Use coins for Superstars Loot – WWE Champions

hello everyone and welcome to another
video we have a little event coin mega-superstar in the loot section and
also an event Ah! Ah! Ah! event it is they got lazy with the
description I guess and it’s going to be an acrobat token form for those who have
thirty million coins but I’m not going to spend all my coins all I need are
those winged shoes for my future Acrobat enhances and winged shoes are things that
I need most but beware we also have a coin event if you are still playing the
winter madness event for me the winter madness has already ended a few days ago
and I have already crossed my last milestone that I can’t reach I mean
after this there are few events like TP coin key events coming up and I
calculated the total scores that I can have and there’s no way I can reach the
next milestone you can see the gap it’s around 270,000 and there’s no way I can
reach that so no golden gifts for me
unfortunately Oh No who knows that it can be good or bad but
I’m positive that I could have gotten more tps from those as now I am
running short on TVs there’s also a key went today and I’ll be using my last
keys that I have from the blitz that I did last time I saw the
milestones it was at 4,500 unlike 6,000 previous one so I stopped doing blitz
also preserving my I mean saving my blitz tickets now it’s five pulls give
me anything of the Hart Dynasty please the game is going to do that again
I might have to skip a little ahead okay it’s opening
we have HBK Shawn Michaels dont need to 2 star gold Akira Tozawa the common pul I guess next two star bronze HHH right next again
Tozawa no Hart Dynasty yet last one two star Bronze Yokozuna twenty
shards did I did I get four hundred he will be a three star silver fuse if I
made it to four hundred I didn’t see that
okay those were my keys and now we get on to the coin mega superstar let me get these milestones for no
reason at all the only way I can reach the next milestone is by paying for the
keys and that’s just ridiculous we thought that we just so I mean only
its mortals our duplicates okay we have GDP for mega-superstar as coin pulls I
already have him but I’m not going to level him up because I don’t see any
x-break guys in my roster so he’s not going to turn anybody so that’s a no-no
what I need from this pack is triple H IRS Iron Sheik I can have Iron Sheik
shards and also anvil shards and we’ll need to get 3 star bronze before I can
do anything with the striker department and also Yokozuna maybe I have to check
if I got 400 the rest all the free guys that we already get from those login
I mean free bags all right give me as many iron sheiks as possible how many
for the milestones just a second guys I hate to check ok I’m looking at 2
million for now I’ll do single pulse that will be 10 pulls I think a great
start NXT Seth Rollins it’s just gone full so I believe the pulls are going to
be this way 9 more next we have another Seth Rollins
striker and give me something of value Iron Sheik will be good I need a lot of
shards for him close enough powerhouse rusev not even one iron sheik again the
loop has started two million right for those thirty winged shoes I’m having
second thoughts now if I do a 5 million I get 30 pulls when was the last time I
did 30 I can do a 5 million but I need to see if I get something good Kane its going around mm two star bronze Iron sheik it’s
just there if I get him I might do a 5 million if I see there’s a chance at
Iron Sheik was that a flash or it was a store notification yeah there is to
start Ron Garan shake so he is possible to get now having second thoughts should I do a
30 full or just go with singles it’s not 2 million yet
Bray Wyatt come on did I get a 2 star silver from this okay I usually don’t do 30 pulls but
looking at the superstars that I need and we’ll maybe triplets well I need to
think if I get at least three or four more iron sheiks will five million coins
be worth it alright anyways the winter madness has already ended for me so I’m
going all-in let’s see if I get more ok rusev I didn’t get a new superstar so did you already know the result it’s Kofi Kingston I have to get him up as a trainer we have NXT Seth Rollins again now
hoping one more Iron Sheiks it’s John Cena by the way the last time I did a
thirty pull it was way back when Randy Orton (sb) was a mega superstar anyone
remembers that I wanted Randy Orton so bad during that time that I did the
thirty pulls and I didn’t get him meanwhile I did a random pull for Dean
Ambrose who was also a three star bronze mega superstar as a single pull with the
in-game cash and I get got him on a single pull three star bronze those days
three stars wear something else and I did get him so that’s when my thinking
about these pulls absolutely changed I used to do more of the single pulls and
I kept getting new superstars and here you can see an example it’s
nothing different with the 30 okay there’s Yokozuna and I’m still waiting
for Iron Shiek come on game now my clicking has got some speed
well getting impatient with those if you guys want to see the result directly you
can just skip right ahead I just want to enjoy there he is one more it’s 3 million
coin guys it doesn’t happen in a few days it takes a while so I am going to
enjoy clicking onto these posters for a while no Iron Sheik now next will be Iron Shiek come on Big Show Roman reigns I don’t think any
superstars that are here will give me a fuse up apart from Iron Sheik Anvil
and that’s it those two were the only guys that could
have a three-star silver and anvil three-star bronze for that matter okay
those were all the pulls guys mostly two star bronzes so I got Iron Shiek
Yokozuna I think I have already reached yokozuna’s limit so he will be a fuse
three-star fuse let me get my tokens tokens for acrobats whatever the next
event is it is I think I’ll be ready with two Acrobat enhancers and a
four-star Acrobat probably I need morpe winged shoes till then all right the event that was the event ha I can make him a four-star but I’m
not going with him for now he’s on the line but not currently I’ll make a
four star when I need more winged shoes like how many okay overall an 110 winged shoes and
if I don’t get that in the next event I will
I might have to skip I guess there is the fuse up is ready not ready
to bake next what I needed was Iron Sheik a lot of shards lot of shards
before I can work on him I regret spending the tps on his
moves who knew that the shard system will appear and need a lot more shards
for him before I can get him up all right atleast the coin event got me a fuse
of three star or maybe it was the keys and a little bit closer to iron sheiks
three star fuse up that will be it for this video guys and if you liked it
please give it like stay subscribed and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye

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