Will Seth Rollins vs Triple H at Wrestlemania 33 Happen?

This past monday on Raw, seth rollins faced
off against Sami Zayne with a chance at being in the Rumble
on the line. Rollins
was already in the Royal Rumble but Stephanie added the
stipulation that if Sami Zayne won, not only did he get to be in
the Rumble, but it would knock rollins out. The match itself
was a very good match, that was nearing its end, as rollins was
setting up zayne for the final blow, when triple h’s music hit. And as we know Triple H has not appeared since
he helped owens win the title. Since then, rollins has been itching for a
fight for triple H, so the expectation of triple h coming
out in the middle of his match most definitely caught Seth’s
eyes. Triple h never came out to the ring or even
the ramp, it was nothing more than a distraction to rollins. Resulting in sami
zayne cashing in on the opportunity and beating rollins. Whcih means there is currently no match scheduled
for rolins at the rumble. That leaves us to speculate what could
happen. There are very man course of event that could
take place between now and wrestlemania. -One of them being, triple h returning to
royal rumble to be in the match.And being in the driver seat to
win the match, being one of only two guys left, and then rollins
returns the favor by either trying to distract triple h or even
interfering in the match costing him a chance a having a title
shot. Thus, leaving
triple h with no other choice to address the situation with rollins
that could end up in a match between the two at wrestlmania.

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