25 thoughts on “Why Cameron Grimes made a quick exit: NXT Exclusive, Oct. 9, 2019

  1. I like Cameron and I want to see some longer and more competitive matches from him and I think boa is a pretty good wrestler too.

  2. Cool name but looks like a douche loser
    Why because the last 2 times I see him wrestle
    Makes one move an done
    An leaves I mean what kind of garbage is that
    I’d feel better if had a real match

  3. Why do you wwe think that after the Feindgate you're even legit to post any vid? Remove your YT channel. All mahons, you're not qualified to run a business, just leave, quit, resign.

  4. When you upload Cameron Grimes new theme song,Buddy Murphy's new theme song and The O.C's new theme song?It's been a while.

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