100 thoughts on “Wrestlemania XV Rage Party

  1. I had to look this up cause I remember watching this live and hearing Pun drop the F bomb, and my memory serves me right.

  2. 20:01 Interesting that they have the old early 90s Survivor Series logo. Its actually the Survivor Series 1994 logo. That is really weird.

  3. Good things about the rage party was The Adventures of Patterson & Brisco, Drunk Shane McMahon & Vince McMahon Dancing

  4. At 31:36 you see my brother joe who caught triple h shirt he threw in the crowd and still has to this day, you can still smell the cologne.

  5. The rage party was dope AF but everyone was drunk and they had to wrestle the next night for WrestleMania.

    WrestleMania XV was trash btw.

  6. Hard to believe this was 20 years, look at the fans and the talent you had back then and to think this was just another day in the office for these guys. Everything back then was so much fun and the best thing about it was there was nothing holding anyone back, you just went out there and delivered the best show possible. This era of wrestling for me was the true golden age and i am so glad i got to witness this and grew up with it, it truly was a party and everyone was invited to be part of it.

  7. Wow!!! I love everything about this from start to finish, brings back so many memories.. If we could get a fraction of this in the modern era I would be happy.. Wrestling just isn't the same anymore, this was epic.

  8. I hate to be that guy but this is literally more entertaining than Raw or SmackDown lmao all jokes aside I miss these days,can't believe its been over 20 years already.

  9. I hadn't thought in my wildest dreams that oneday I'd be able to watch "The Rage Part". Cuz I am not one of those lucky guys who got to live the Attitude days, I began watching wrestling when it had almost lost its flavour but not outright. Everytime i feel myself tired of watching wrestling; videos like this keep me stick to it.

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