100 thoughts on “Why did Finn Bálor attack Johnny Gargano: WWE NXT, Oct. 30, 2019

  1. The hottest stars in WWE
    1. Finn balor
    2. The fiend (because HIAC)

    Thats the only stars I watch wwe for so I think I mentioned everyone 😂

  2. In the description before they changed it said that Finn balor warns Johnny Gargano ahead of there match a takeover so we now have a match confirmed for takeover‼️

  3. Amen, everyone creams themselves over Bloat Wyatt putting on a mask and basically ripping off Attitude Era Kane. I must be in the minority in that I couldn't care less about IRS jr and his 100th repackaging.

  4. Shame he had to be heel on his NXT return. But I won't be complaining. Though I would loved if he had his proper Universal title run.

  5. Who else thought after the opinions part of the promo he'd say, "You need to get used to the facts, cause your opinions don't matter!"

  6. Finn Balor : U wont be "Johnny Wrestling" u would be "Johnny watches Wrestling" ……hahahhahaha…..!!!!

    Nice one Balor..!!

  7. Rewatching this and watching what happened on Smackdown. He should be like a leader for the Survivor series. He’s had it with the Main Roster and knows the wrestlers’ in and out. Man that would be cool

  8. Kinda of reminds me when Neville turned heel…I wonder how long Balor stays with NXT until he eventually leaves for AEW like Neville/PAC..🤔 this is really just to keep both Gargano and Balor relevant…

  9. "what's supposed to be the hottest thing in WWE just because he put on a new mask"
    The same way you were the hottest thing in NXT just because you put on a new face paint and a wig?

  10. I like the change in Finn Balor about time he showed his dark side and not take any s**t from anyone go Finn kick @$$ and take names!!!!!! 🙂

  11. It’s a demotion , Finn Balor should be on the main roster NOT NXT sick of it poor booking poor reasoning it’s a demotion NXT is the rookie roster it will always be the rookie roster I don’t care what HHH thinks with this entire we are NXT thing . The aim is to be a champion on the main roster and that should be that. I’ve lost interest in the product now

  12. 3 years wasted on the main roster doing absolutely nothing on the main roster besides smiling and cutting bland promos. Glad to see my boi is back

  13. Balor, rock batista john cena Bray Wyatt Randy Orton Roman Reigns undertaker are best of all time 👍👍👍 please hit this comment

  14. I just don't understand….let's move him to NXT not have him wrestle anyone just randomly attack people and talk on a microphone…..looks like they don't even have a plan for him on NXT. What a shame….

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