WrestleMania 36-Women’s Matches Recap and Review / What Was Match Of the Night At WrestleMania 36

WrestleMania 36-Women’s Matches Recap and Review / What Was Match Of the Night At WrestleMania 36

hello and welcome to the uptown daily
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welcome today we’re discussing WrestleMania and all the women’s matches
at WrestleMania 36 which happened at this weekend in in Orlando Florida at the Performance
Center and other locations I watch both nights the first match was the women’s
Tag Team Championship between Alexa bliss and Nikki cross against the Kabuki
warriors Terry sane and Oscar okay let’s get into that match first now I realize
how important the crowd is for wrestling because this the whole WrestleMania was
just dead you know it wasn’t as exciting as other WrestleManias or any other
wrestling show that I watched it was so dead there was no one in the crowd so
this ladies were you know a shadow to this ladies for killing it and giving
them giving it their all because they did an amazing job put on an amazing
match for absolutely no one and that was annoying they came in and I could tell
that Kari Shane was just over it because she wasn’t even into their entrance or
as like animator she’s usually so it still it just sucks kind of
disappointing that WWE kept going with WrestleMania they should have waited for
our no postponed it or even I’m having it over the summer because seriously
it’s just felt like a regular raw or Smackdown on the performance center they
just changed the set so anyways the match oh yes the match is pretty good it
was great it was fast pace I love a sky and Kari saying I think they’re so good
on there in the ring they make anyone look good they’re like my favorite
Japanese wrestlers I love Carrie saying she’s so animated and she has so much
personality and charisma so the match was great the what was the name Alexa
bliss and Nikki cross one um I there’s rumors that Kerry saying is
going back to Japan so maybe that’s why they they switch titles but either way
the women’s tag team championship belts are really not important because they
never have any storylines no one they never do anything with them I think they
only put them out because fans were asking for and if you’re gonna do that
just because people are asking you to put something now like what is the point
I’d rather you actually put them out and put some effort into telling stories and
giving other people more chances but this was the I I really don’t like the
woman’s tag team championship belts because they don’t really tell any
stories they’re not as important as it should be so it’s it was whatever it was
a really good match all the ladies killed it they did an amazing job so
congrats to Alexa bliss and Nikki cross and winning the tag team championship
belts the woman’s tag team championship belts at WrestleMania 36 the second
match on the first night was Becky Lynch versus Shana former NXT Women’s Champion
oh where do I start well I do love the oh my god I did love Becky Lynch
entrance in her truck I think it would have been amazing if she did it with a
full crowd again I you know I the circumstances are awful and I’m sad that
WWE didn’t cancel or postpone WrestleMania but you know what whatever
I did love her whole truck I saw her coming in the truck raw a couple of
weeks ago and you know it was really badass of her
I loved her jacket I was surprised by I mean I wasn’t
surprised no I was surprised I thought Shana was definitely gonna win the
championship but I understand why they kept it on shit on Becky because you
know what’s going on right now who knows if they’ll continue filming
Raw and Smackdown the next couple of months so I understand why they kept it
on Becky because they probably wouldn’t be able to build Shana as a champion if
you’re gonna be off TV for a few weeks or so or months so who knows it’s
unfortunate what’s going on right now growing so many amazing events including
WrestleMania which I think it would have been amazing and all these matches were
so good and they would have been so great in a crowd that that was 80,000
people but Becky Lynch they retain her championship and she did it with a
rollup which is kind of disappointing I hate the roll-up that oh I don’t know
where he’s the roll-up that is the most deadliest finish our wrestling pusher
retain and congratulations to her it was a quick match actually now that I think
about it because the kabuki Warriors they were they look I feel like they
lasted longer then Shana in Becky but it was a good match I enjoyed it I think
both ladies did amazing with an empty arena you know kudos to all these
amazing performers for performing an empty stage and literally like giving
their older they were a hundred percent yeah so good Oh sue both Becky and Shana
on a great match hopefully when things get back to normal we can build a proper
storyline and have a proper match in front of a lot of people
hopefully at SummerSlam so congrats to Becky on retaining and still being the
woman’s the raw Women’s Champion and being the longest wrought Women’s
Champion ever Congrats Becky a night two of Wrestlemania we have three women’s
matches which is pretty amazing because that means for Wrestlemania there were
five women’s matches and at one point there was only one for about five
minutes for the women and this year we have five matches which is pretty
amazing and shows how far the women in WWE and wrestling have come the first
match was a pre-show it was Natalya and Liv Morgan so Natalya versus Liv Morgan
it was a short match about six minutes I was a really physical and intense it was
a really good match I really showed a really good showcase of live I’m not
sure you know I was looking for her revamping but aegis I don’t know the
revamping just turned out to be her with lighter hair and leather outfits which
by the way I love her outfit today whatever her leather getup that she has
she looked amazing she has improved so much I really like her movesets and her
finisher is pretty cool she won the match against Natalya which is great to
win over a veteran like Natalya who’s been there for like ten years and that’s
another thing about Nattie she puts she helps to build all the new talent all
the new female wrestlers she is such a what do you call it she’s just a great
wrestler to work with she makes every wrestler look good so I’m glad that she
was able to put over live because Liv needs to be put over she’s really
talented she’s beautiful she has a lot charisma and personality so I look
forward to see what else they have in store for her overall it was a short
match to showcase live throws a lot of back and forth and at the end Liv Morgan
won the match so I can rest to live you had your WrestleMania moment which
is pretty cool I wish there was 90,000 people there but there were 90,000 90
million people out there in the world sharing your and so congratulations
night two started officially with Ripley versus Charlotte in an amazing match it
was about 20 minutes of hard hitting intensity cursing sweat oh my that was
such a good match the ending not so much but it was such an amazing match these
two women just killed each other they were hitting each other so hard this
match deserve a fucking crowd excuse my French but it is served to be in front
of 90,000 people and I hope they get a rematch at SummerSlam and that
SummerSlam is moved to a stadium they can move it to the Patriots Stadium the
Gillette Stadium because really it deserved a fucking crowd they were so
good if you watch and if you watch a match WrestleMania watched this one this
weekend because it was worth everything I’m so sad that it wasn’t in front of a
crowd and I send them a virtual this is awesome chant
because seriously they just everything that these people are doing in an empty
arena is so intense it feels like they’re fighting or wrestling in front
of 90,000 people but you know it’s empty we’re giving us everything through the
TV and I appreciate that especially with these through these two just killed each
other sorry that was my dog it was so intense I love this match it was so good
they really deserve to be in front of 90,000 people and I know I keep
saying that but they do I hope they get a rematch and I hope you know in a
perfect world they’ll move SummerSlam to the end of another Yankee Stadium so the
Gillette Stadium in Boston have them showcase a second version of this in
front of 70 plus or whatever how many people fit in there but it was so good
this was by far the best woman’s match this weekend
kudos to Charlotte kudos to really play I love you every piece of gear usually
she wears black her gear was inspired by an enemy character vin devon nada or I
don’t know his name but it was blue and white she looked amazing and it’s nice
that she kept her WrestleMania gear even though there was no one gonna be there I
mean there are people watching all over the world but you know what I mean it
wasn’t it for some reason I just don’t feel like it is a special as it usually
is every year during WrestleMania season but it’s nice that you know they they’re
keeping that intensity they’re making it special for us and for themselves so
congrats to Rio on an amazing match not sure why they put the title on Charlotte
listen I love Charlotte but come on why are they putting the the NXT title on
her maybe they’re trying to elevate the women’s division in on NXT but NXT those
ladies are amazing they don’t need Charlotte I mean we’ll see where this
goes but I don’t agree with that man with the ending of the match I think we
should have kept her title I feel like they’re trying to make Charlotte surpass
her father’s 16 title reign and the way this is going I’m pretty sure she’ll be
a 20 times Women’s Champion because they just keep putting the titles on her
anyways I love this match if there was a match that I will say to watch if you
didn’t watch WrestleMania oh you don’t know what I’m talking about
watch Charlotte versus real Ripley a36 it was amazing these ladies killed
it I am so proud of them I just love everything about this match the Charter
is such a good trash-talker she was talking trash the
whole time she’s just so good in the ring maybe that’s why they keep putting
the titles on her the next match is an honorary mention to Mandy rose and song
of the Ville which are part of the storyline with Dolph Ziggler and Otis
dolphin Otis had a match and Sonia Deville betrayed her best friend Mandy
by telling texting Otis from her phone when they had a date time she was going
she was going to be late when he was a lie so Mandy came out and beat up Sonya
I’m kind of sad that you’re breaking up Mandy and Sonya they were a really good
team they’ve been best friends for a long time they started together i tough
enough so it kind of sucks that i breaking them up but they this storyline
has been really entertaining at first it was kind of like what is going on but
now it’s like it’s getting good I’m kind of enjoying it and I hope it continues
cuz now we’re gonna see hopefully we’ll see Sonya mandir SummerSlam or somewhere
fighting let’s keep watching and see what happens
this is another match that I served the crowd so I’m so sad that this is going
on in the world where we have to watch these amazing people perform in an empty
room with no reaction because they would have been group people would have gone
crazy for Mandy when she came out to slap Sonya and the last match for
Wrestlemania 36 was between Bailey who’s the Smackdown woman’s champion versus
Sasha banks Naomi Tamina and Lacey Evans this was a really good match this was a
really good match I really enjoy it I really enjoy the storytelling at first
everyone was trying to get Tamina out because she was the obviously the bigger
person bigger than all of them and she was the first one eliminated
I loved Naomi’s hair all that natural beautiful hair that she has loved it
loved Sasha banks outfit she she’s always killing it with her coat and I
mean her jacket and her outfits whoever does her or her wardrobe kudos to them
because it’s really fucking excuse my French but it’s just every time I see
her on my TV she’s just she looks stunning it was a fun match
it wasn’t incredible but it was a really fun fast-paced really engaging match at
the end Bayley retained for a moment there I thought Lacey Evans was going to
win and I’m like are they really gonna put the belt on Lacey Evans but I’m glad
they didn’t they spread little crumbs for the Bailey versus Sasha saga which I
hope it happens in a crowd there were so many amazing moments of this
Wrestlemania that I wish had a crowd because so many times I popped in my
living room I mean my little apartment and I just wish there was a crowd to
celebrate all the amazing moments this woman provided for us I know for sure
that eventually we’re going to get Sasha versus Bayley they did an amazing job in
NXT when they did an ecstasy take over Brooklyn that’s literally one of my
favorite matches in history and they were so good and I can’t wait to see
them in a grand stage hopefully WrestleMania Hollywood one of they get
to the Fen or they get to fight each other for something for the championship
whoever has it at the time I tweeted earlier how I’m so impressed and so
proud of how far women’s wrestling has come from woman from panties and bra bra
and panties matches to a man winning one match the
of Wrestlemania a few years ago to having five WrestleMania matches plus
two additional storylines that involve women which by the way
Bianca belayer debut tonight at WrestleMania
I love Bianca Belarus she’s such a badass I love her swag her added to her
whole getup her hair she’s just the coolest person ever and I’m so happy for
her and that was one of those moments that require an audience I’m so sad
though there was a one to celebrate her and amazingness oh I hope she gets her
time to shine soon but this was a really great WrestleMania I loved all the
matches the second night was definitely my favorite night the matches were great
the storylines that involved women were so fun and I want to see more so thank
you WWE for putting such a great show in times this times where everything is
uncertain nobody knows what’s going on nobody knows how long this is going to
last it was nice to escape the reality that we live in in for two days two
nights so thank you so mu e and thank you to all the performers at
WrestleMania for giving it all even though they were performing at an empty
room but the sound they know I’m millions of people were watching at home
and they wanted to give all their energy to us so thank you for that and that is
my this is my very first episode you guys is my very first episode of the
Uptown ladies podcast thank you so much for listening I hope you get to
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you’re listening to this podcast thank you again for taking the time to listen
and enjoy Wrestlemania with me so until next time guys bye you

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  1. I heard it flopped. I didn't even watch it, because I heard it was going to fail. I'm a wresling fan as well. Good video. Thank's for your input.?

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