Welcome to my YouTube channel – Teaser Trailer !!

Welcome to my YouTube channel – Teaser Trailer !!

Namaste I’m Pratibha Kini Welcome to my youtube channel Im a passionate Bharatanatyam dancer and have been practising for more than 2 decades under able guidance of my guru Vidushi Prabha Kini and I think now is a good time to share my skills with you all I’ve always believed in maintaining active lifestyle which means, you can also expect some tips on fitness, yoga, travel, trek and so much more from this channel so be sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon below do not forget to like this video and comment below to say hello and join me on this journey I’ll see you soon

100 thoughts on “Welcome to my YouTube channel – Teaser Trailer !!

  1. Hi Guys !! I have decided to take this HUGE step in a new direction. Looking forward to bringing some awesome new content for my viewers. Please share the video with your friends who would be interested. Please do let me know in the comments on how you liked my first video and what kind of content you want me to create !! ✌️

  2. All the best in this new venture Prathiba.
    Wish you all fitness as well as success along a sustained and enjoyable journey.

  3. This is just the beginning dear… more to travel further and achieve. Am sure nothing is impossible for you. My best wishes are always with you..❤

  4. All the best! Looking forward to great inspirational videos 🙂
    Please also
    share some tips on how you manage your time among all the wonderful things that you do!

  5. I’m so much exited to see you taking your talent to one step ahead, by starting your own channel!! 😍 all the very best.

  6. All the best Pratibha. Am sure you will reach new heights each time because of your dedication and commitment. Nothing is ever too hard to do if your faith is strong and your purpose is true. God bless you dear..

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