Why Goldberg Is WINNING Universal Title From The Fiend Bray Wyatt? WWE Super Showdown 2020 Surprises

Why Goldberg Is WINNING Universal Title From The Fiend Bray Wyatt? WWE Super Showdown 2020 Surprises

So all of a sudden, there’s been a lot of
concern about Bray Wyatt’s title Reign After making his return with the firefly fun
house and fiend alter ego, Bray Wyatt instantly made it back to the top of the wwe Despite being a heel character, the fiend’s
popularity just went through the roof during his first few months back. It’s also a known fact that the merchandise
of a heel character in the wwe doesn’t sell as well as a top babyface character in the
company However, Bray Wyatt was one of the few exceptions His merchandise was just flying off the shelves
and anything wwe was putting out of him was selling out fast Wyatt even beat out becky Lynch as the top
merchandise seller on the roster His buzz was so huge that fox even requested
to have Wyatt on Smackdown, which is of course the show that airs on their network Everything has been going smooth so far, but
one of the most highly discussed topics is the fiend’s first loss All good things must come to an end and Wyatt
can’t obviously stay undefeated forever But on the flip side, fans are fearful of
how much a loss would hurt the fiend’s momentum and overall character Now the fiend’a first loss is getting even
more attention because he has a lot of top stars to go through. Goldberg has returned and made it clear that
he wants back the universal title that he lost a few years ago to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania The fact that Goldberg can just appear out
of no where, cut the line, and instantly become the number one contender for the title is
a bit extreme, but Goldberg did bring up a good point and that’s the fact that he never
got his rematch after losing the title So technically you can say that he’s owed
one title match, so it does make sense from that point of view But where Goldberg is at right now, in his
mid 50s, he can’t exactly work a full time schedule anymore It was reported a few months ago that Goldberg
will be used about 2 to 3 times a year from this point on Wwe wants to use him in a very limited fashion,
but also as a huge attraction as well So rumors are floating around that Goldberg
might stick around for wrestlemania and this has everyone panicking for bray Wyatt’s
sake This news had a lot of people concerned that
Goldberg might destroy the fiend With the idea being that Goldberg would go
on to face Roman Reigns with the universal championship on the line at Wrestlemania Which Roman Reigns will end up winning and
putting a quick end to Goldberg’s second universal title reign Bray Wyatt will have to take his first loss
one of these days, but a loss to Goldberg could be very devastating to his momentum
and character It’s going to be really hard to ever take
the fiend serious again if he gets destroyed by a semi retired Goldberg Bray Wyatt suffering his first lost during
the main event of Wrestlemania to someone who’s in their prime like Roman Reigns just
seems a bit more respectable than losing to Goldberg Roman was even asked recently about who he
would like to face at mania between Wyatt and Goldberg, and Roman went with Wyatt because
he’s younger and they can both help each other benefit from that match. However, there’s now conflicting reports
that say Goldberg actually won’t be a part of this year’s Wrestlemania, so that gives
a little hope for bray Wyatt to walk out of super showdown as the champion Bray Wyatt also had a very interesting conversation
with Hulk Hogan recently. Hogan was warning Wyatt that he has to be
prepared for Goldberg and take him seriously But Wyatt warned hogan to be careful himself
because there’s always room for one more, Wyatt then pulled out a picture frame of hogan
and was ready to hang it on his wall The wall behind Bray Wyatt’s represents
everyone that the fiend has attacked or had an impact on Everyone from Seth Rollins, to Daniel Bryan,
to mick foley, is all on that wall So could WWE be teasing a future confrontation
between hulk hogan and the fiend? It’s definitely a possibility for sure Hogan has been very vocal about getting back
in the ring for one last match Hulk Hogan’s actual last wrestling match
was with TNA, and hogan has expressed that it left a bad taste in his mouth that his
last match wasn’t for the company that he began his career with So hogan has been training hard to have one
last match for the wwe, but it will be hard for hogan to get clearance to wrestle, especially
now that he’s in his mid 60s But a small confrontation with the fiend taking
out hogan still looks like a possibility from what was teased by Wyatt But the result of Goldberg vs bray Wyatt at
super showdown will give us a better idea of where wwe is taking the fiend Will he continue his dominant run by adding
Goldberg to his list of victims and heading into Wrestlemania as champion…or will the
fiend suffer his first loss to Goldberg and have Goldberg go into mania as champion? That’s going to be the big match to keep
an eye on and it can easily be the main event of super showdown as well So what are your thoughts on this situation? Do you think Goldberg would be the right superstar
to hand the fiend his first loss or would you pick someone else? Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe,
and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys!

100 thoughts on “Why Goldberg Is WINNING Universal Title From The Fiend Bray Wyatt? WWE Super Showdown 2020 Surprises

  1. So there's a lot of concern going around about Goldberg vs The Fiend at super showdown. Some believe Goldberg has a good chance to win the universal title, while others believe Goldberg will just be another name added to Bray Wyatt's list, Who do you have coming out on top of the Goldberg vs Bray Wyatt match? Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys! 😀

  2. Hogan didnt start in wwe.He was in Memphis and Florida first but i see his point wanting to finish where he was in his heyday though.

  3. Oldberg wins over the Fiend and WWE may as well fold and die cause the fans will have their asses, if they allow the most original character in years to lose to a wrestler that isn't worth a Damn and if wasn't for WCW would've never been worth a Damn.


  5. Goldberg could be his first loss by Disqualification not pinfall . let his first official loss be to Roman Reigns for the universal championship at wrestlemania. Then he can get it back then a rematch at summer slam . that could be the rubber match. Then go from there. But no pin fall loss to Goldberg no disrespect to Goldberg i am a fan but then he would be another Brock lesnar part time wrestler holding a major championship . oh so lame and disrespectful to the fans.

  6. i pick someone else like roman reigns beat the fiend bray wyatt at wwe wrestlemania 36 when roman reigns win the elimination chamber match at wwe elimination chamber on march 8 2020 face the fiend bray wyatt at wwe wrestlemania 36 this year in 2020

  7. Not going to happen.. As of Feb.1 Bray had the top selling Merch in the WWE.. Vince will ride that wave as long as he can!

  8. he's not owed a title match because they threw out the automatic rematch clause. Number to you shouldn't Grind All Year just to be cut in line by someone who's barely there
    number 3 Goldberg is up in age and he barely survived a match with the Undertaker. Number for they built the fiend so strong especially in his match with Seth Rollins in Hell in a Cell that multiple chair shots to the Head couldn't stop him but a spear from a fifty-year-old will?

  9. So when you say first lost are we talking as champion? Because the first time him and seth met the fiend lost the match. Then he also lost twice in dark matches after raw to seth.

  10. Oh and when you said he was owed a rematch , i love goldberg and all but hes not owed one. Why you ask? I'm glad you asked .lol Hes not owed one because the silly McMahon's got on live tv and stated that if your a champ and lose, you are no longer owed a rematch. You have to goto the back of the line or are we supposed to forget about that .

  11. The Fiend absolutely can not loose this soon or to any ordinary opponent IMO. The Fiends first loss should be to Demon Finn Balor. Demon Finn should return to the main roster, attack the Fiend after his win at WrestleMania 20' or Summer Slam 20' for revenge from their match at Summer Slam 19'. This could start a feud between the two hopefully leading to an undefeated vs undefeated, supernatural vs supernatural Championship match. 


    Funhouse Bray should drop the title, causing the Fiend to become infuriated with Bray, leading to a Funhouse Bray vs Fiend match. We've seen Kane vs Kane, Undertaker vs Undertaker type matches… why not Bray vs Bray? (There are pictures floating around of Bray Wyatt posing next to someone with a similar build and the same exact tattoos too) It would be an interesting dynamic to watch someone wrestle their own alter ego, also showcasing just how mentally unstable Bray actually is. Fiend loosing to Funhouse Bray would be an awesome way to give up the Fiends only weakness…. himself.

  12. No way. If Goldberg wins it should be somewhere down the road. They wanna ruin something good as the fiend? His gimmick is nothing can beat him unless you know his weakness which rambling rabbit was gonna say to Daniel Bryan. And he died. Nobody wants to see Roman and Goldberg at Mania just to put the title around Roman again and have the crowd hate him again? He's stated he's in no rush to be champ. The Fiend should lose to someone that looks promising. Bray should hold it for a long time and since his merch sells Vince will go with that until a new merch seller comes then he'll drop it

  13. You can't have Bray Wyatt lose again at wrestlemania he has lost every single wrestlemania match he has had, never won now hes the biggest commodity in the WWE you cannot have Roman Reigns beat him and you can't have Goldberg beat him you can't do it if you do it the fans will be iraked!!!!!!
    When Daniel Bryan was at his moment at that wrestlemania the WWE could not have him lose there was no way and the fans are feeling the same way they did then for Bray Wyatt as they did for Daniel Bryan

  14. Lesnar was a God when he lost his title to Goldberg. So I wouldn’t put it past Goldberg to defeat the overpowering Fiend.

  15. I don’t mind Goldberg winning the match as long as it’s not a bs 5 minute match, if it’s like 15 to 20 then it’s more understandable and reasonable.

  16. Goldberg should not be the one to defeat Bray. I love Goldberg, but it wouldn't be right. His 1st loss should be an upset loss, something like a quick roll up. Then come back to destroy that person in a rematch

  17. The Fiend should take it as a compliment to drop the title to Goldberg, it does no damage to his rep, hes young and losing to Goldberg will be quickly forgotten, Goldberg is a legend and has squashed everyone hes ever fought. Booking Goldberg to lose does more damage to Goldbergs stock because hes supposed to be an unstoppable force. It needs to stay that way, especially since hes older, don't bring him back just to lose. The few legends that are around today need to be booked to win the few matches they have left.

  18. People just don't get it that the fiend is going to lose anyways because he can not keep the belt 4 ever same as cm punk he kept it for a while what happen huh cm punk lost it from the rock there has to be and end people need to stop saying the fiend is unbeatable I seen comments from many people saying he can not be beating that is not true his ending streak will run out very soon lot of people just don't want Goldberg to be the WWE Champion so piss off I hope the fiend lose 😋

  19. Wyatt is not undefeated. He has lost numerous of matches. You cant go away and come back undefeated. Thats stupid. Bray sucks.

  20. I feel like wwe is no longer watchable no more like they done dig there only grave because people are leaving there company and going to AEW second some stars don't even return back to the company because they are making movies now which I don't blame them because stuff like this letting a part time that need to retire he doesn't have it no more like he is wash up and idc what people say about it he is he having short matches now like with brock and other people like if fans want to see short matches like that then yes this is your company as long as mr McMahon is still in office

  21. I think it would be better for Roman and Bray at WM36 the number one problem we have with Brock is that he’s a part timer and the same can be said about Goldburg, John Cena and a lot of the others that they like to use dearing this time of the year instead of using wrestlers like Bo Dallas and others that have never really had a chance and the ones coming from NXT

  22. Is this the way to kill of the fiend so bray won’t come with it over and over? Thus killing the character off like Matt Hardy broken character?

  23. Fanboys gonna cry when Goldberg wins the belt then everyone will say awwww I’m done watching this wwe shitty product but yet here they are back to watching it because it’s like a drug once u did it your hooks for life

  24. There isn't a chance in hell that Goldberg's winning this thing. Do you remember what happened at HIAC? The audience was still in the building chanting "AEW" and "we want refunds" an hour after the show ended, and that was over Seth Rollins getting the better of him, not a retiree who gets winded after 3 minutes.

    Vince may be old, dense, and out of touch, but he isn't suicidal. He's not going to infuriate the majority of the fanbase by having their monster drop the title to a 53 year old man a month before the biggest show of the year.

    It's gonna get ugly enough if Roman Reigns beats him at Wrestlemania. But Goldberg in Saudi Arabia would be a bridge too far for just about everyone, Including the boys backstage.

  25. HE CAN’T! From what i heard reigns is supposed to face fiend for it at wrestlemania! And dont forget how powerful the fiend is! He can brush off up to 12 finishers and 12 signatures without a problem. Its going to take probably 30 jack knifes and 2,000 spears from goldberg to drop fiend. He’s immune to any finisher he has experienced back when he was eater of worlds bray wyatt. Which by the way is damn near everyone on the roster lol

  26. Sorry champ but Goldberg is definitely losing. The WWE have big plans for The Fiend being champ for a while longer.

  27. We as fans don't want another part timer winning the belt and defend it at wrestlemania. Title belt needs to stay with the Fiend Bray Wyatt. So that way whoever the Fiend faces at wrestlemania they can build a good hype of a match for then. This is why wwe ratings isn't so great is with decision making like these where a part timer comes in and wins the title, c'mon man!!! Use these part timers against someone else that can benefit from having a match against and build their character up. Do what's best for business and what the fans want. Vince triple h and others always have said in the past, that they'll do what's best for business but dont really follow through.

  28. No one wants to see Goldberg vs Roman. A high star power Wrestlemania match full of botches from a 50+ year old man shouldn't be in the question. His matches with Brock were too short and only consisted of 5 moves and his match with Undertaker wasn't received that well

  29. Do your research better the WWF / WWE was NOT the company that Hulk Hogan began his career with.
    The Fiend will NOT suffer his first LOSS to Goldberg as he has already LOST to SETH.
    Very poorly researched.
    Is this video just made for the likes, comments and viewers for revenue reasons.
    Thrown together?
    Thumbs down!

  30. I would not get a big storyline be given to a popular name or household name that is no longer in wwe, just because they were popular in the past, because at the end of the day they are not in wwe presently busting their butts and being on the road every day and every week. The storyline, especially when it is abt the world title should not be given to Goldberg or anybody who in actuality is not in wwe. Make a storyline and a wrestling match with these popular icons but not for them to take the belt when they just show up after good couple years and then after to take off from wwe and go about your life outside and show up again years later for an event that includes the belt. For us fans we want to see the belt being won amongst superstars that are always there on raw or smackdown all the time and brings the belt every week on the show. That is why I hate brock lesnar cause he is not there half the time when he is the champion, john cena hated that alot. If you are not the champion I could care less, but when you are the champion you should not treat the fans like that and disappear and come back whenever you want as brock. Goldberg should not come back because he is popular and get a storyline where the world tilte is involved and possibly win based on popularity contest, cause at the end of the day he is not in wwe, and we don't see him again for years to come, make a storyline with these names that dont involve the belt

  31. He should definitely crush Goldberg, I really could not care much, about old Goldberg coming back to do his usual beating, anyone he sees. I really would like to see the Fiend losing to Daniel Bryan at this years SummerSlam. Like a way to show that the Fiend breaking Daniel was a bad ideal showing that he might have made him a lot more stronger than the fiend now, leading to him being strong enough to overcome the Fiend this time.

  32. It's hilarious how gullible everyone is lmao y'all think just coz of goldbergs image in the WWE and all these reports SPECULATING that he will win because of RUMOURS and ALLEGATIONS is funny. It doesn't take a genius too know that the feud between bray wyatt and roman reigns in 2015 drew big money and that they're gonna reinvigorate the feud with brays new persona and have him drop the title too reigns which has been built since his return from leukemia.

  33. I dont know why this is even a question.. its obvious the fiend is going to win, their just trying to pad his immortal gimmick and adding Goldberg to the list they feel legatimizes that even more, its obvious the fiend is going to come out on top, as far as a loss damaging him no i think another Goldberg loss at Super showdown hurts his legacy more then the fiend losing to Goldberg. Goldbergs gimmick has always been this unstoppable physical beast and his horrible match with Taker, the weak showing against Ziggler and now an obvious loss to the fiend is going to ruin any future investment WWE would put in him, him coming back anything after this point wont be as special or magical because now hes human and can be beaten just like Joe Blow on the roster it takes so much air out of the Goldberg aura

  34. If anything we can take from the Pros and Cons of this match I'd that William Goldberg might be 53 but he is a character who can take the title and run with it but as good as Bray Wyatt is him holding the Title isn't really what he should be holding he's more of a hardcore type guy perhaps if the WWE brought back the Improved Hardcore championship that be a better title for Bray Wyatt to hang onto

  35. Well, everybody know winner is the fiend wyatt, but I support goldberg because he also practice how to save all of wwe superstar, to destroy evil wyatt, so if you want comment to me it is doesn't matter, I can accept, and if you like what I say, I will say thank you

  36. Look why is everyone saying roman will beat bill. Bill is original and best. Bill will win. He doesn't like roman. So he will not loose.

  37. I want Goldberg to lose at super showdown but get a rematch by just domination at mania Goldberg wins and then at Summerslam lose it to Roman

  38. How can this people say fiend vs Roman Reigns technically seth Rollins defeated Roman and seth cried at supershow down for life front of fiend 😎😎😎👍

  39. If Bray goes on a streak hate to break it to everyone they'll bring back the undertaker 1 more time to end the fiend and have a spectacle with Undertaker going of carrying the fiend back to hell

  40. Fiend should easily be undefeated for a year at least it doesn't make sense to put so much work into a character just to destroy it so fast plus wyatt deserves a lengthy title reign period cause that lost to randy at wm was rediculous

  41. The Fiend merch is outselling everyone in WWE, even "The Man" so this video is a contradiction of itself. Bray's not losing the title anytime soon.

  42. This is up in the air on how WWE is going to handle this. No way in hell Goldberg gets pinned. If the fiend wins it will be by DQ or The fiend gets squashed. I wanna see Goldberg win but I'm going with The fiend winning by DQ.

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