UNLIMITED WRESTLING: IceBreaker 2019 – Full Show [ENGLISH]

UNLIMITED WRESTLING: IceBreaker 2019 – Full Show [ENGLISH]

Wernigerode welcome to Unlimited Wrestling Two! big applause for the CEO of Unlimited Wrestling Martin Guerrero! I wish you a wonderful day! Welcome to Unlimited Wrestling It was a lot of hard work to build this event up for today The first Event in Nordhausen was the starting point our First Strike! and today we gonna try to break the ice for you! Maybe some of you were never at a german wrestling event before maybe some of you have seen a little bit before but today I have two tasks the first one is this one I present to you today the Unlimited Wrestling Championship! Today we have four Nr 1 Contender Matches to determinate who will compete at the next event New Dawn for the Unlimited Championship On the 22th of february here at the ElmoKlub Wernigerode it will be for this championship that you will see right now Thank you friends I’ve worked long for it that I can show you this amazing belt right now and I am really happy right now that you love it as much as I do and now I would say It’s getting time for some action enough of the talking I have a new Tag Team partner at my side today I would call him as one of the best high flyers in germany Give it up for CROWCHESTER! First in the Ring from Halberstadt Germany, with a weight of 75kg Martin Guerrero and his partner Crowchester! and their opponents with a complete weight of 170kg Matthias Bernstein & Lukas Robinson a gigantic applause for Martin Guerrero & Crowchester what was that at the end it was getting dark and then suddenly… stay here at the wall it’s no problem breath deeply that was for sure unfair breath in and out I just got hit by so many the referee didn’t see my god we would have beated them for sure! Lukas thank you for convincing me to that but we we have to go for plan c – plan b is not enough okay ah god dammit Dear Fans we’re coming to the next match of the evening it is a singles match for one fall the first one in the ring from Berlin, Germany with a weight of 90kg Ivan Kiev! and his opponent from Solingen, Germany with a weight of 85kg Jay Skillet! I show you know how a real wrestler looks like! Jay Skillet congrats on your win tonight whats the way from now? how it goes on? I mean it’s about the championship at the next event if I got that right but it doesn’t matter how matches are still coming I’m winning anyways but the title is pretty awesome, it’s styling and really fresh and it think it looks really decent around my waist so I am going to get it for sure We’re getting to the next match of the evening It’s a three way dance for one fall first in the ring from Leipzig, Germany with a weight of 102kg and contender Nr 2 from Hecklingen, Germany with a weight of 77kg and contender Nr.3 Shut up Andre Trucker blend This is Berlin and I am the Number One I am the leader of Berlin I am King fucking Kluth The Berlin Snouth and I am the best that Unlimited Wrestling could happen The scond best thing is at my side and that’s the Cat The Red Cat yes now you can applaud you ungrateful people! What? Now let’s get this done really quick because I thought I get something challenging but no I am getting two boys Okay you’re a little bit massive but look at that one what are you? Surfer Boy ye boy here’s not even water! Let’s watch if you are still cheering when I’m done with them! Hey Titan First I thought you are exactly like the other Wrestling Gym monkeys But you’ve got something you’re a giant and I think you know what it takes to stand at the top You got in difference to all of the otheres here that are cheered by this “people” the potential with the right guidance No Martin Guerrero King Fucking Kluth! With me you can get to the top! What are you saying big man? Come You know I’m right Come If he has so much Youtube money can’t he build a heater with it? Kluth, Cat, Titan was that a long existing plan? First of all If you talk, you talk to me. Not to Cat and not to Titan You talk with the leader And no it was not a plan It was a normal fight and I thought two new monkeys in the ring But this two monkeys it shows That Chris Titan The big boy He’s smart He knows what it takes to win not like the other Wrestling Gym we are all a happy family No Titan knows what you have to do to stand at the top and I I know the feeling standing at the top And Unlimited Wrestling will be King Kluths next kingdom I am King fucking Kluth I am the Berlin snout And I am the Number One here at Unlimited Wrestling. Come Dear Fans We’re coming to the next Nr.1 Contender Match for the Unlimited Championship It’s a singles match for one fall First on the way to the ring from Instanbul, Turkey with a weight of 90kg He is the Sultan of Wrestling Cem Kaplan! We’re coming to the next qualification match for the Unlimited Championship It’s a singles match for one fall Contender Nr 1 from Duisburg, Germany with a weight of 105kg The Beatdown Brother Alpha Kevin And his opponent out of the big city jungle with a mane of 84kg Tarkan one question what happened out there Oh my friends you know exactly what happened This lion here came to win the gold This lion here was winning and then then comes the guy who calls me shit the guy who calls himself Quasimodo the guy who got more nicknames than he got matches And he calls me shit? My friend Now that was a line you should’ve thought about you should’ve killed the thought before he came you Quasimodo Welcome to the hunt! We’re coming to the next match of the evening it’s a six man tag team match! and this match is for one fall! with a full lengh of 90cm and accompanied by and their opponents and his teammates With a weight of 75kg from Heaven & Hell and the last teammate He’s coming directly of the rough see with a weight of 90kg The next fight is a singles match for one fall From Leipzig, Germany with a weight of 92kg and his opponent Moodo quck question how was the match for you? Whats with that shitty question? I won so how the match shoul’ve been and this pisser Tarkan Aslan This guy who is just too old for wrestling not even he managed to screw my victory I am standing at the top of Unlimited Wrestling Two Events Two Times Main Event what shall I want more I defeated Bad Bones John Klinger right on my own you shits! Fast Time Moodo The man with the hardest kicks you just did a big mistake boy YOU get on his own two legs out of the ring out of the hall you know what that means I will hunt you down I will get you I will dismantle you Oh and you didn’t manage this on your own the chair that just hit my face Tarkan Aslan anyways if you wanted that or not you’re the next one on my shitlist yes The things look like this

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  1. Was ist mit dem ref im klinger Match
    Der kriegt wohl alle Aktionen imaginär ab geile Show aber der Ringrichter war zu totlachen 😂

  2. es wird immer besser.
    Tolle Wrestler wurden gezeigt gute Promos gehalten die Qualität des streams hat sich deutlich verbessert im vergleich zum letzten mal dies sogar alles kostenlos im Internet ich bin begeistert von dieser gezeigten Sporthallen unterhaltung.

    weiter so!!!

  3. Bisschen mehr Ausleuchtung wäre gut. Finde ich etwas zu dunkel. Vor allem die Tag Team Ecken also Turnbuckles sind zu dunkel. Spotlight nur auf Ringmitte

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