WHAT HAPPENED To… Kronik? | Heroes Of The WWF Vs. WCW/ECW Invasion

WHAT HAPPENED To… Kronik? | Heroes Of The WWF Vs. WCW/ECW Invasion

Hello … I’m Brian Zane from Wrestling With
Wregret. As you might have heard, recently I’ve helped
form what I am officially calling “The WrestleTalk Facgime”. That good, Oli? OLI: No. BZ: Great, Luke? LUKE: No. BZ: FANtastic. Now that this new alliance has been formed
on YouTube, it makes me think about one of the best of it’s kind that came before us
… the Alliance of WCW/ECW! INTRO – A Look Back at the WCW/ECW Alliance
[working title] In 2001, a band of wrestlers from two defunct
leagues joined forces to take down the WWF. While ultimately unsuccessful, their presence
has left a lasting impact on wrestling to this day … but some members have received
more glory than others. In this brand-new series, exclusive to Wrestletalk,
join me as I look back at some of the forgotten members of the Alliance … and the sacrifices
they made for their cause. On this episode, a pair of giants among men,
who came and went like, a puff of smoke, but left an indelible mark on the Invasion … a
mark that, unfortunately, cannot be scrubbed out. This, is Kronik. The two men who would form Kronik came from
troubled, violent beginnings. Bryan Clark was a survivor of a nuclear disaster,
and Brian Adams, a biker gang leader and former member of a black militant group … it’s
best that you don’t ask questions. The two former WWF stars joined forces in
WCW in the year 2000 … a year that proved to be historical for the company, in more
ways than one. As Kronik, the two men blazed through their
competition, squeezing them tight like they were roaches. Holding in the pressure of success but never
choking, the Brians would become two-time WCW Tag Team Champions, and were on a soothing
high. It was basically the APA’s gimmick, only with
weed instead of beer and cigars … and an empty void where charisma should be. After the WCW buyout of March 2001, Kronik
would lie in wait until the time was right … and I guess for an inexplicably black-haired
Steven Richards, that time was JUUUUUUST before the whole angle came to a close. Like a true strategist. Kronik stormed the beaches of Stamford in
early September, costing the Undertaker and Kane their WWF Tag Team titles. Revenge was on the menu at Unforgiven in a
battle for the WCW Tag Belts. Then, as they say, the bell rang. What transpired at Unforgiven could be considered
the fifth biggest tragedy on American soil that month. For 12 agonizing minutes, we saw sloppy punches,
sloppy kicks, terrible selling, and audible spot calling … a recipe for a Godawful match. Most of the blame for this in-ring atrocity
lay at the feet of the new invaders, and while the brothers of destruction weren’t totally
without fault, their tenured status led them to avoid any serious repercussions. One bad match was all it took for Adams and
Clark to be given the sloppy big boot. The Kronik would linger in the air for a couple
more years, working for World Wrestling All-Stars as well as All-Japan Pro Wrestling. The two eventually retired due to injuries
in 2003, and considering their last match as a team was against Goldberg and the Great
Muta, I think there may be a connection there. Adams would sadly pass away due to an accidental
overdose four years later at the age of 43. As one of WCW’s more popular acts in the company’s
final months, you could argue that Kronik deserved better than a one-and-done with Taker
and Kane. However, Adams was already a multiple-time
disappointment in the WWF, and Clark had previously left the company on bad terms, so it feels
like they were on thin ice from day one. Not to mention, they already HAD a mercenary
tag team on their roster, the one that Kronik had already lifted from in the first place,
so they didn’t really NEED another one. Though things might have been different had
they shown up earlier in the Invasion storyline, Kronik’s brief time in the company was memorable,
just for the wrong reasons. Well that’s going to do it for this week’s
episode, folks. Join me next time as I look back at even more
of the forgotten and misguided members of the Alliance. I’m BZ, and let the Facgime forever reign!

100 thoughts on “WHAT HAPPENED To… Kronik? | Heroes Of The WWF Vs. WCW/ECW Invasion

  1. Followed Wrestling with Wregret for ages, nice to see you on WrestleTalk. Weird sidebar on your Kronic vid. During the Yoko/Taker WWF Title match at Royal Rumble1994, Adam Bomb and Crush openly acknowledge each other, seemingly as friends, during Taker's beat down. Random thing I spotted.

  2. So we only get half the story. I mean, you covered the part of Bryan Adams' death, but what about Clark? U didn't say "where he is now" and isn't this "where are they NOW"? I can answer that question though…Brian Clark is also deceased.

  3. I was a HUGE WCW fan and I LOVED Kronik. WWE IMO really screwed them over but then again most of the WCW/ECW guys got the same result even though both Adams and Clarke were ex WWF workers.

  4. video was too quick and covered stuff so fast my poor under used brain could not comprehend what was said aside from Taker Kane = gods, kronik = slaves…guess I understood the video perfectly.

  5. I loved Kronic man. I wish they had more matches but im glad it was against Taker and Kane, that's a fucking dream match. But, unfortunately..It wasn't a very good one. I would've loved for that to be a long lasting feud rather than just…that.

  6. KroniK had a run of about 10 months in WCW where they really fucking over. Absolute squash matches, but you'd expect that from two massive guys just in it for "breakin' necks and cashin' cheques". If the WWE wants anyone to care about the Bludgeon Brothers they should be booked the same way.

    The KroniK / Brothers of Destruction was an abortion of a match, but meh, they got a PPV payday and Vince got his guys over some WCW talent again.

  7. Wtf wrestletalk! I have purposefully avoided this dick wad and his lame ass channel. He's gonna ruin this channel now!
    This video is just dumb. "Whatever happened to Kronik? " They died! Wtf is the purpose of this video?

  8. Now that Zane has aligned himself with Oli and Luke how long do you think it will take for that bald troll Kevin to put his sights on WrestleTalk?

  9. Kronik were badass – they were shown absolutely zero tespect by the wwe – like just about every other wcw star. Criminal

  10. This segment has just saved WrestleTalk, beats anything that those other 2 clowns have ever done, keep these coming

  11. WWE has written off so many "classic" wrestlers especially the ones involved in the current lawsuit w/ WWE Please do more "where are they now" These wrestlers will never make the WWE HOF.

  12. I never understood why wwe dropped kronik they could have been used if wwe had a little patients to re-train them they shouldn't have booked them with the brothers of destruction they should have been booked with the apa and just do a face vs heel story line

  13. I wish Wwe would start doing some hardcore stuff/have hardcore matches which is what ECW was ALL about!!!!!!

  14. Kronik were actually pretty damn good, such a shitty way WWE treated everybody that came in just to feed Vinces ego

  15. Well of course Kronik vs. the Brothers of Destruction Taker and Kane made for a sloppy match. Clark and Adams never really had the chance to work with Taker or Kane before that match, as like Taker and Kane never really had a chance to work with Clark and Adams before the match was booked. Neither team really knew how to make their match look good. Kronik had been working in WCW and working with WCW talent before Ted Turner sold WCW to VKM, then found themselves working with Taker and Kane all of a sudden, while Taker and Kane were working in WWF/E and working with WWF/E talent the whole time Kronik was working in WCW and with WCW talent. Had these 2 teams been booked to face each other in a program of matches in the WWF/E, they would have had had more chances to work with each other, and I am pretty sure they would have started to put on better-looking matches facing each other. For what it is worth and considering how little Kronik and the Brothers of Destruction had been able to work with each other prior to their match against each other, I think they did the best they could working with each other in said match and the match came off looking as good as it could. And what would you expect from 4 sides of beef going up against each other in a tag matchup, a technical match filled with top-notch wrestling and high-flying moves??? HELL NO!!! You wouldn't expect anything fancy out of Kronik or the Brothers of Destruction. You'd expect Kronik and the Brothers of Destruction to beat the shit out of each other in what good ol' JR would call a slobberknocker. And that's what the match was, a slobberknocker.

  16. Nice! I thought Kronik were great in WCW and for some reason I thought they lasted longer in WWE than that match.

  17. An American youtuber invading a British youtube's channel to make videos about the invasion? hopefully this turns out better

  18. The parts you missed out were that Kronik were fucking awesome, and that their entrance music and video were badass!

  19. R.I.P brian adams. One of the greatest big man in wrestling history. I enjoyed his time from demolition to him joining yokozuna to nation of domination to doa to the demon character amd kronik. Thanks for the childhood memories. I hope were ever u are now u are at peace.

    WWE should induct you in the hall of fame and would have asked doa and brian clark from kronik to induct you.

    God bless brian Adams.

    Rest in peace big man.

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