Wade Barrett RETURNING To Wrestling?! WWE SummerSlam Match CHANGED?! | WrestleTalk News July 2018

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Then, hopefully, we’ll be getting as many views as WOS Wrestling did for its season
premiere. A potentially huge shake-up in the global
wrestling landscape occured on Saturday afternoon, with main British TV channel ITV airing the
first episode of their weekly World of Sport revival WOS Wrestling.
The debut episode saw Rampage defeat WrestleTalk General Manager Grado to become the new WOS
Champion, mmmm…Joe Hendry get turned on by Martin Kirby and a cracking match between
Will Ospreay and Davey Boy Smi th Jr. – watch mine and Luke’s full review by clicking
the ‘i’ above my head – and all that helped the show to pull in all the numbers:
“NEWS JUST IN!!! @WOSWrestling is set to be the highest rating British Wrestling TV
show in over 30 years. Peaking at nearly 1.2million viewers, before repeats and catch up. Thanks
for all your support! Tune in next Saturday at 5pm @ITV ”
And internal sources say that WOS management are very happy with the rating, which also
beat what BBC One did in the same time slot. As Logan Sama pointed out on Twitter, this
is incredibly impressive for the first episode. For comparison, last Monday’s Raw pulled
in 2.77 million viewers in the United States, a country that has almost five times the population
of the UK. And to bolster those numbers even more, the
promotion’s main authority figure has teased he might return to the ring…
Stu Bennett, who wrestled for WWE under the name Wade Barrett, first signed a developmental
contract with Vince McMahon’s promotion in 2007, where he worked his way through NXT-prequels
Ohio Valley Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling to finally be dramatically called
up as the leader of the Nexus in 2010, in one of the best wrestling angles of the 21st
Century. As was the way in those days, though, Cena
wins LOL, sending Barrett flailing through King of the Ring, Bad News and League of Nations
gimmicks before requesting his release from WWE in 2016. Although he’s been the General
Manager of Defiant Wrestling since last September, Barrett, now called Bennett, hasn’t wrestled
since. But the former Intercontinental Champion has
told the Mirror in the wake of WOS Wrestling’s first episode:
“I’m on a bit of a career sabbatical at the moment. I wrestled for 14 or 15 years. I’ve
got a bunch of injuries, I’m tired, I’m getting old, I’m getting some grey hair now. I promise
you that at some point I will be back in the ring and maybe that will take place in WOS.”
Speaking of former Intercontinental champions… …WrestleVotes are claiming we might not
be getting the Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins rematch for SummerSlam as announced.
“Texting With A Source: don’t be surprised to see one of the SummerSlam match ups already
confirmed changed. Don’t get your hopes up, it’s not Reigns & Lesnar. Hearing the
IC title match may not end up being Rollins v Ziggler one on one.”
Dave Meltzer corroborated the report on Wrestling Observer Radio, revealing there’s talk backstage
over possibly changing it to a multi-person match. Rollins is set to take on Drew McIntyre
tonight on Raw, which could set up the new SummerSlam match.
Remember when Justin Bieber was meant to wrestle a WWE match at SummerSlam? Click the video
onscreen now to find out what thankfully went wrong! And give us a subscribe and enable
notifications to never miss an episode. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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