77 thoughts on “Will Bobby Fish be OK for WarGames?: NXT Injury Report, Nov. 21, 2019

  1. I will tell about myself if u have help me or gonna help me with subcribe and like ..I pray to God for your whole family .if u ignore I will
    Pray that u ———

  2. Man why not replace this video with the "Things you need to know before tonight's NXT" video?, I think it will be much better that way.

  3. Glad Bobby will make both Takeover Wargames and Survivor Series… But Kayla should have shown up an hit Matt with "The Braxbuster" Explanation for the move: A 360 spin in the suplex Position, then hit the brainbuster. That would have been something to see.

  4. Dunne competed with one broken foot and got locked by Fish when it was finally his turn to come out of that cage last year in WarGames. This year, I am hoping that he gets stuck in that cage!

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