Why Luke Harper RETURNED To WWE?! WWE Clash Of Champions 2019 Review! | WrestleTalk

Why Luke Harper RETURNED To WWE?! WWE Clash Of Champions 2019 Review! | WrestleTalk

Luke Harper returns to WWE! The Fiend shows
up and fingers Seth Rollins’ mouth! And Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks have a great match,
and a terrible ending. I’m Oli Davis, press the thumbs up button,
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What next for Luke Harper? Because I’ll be replying to people FROM OUTTA NOWHERE…saying
it’s Clash of Champions. You know what that means.
Also vote in the poll above my head to give your rating for the show, where you can choose
from: Best of Both Worlds, Great Per View, Thumbs in the Middle, Meh Per View and Worst
of Both Worlds. While Luke and I review WWE Clash of Champions 2019! As those who watched our livestream reactions
of the show, you will know we giggled like school children with the fact that the acronym
of Clash of Champions is CoC… cock. So, will Clash of Champions be a flaccid CoC or
a rock hard stiff CoC? Well if the pre-show was anything to go by,
it’s very much the former. Tthe action kicked off with Cruiserweight action as Drew Gulak
defended his title against Lince Dorado and Humberto Carrillo. This was pretty good, but
the ending was a little sloppy – with Gulak retaining his championship after repeating
the Baron Corbin King of the Ring semi final finish from just six days ago on Raw. Surprisingly, given the Women’s Tag Titles
were being defended on this show, AJ’s United States Championship defence against Cedric
Alexander was somehow on the pre-show. Cedric started hot, but AJ took over with a brainbuster
on the apron and a Styles Clash on the outside. He then pulled Alexander’s shoulder up off
a pin he could have easily taken. Oh, I know this one, the cocky heel thinks they’ve
got it all wrapped up, and come undone when the babyface pins them from out of nowhere
to shock and surprise – oh no wait, AJ just beat him up more and won very convincingly.
How… odd. This made Cedric Alexander look totally rubbish, and kills any credibility
he might have had as a title contender. The O.C. then beat him up after the match to really
put emphasis on that Cedric is rubbish. I guess that’s what you get for having the
audacity to wrestle in front of your hometown crowd and get a hometown pop. The main show kicked off with the Raw tag
team champions Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman – who will also be fighting each other later
in the night for Seth’s Universal title, I’m sure that won’t play into anything
here – defending their tag belts against RooDolph the Impromptu tag team, where Bobby Roode
and Dolph Ziggler isolated Rollins for most of the match, for Braun to then run round
into people. Unfortunately, one of those people was Seth,
allowing Bobby to hit a Glorious DDT to become the new Raw tag team champions – which means
we get to do this! Next up came mostly heel, hometown girl Charlotte
(so she’s definitely losing) against the also heel (recently turned) Bayley. But tonight,
for about 4 minutes, Charlotte wrestled like a total babyface, until she was tripped into
an exposed turnbuckle, where Bayley got the devious win and ran out the arena quicker
than you can say Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubemen. Raw team The Revival looked to win the Smackdown
Tag Team Championships from New Day – brand split lol – and they came out with Randy Orton
inspired jackets, and trunks that reflected their new stable. Shame Randy didn’t get
the memo for his match later. The heels worked over the babyfaces for a while, hit a Shatter
Machine in Big E on the outside, and another to Xavier Woods. But instead of pinning, they
targeted the injured knee and made Woods tap out. The finish sort of worked, but also fell
flat as the crowd didn’t know how to react to it. Alexa Blissly Quinn was backstage with Nikki
Cross, when the boom mic came into shot. It was R-Truth who made Carmella instantly break
character – SEND FOR THE MAN – and this resulted in some 24/7 comedy. And somehow that “comedy”
spilled into Bliss & Cross defending their Women’s Tag Titles against Fire & Desire,
with the 24/7 geeks all running down and jumping into the ring. The crowd were dead before
this happened, and the shenanigans didn’t help get them into the women’s tag title
match either. Cross won with her neckbreaker, and this company clearly doesn’t care about
either the Women’s Tag Titles or the 24/7 belt at this point. Shinsuke Nakamura’s selling is really good.
Shinsuke Nakamura’s kicks are really good. Shinsuke Nakamura’s sliding German suplexes
are really good. You know what, I think Nakamura might just be really good.
It’s easy to forget when you hardly see the guy wrestle for months, and watching him
against the Miz here was a treat – especially with Miz holding up his sports entertainment
side of the equation. Sami Zayn interfered constantly, helping Nakamura retain the Intercontinental
title in a fun match. Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks was a war of submissions,
with all the best moments of their 20 minute match happening in either the Banks Statement
or the DisarmHer. And the crowd got even more into the drama
when the match went full on sports entertained, with Sasha using the steel chair behind the
referee’s back, and then dodging a shot from Becky which practically killed the referee
considering how frail they are. It’s like she’s a fan of Eddie Guerrero or something.
She should really bring that up more. This started a fun brawl through the crowd,
around the concourse, and then back in the ring with the chair. Well, it was fun, until
you realise the match had actually finished 5 minutes previously.
You see, Corey Graves explained, officials disqualified Becky as soon as she accidentally
struck the ref. But then why didn’t anyone try to stop the ensuing brawl or ring the
bell? This just made the crowd confused as the action fizzled out to a limp finish. And
if there’s one thing you do not want CoC to be… it’s limp. Oddly, given how the feud has been booked
since Summerslam, Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston – I said the right names this time, right?
– didn’t have the intensity their Summerslam match had. This felt like a match from 15
years ago, when every company had talent that was doing way more impressive and exciting
things than WWE was producing. Only now those talents are now in WWE and they’re still
putting this match out there. There’s nothing wrong with slow and methodical, but the finish
to the Banks vs. Becky match totally killed the crowd and they were only reacting to the
big spots. To quote Oli Davis’ notes on this match verbatim: “Boring, boring, boring.
RKO from outta nowhere. Is Orange Cassidy a Randy Orton parody?” In the end, Kofi
hit the Trouble in Paradise for the win. Even his celebration was a bit boring. Street Profits then plugged the King of the
Ring finals for Raw with some genuinely funny references to The Lion King, and a great bonus
appearance from KING BOOKAH~! Rowan vs Roman Reigns was the only match not
for a Championship on a show called Clash of Champions. And it’s an 11 match card.
There’s too many titles on the main roster. And it went on second to last.
As many of the big men are booked in WWE these days, Rowan’s major foe wasn’t Roman Reigns,
but running into objects when Reigns moves out the way at the last second. Just like
Sasha and Becky earlier, they got their own brawl around the crowd, with a fantastic crossbody
from Rowan – which was the stiffest CoC of the night – and Roman getting put through
multiple tables, and one MacBook Pro! But just when Roman appeared to have it won,
Luke Harper returned from out of nowhere (or ‘contract purgatory’, to be more precise)
with a big boot to help his former Bludgeon Brother Rowan win.
Harper’s return is a genuinely shocking one, as Vince McMahon reportedly cancelled
all of Luke’s creative plans after hating a match he had with EC3 in April. This led
to Harper publicly requesting his release from WWE on Twitter, which was refused, and
he became stuck in contract purgatory, possibly until it expired in 2020.
According to WrestleVotes, Harper’s return appears to have been in the works for weeks,
as this match was scheduled to go on last, with him being the closing big angle surprise.
But why now? Harper’s return could mean he has agreed
to sign a new deal with WWE, much like when Mike and Maria Kannelis, and Luke Gallows
and Karl Anderson re-signed their contracts earlier this year, who were then brought back
for brief pushes once agreeing to stay. But how long could Harper’s push last for?
If Vince has changed his mind on him, Harper could become a key player in SmackDown’s
biggest storyline – ‘who attacked Roman Reigns?’ – where he could be the other assailant
alongside Rowan as a Bludgeon Brothers reunion. Or, as some have pointed out, all the original
Wyatt Family members played a part in the last two matches of the show – Rowan and Harper
here, with Braun in the main event, and Bray attacking Seth afterwards. Could this also
be foreshadowing a Wyatt Family reunion down the line, maybe even for the team-based Survivor
Series? The main event of the Universal Championship
match between Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman was exactly the match it needed to be: a crash,
bang, wallop, big move match that is done and dusted within 10 minutes. The tag title
win and loss didn’t play it it at all, but that doesn’t really matter when Braun is
doing a big splash from the top rope and blowing everyone’s tiny minds. Braun was made to
look super strong, kinging out at 1 from a Curb Stomp, and being hit by three more and
a Pedigree for Seth Rollins to add Monster Slayer to his list of rubbish nicknames. I’m
pretty sure it was that Pedigree that really put Braun away. And then as Seth walked up the ramp and celebrated,
the end graphic of Swerve signalled an appearance from Bray Wyatt’s Fiend to Yowie the Wowies
out of Rollins – hitting the Sister Abigail on the ramp and choking him out with the Mandible
Claw. Not only was the Seth vs. Braun match exactly what it needed to be, the finale of
The Fiend was a brilliant way to cap of the night and set up the Hell in a Cell Universal
Championship match between Bray and The Fiend Slayer. Urgh, they’re going to call him
that, aren’t they? Clash of Champions 2019 was a mixed bag of
a show. Some parts of it were very good, some parts where utterly forgettable, other parts
where really pants, and some bits – namely the final two matches along with the surprise
return and Fiend appearance – were fantastic. It is how you leave them, folks – and I was
left a very happy man. But judging the PPV as a whole, Clash of Champions 2019 was Thumbs
in the Middle. Can I beat CastleVania? A game I’ve never
finished despite playing it for a large portion of my 33 years on this planet? Click the ScreenStalker
video to find out. And should The Fiend win at Summerslam? El Fakidor and myself discuss
that and so much more in the WrestleRamble. I’ve been Luke Owen, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Why Luke Harper RETURNED To WWE?! WWE Clash Of Champions 2019 Review! | WrestleTalk

  1. Here is money.
    1. Bray Wyatt/The Fiend vs Alister Black
    2. Newly formed Stable as well as still individuals. The Fiend,Braun Strowman and The Bludging Brothers vs WWE Roster.

  2. This may be a size-based double-standard, but Braun's top rope splash was far more interesting than anything I have seen from Cedric Alexander, Ali, and Rey Mysterio.

  3. Hi, I'm Al Harrington, President and CEO of Al Harrington's Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium and Warehouse! Thanks to a shipping error I am now currently overstocked on wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men, and I am passing the savings on to you! Attract customers to your business, Make a splash at your next presentation, Keep grandma company, Protect your crops. Confuse your neighbors, African American? Hail a cab! Testify in church, Or just raise the roof! Whatever your wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man needs are! So come on down to Al Harrington's Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium and Warehouse! Route 2 in Weekapaug.

  4. So unlike everyone else I’m annoyed that Bray has to go against Rollins. There just going to bury Bray again just so Mr progressive can win when he shouldn’t

  5. Heyyy I was there last night and the crowd did not go dead when the 24/7 title came out on the woman's tag titles we actually got loud.. and I think the family is going to form agine

  6. i would have fiend win defend and defeat rollins then build to taker vs fiend for the title at wrestlemania with the fiend winning

  7. I enjoyed the TWD commercial. I love that show. With that being said, FTWD has become laughably unwatchable. I honestly want to punch the writers in their stupid fucking faces and I'm not kidding.
    I hope they die violently but i'd be happy to settle for them being fired.

  8. So now raw stars hold the SD Tag titles and ziggler AS a SD star holds the raw Tag title… Oh WWE, when will you finally make sense again?

  9. I mean he did get brainbusterd on the apron and a style clash on the floor.. So he shouldn't be able to come back logically after something as devastating and phenomal as that

  10. That Raw tag title match ending was so stupid. And Orton should probably stop talking so much trash about indie wrestlers because I was struggling to stay awake side eye emoji

  11. The Becky vs Sasha match was great, But yeah the end was sad. Should be more ass kicking. I mean Lass kicking remember that becky? haha

  12. If the fiend loses a hell in a cell he is gonna lose all his crediablilty unless we get a screwy finish don't see Seth losing his title already gonna lead to a main ppv

  13. Their tag team name will be "A Roode Ziggler", which to me (now that I think about it), kinda sounds like someone getting a dirty finger in the bum.

  14. I said it months ago that Vince is playing us all. He maybe smart to the internet and send out fake stories, contracts and they are to timely to the launch of his competition.

  15. I frequently get the feeling in WWE ppv world that they don't care about a lot of what goes into the show as long as there are one or two good moments for people to talk about. Like they didn't care at all that some of the matches were dull or just nothing like they could have been because, hey, we have Luke Harper returning and Bray Wyatt attacking Rollins at the end. That overshadows everything in their mind, it seems to me. Perhaps they don't realize that fans are hoping to enjoy most or ALL of the show.

  16. I've wanted Roode, and Ziggler to be a tag-team for years! Even back in the day that Roode was in TNA. IMO, they are going to be multi-time tag team champions!

  17. This is ridiculous how they treat the WWE Championship. They're making it pretty obvious that it is the secondary belt. Why couldn't Orton v. Kingston be the main event?

  18. In my opinion, it's too soon for the Fiend to get a shot… I saw him more as a "Crowd Popping," Bog Event attraction, I would've at least waited until Wrestlemania, or even better Summer Slam, his one year debut… and it solidifies him as a HUGE star and gives more meaning to the thought of there being a "Fiend Slayer."

  19. Sorry Luke, you're wrong about Cedric Alexander. Be happy it wasn't the typical finish you were predicting it to be and don't complain and think he's now "rubbish" because they did something different than what you already had planned in your mind as to what the match was supposed to be. Your track record for predicting matches already speaks for itself.

  20. Is no one going to bring up the fact that Michael Cole called a trash bin an "equipment table"?

    "Batista, the new women's champion!"

    How the hell does he still have a job?

  21. Holy shit! Luke Owens, Best. Shirt. Ever!

    The Banks/Lynch match was bad. Did you hear the booing as Lynch walked up the ramp?

    Orton/Kofi was brutal. Just boring.

  22. wtf kanalis !!!!!even the fiend ,our younger kids dont understand hes mental sickness and he needs to chill the fuck down and take his meds….luke harper shouting he wants out few months later hes back as heel AGAIN …so again matches we already saw at one time in thepassed ,bringing back old stars to let them loose or turn up as heels ,come on WWE really?

  23. "seth vs braun match was exactly the way it needed to be!"
    Is that why people were fucking booing Seth "Freaking Boring" Rollins?

    Stop making people think this guy is good, every match is the same:
    Seth comes out hot, countered, gets beaten up, counters into falcon arrow, thinks he won, go for a stomp, countered, beaten up, counter, stomp(this time 3), win.

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