the NWA’s Into the Fire
PPV last month. Aldis, the reigning NWA World
Champion, has been involved
at angles at both ROH shows this past weekend, as he attacked
Gordon at Center stage on Saturday
night, before taunting Scrull and Brody King. The next night, Alfis, alongside
Kamille, and Thomas Latimer
showed up at Honor Reigns Supreme. Gordon and King tried
to get into it with Aldis and
Latimer before security broke things up. Recently, it was confirmed that
Scrull had re-signed with ROH,
and is now working on their booking team as well, and it
seems the British star is wasting
no time in doing big things, alongside the NWA.

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  1. For the Tessa Blanchard situation, if she used a racial slur in the past, then just own up to it and move on. As for the bullying part, if she still does it, then by all means call her out for it.

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