100 thoughts on “Why nobody remembers Kane’s WWE Title win: WWE Photo Shoot sneak peek

  1. Always hated austin to win it back in 24 hrs…
    Also hated austin to eliminate Kane from Royal rumble in which Kane was suppose to win…

    Also hated wwe when Kane didn't win the first ever elimination chamber…

  2. That was the best version of Kane at this time he was as big as Taker,Austin,Rock etc just a shame Vince never used him to his full potential

  3. It’s sad because this is exactly what I thought of when The finish for Seth Rollins And The Fiend Hell In A Cell match happened Both times Yall could’ve put The title on Y’all’s Mythological Superstars(In Kane’s Case Y’all Did😴) And not a single fan would’ve been mad but Noooo y’all threw a curveball🤦🏻‍♂️ I’m Really worried about The Fiend At Crown Jewel because no matter how you cut it logically speaking it looks like Bray is gonna lose😪 And the last thing he need is to keep losing the momentum he went so hard to get back

  4. come on
    raw i know all is bad
    but give me
    drew mctyre as
    your new universal champion with a new belt like the
    uk championship and
    believe dat will be
    the color of that belt

  5. Remembers the last time Braun strowman was legit going after title and not
    facing Non wwe performers for ticket sales ?
    Yeah ….me neither

  6. If you don’t remember this than you obviously didn’t watch WWE during the attitude era or you just have memory loss

  7. Umm I'm pretty sure everyone who watched the WWF/ WWE during the Attitude era remembers this all too well. It was arguably one of the worst booking decisions ever having Kane hold the title for and lose it after 24 hours 🙄😒

  8. The greatest wrestling costume, greatest wrestling mask, greatest wrestling hair, and out of this world wrestling skills and athleticism… Kane had it all

  9. 1997-2003 Kane was the best. 1997: The debut monster 1998: World title 1999: Was jacked, despite losing size, but gained it right back. 2000: Returned and looked even more destructive. 2001: At his biggest size yet. 2002: Had the injury, cool half mask. 2003: Unmasked, which didn't really ruin him. He was a psychotic monster who set JR on fire and electrocuted Shane's testicles.

  10. why no one remembers kane's title win?
    because of you! if wwe hadn't treated kane like a joke, everyone would remember his accomplishments!

  11. Considering the way they had built Kane the previous eight months, booking him to win and lose the belt in a 24 hr period was stupid.

  12. Anyone else think Braun Strowman is going to have a similar championship career? As in despite being a monster will barely ever get a sniff of world title gold. BUT will be a multiple time tag champ with various people. Braun is going that direction.

  13. Kane deserves to be a 6 or 7-time world champion with a respectable number of days holding the titles, or 5-6 time Intercontinental/US Champ

  14. My all time favourite and what a privilege to witness him in his prime. The original big red machine/monster. He went on to make a legacy with record,titles ect

  15. Kane deserves a royal rumble victory before he retires as WWE legends have won more than 1 while Kane has never won one yet

  16. I am Die Heart Kane Fan And I will never Forget his One Day Prestigious Title Regin.
    WWE change your case!!!!!

  17. In my opinion, one of the most deserving WWE Champions in history has always been Kane. An absolute legend in this business who deserved multiple reigns instead of one 24 hour run.

    I was thankful that he got a lengthy reign as World Heavyweight Champion in 2010.

  18. First time I saw KOTR 98, both main events blew my mind, not just the cell match, so I remember it well. Would have preferred Kane to go on a dominant run as champ though.

  19. I definitely remember Kane holding the title. Then shaking my head thinking about how stupid it was to take the title from him. He could have carried it for a while. He was dominant at that time

  20. Oh I remember alright. And it was ridiculous having a 7 foot monster that was somewhat of a demigod, be slayed by one miserable stunner. Though I suppose WWF couldn't risk giving aul Dubya C Dubya's ratings a boost. Still one could only imagine what way thing's would've went if Vinnie Mac and the Boi's at WWF had the testicular fortitude to give Kane a decent enough title reign. Hell if anything it probably would've ended up the way Brock Lesnars went. But sadly that was not the case. But hey if the Mayor of Knox County is up for it(and has the time) for one more crack at it, I wouldn't say no. Would be nice if the Big Red Machine had one more run before he finally hangs up the boots.

  21. I dont know why they even put the belt on Kane. He just lost it the next night on Raw and it felt like it cooled off Stone Cold, who was red hot at that time

  22. The saddest its nit Kane but Rey Mysterio that only got the belt for 2-3 hours and defeated again by John Cena in the same night…

  23. I feel that characters like Kane shouldn't be motivated by championships. People like Undertaker, Kane, Bray Wyatt ( now The Fiend ) etc.. they don't come off as people who want to "be the best", they should be marketed as people who just want to cause pain to others and if they win a championship along the way, they act aloof like it doesn't really matter…

  24. Kane you are my idol
    The best performer,wrestler,monster,superstar and the most loyal superstar of all time.
    Glenn jacobs if wwe doesn’t respect you we do

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