100 thoughts on “Undertaker on his WrestleMania classics: The Broken Skull Sessions (WWE Network Exclusive)

  1. Undertaker is the GOAT

    Unfortunately he’s not the only GOAT, he’s nested in the top 5 with Austin, Rock, Hogan (position number doesn’t matter here, they’re all all-time greats and GOATs), and the 5th is matter of opinion (can be Bret, Ric, Hbk, Macho Man, Sting, Andre, etc)

    But either way, imo, Taker is on the Mount Rushmore of Wrestling

  2. If you look at history, Triple H is the only person to ever face Undertaker three separate times at WrestleMania. 17 was the first, then the two he mentions here.

  3. I used to think of those matches and how good they were than u had taker lose against brock and Roman in 2 star matches great booking

  4. His son looks like a carbon copy of him, shame he didn't choose wrestling as a career, or we would be able to see the undertaker's character forever

  5. That HBK Taker HHH story was the main reason I started to watch and discover WWE and wrestling as well given the fact I've never been interested in sports entertainment before and pretty much was convinced it won't interest me at all.

  6. I've been waiting for something like this with the undertaker for a long time… but I'm sorry this shouldve been longer. Hour and 38 min ? To talk about his career ? Not enough.. didnt even talk about Hogan. It was still awesome but i could've listened to him talk for 4+hours lol

  7. Undertaker vs punk match was also good, but taker did not even once mentioned that in his interview with Stone cold. If taker doesn't like punk then its clear that punk was an asshoke and a bad person.

  8. Undertaker v Shawn at wrestle mania 27 will always be imo the greatest match ever in the game and I got to watch it live so.

  9. “Those matches were story based”

    Something Vince can’t keep up with in today’s product because he’s to busy having smarks ruin the program.

  10. The Undertaker
    is the backbone of WWE. But he is now too old to play. So WWE authority should
    bring a new man for the role of the Undertaker with an announcement of the
    Undertaker to WWE universe. But it means not to bring other person. It means
    WWE can bring undertaker’s son and like that. If they can do it, WWE will
    become more popular all over the world. the Another thing is that the authority
    should not cut the undefeated record of undertaker. Rather they should remain
    it unless the undertaker retired. However, now it is your main duty to bring
    the Undertaker’s son or any other like that so that again the streak remains.
    If WWE failed to do so WWE will fall down day by day.

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