WrestleMania 33 music montage with Sir Rosevelt (WWE Network Exclusive)

WrestleMania 33 music montage with Sir Rosevelt (WWE Network Exclusive)

[MUSIC] Dude, we gotta crush it right now. I’m going nuts for you buddy.
>>I’ll be looking directly at you.>>[LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>Hello Vitali.
>>Tonight we have an official record-breaking crowd.
>>This is absolutely incredible.>>Over 70,000 on their feet at WrestleMania. [MUSIC]

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    Styles vs. Nakamura- WWE Championship (MAIN EVENT) Nakamura defeat AJ Styles
    Reigns vs. Lesnar – Universal Title (Vince's MAINT EVENT) Roman defeat Brock, next monday still booed
    Balor(Demon king) vs. Cena , this time new talent puts over legend Balor defeat Cena
    Rousey vs. Charlotte- SD Women's Championship Rousey defeat Charlotte buts MITB cashes in
    Asuka vs. Bliss- RAW Women's Championship Asuka defeat Bliss
    Rusev vs. Ziggler vs Roode Rusev defeat ZIggler and Roode
    Strawman vs. HHH Strawman defeat HHH
    Wyatt vs. Broken Hardy in which Broken Hardy Deletes Wyatt

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