Wronged Wife’s Public Revenge at Wrestlemania

Wronged Wife’s Public Revenge at Wrestlemania

wrestlemania fans showed up to the
events are holding a sign calling her husband out for cheating on her now has
been the was at the event with his mistress and at this uh… unidentified woman i have the
sides of the following writing has been skiing out one twenty nine twelve thirty
one seats seventy-eights uh… and acting i’m guessing that and
seven eighths is hands mistress mat that what’s interesting about this story is
in has backfired because instead of people taking her side people
are actually criticizing her making fun of her weight and saying this is a political prisoner
paul office if you happen to the internet
acknowledge when interacting with the pressure of urban okay exchange with the little things
that the and take so now you’re mad at her because you think
this is this kind of publishing means as it is outrageous i instantly bill karen
and happiness g companion o over-the-counter not letting someone who
does that is not someone who i want to spend my
life with a nearby just don’t and no longer care there’s no sympathy for him and she
wrote i don’t care about him don’t care about her she’s now the bad guy you can do that
you can’t do this because and what i’m wondering is whether she tried to
achieve by doing that but she wants to shave her husband in the mistress are
you hoping that people like problematic in the right right won a rider trail onto that way actually surprised that she wet
distraction because in my personal opinion getting cheated on isn’t like
the worst part about it the humiliation is the worst part about it because
people immediately assume i could say your friends your loved ones find out
what happened immediately assumed that your significant other doesn’t love you
do you think eric i gots waited on you and i’d get veristrat people to know
that my husband cheated on me like let me handle that situation in private and
figure out whether or not i want to continue with the relationship don’t
share that with everyone so why do you uh… you know what i’m sure she’s hurt great asked her if she’s alright so that
i think she went about the wrong way agree with you then but then they pile
on top of renders will not from the comptroller drop in honor of had
non-stop and you know what they’re saying online illegal and wondering lettering with back to the clear stacked
because that is that what you’re saying that but like but you know when you get time off iowa
and actually assist offshore unique shattering hubris and almost hit
your hand on the steering wheel mike and then you catch up with the guy
at the next intersection and i got he cut you off u-haul and he put you off he did the wrong thing it he’s the
aggressor and you get even within the next
intersection what do you do it what you do making gadkari he’s calling slashes
confidence you know saudi bright rarely status on that right but i mean what do you get the ala carte
and and overall in region in trying it out of time punching maybe if you cannot have no way did you
happen to the theoretical you you could right and that’s why uniworld unita asl right you have control over
yourself she doesn’t have control over whether her husband tracer he should do that once he does than she has to handle herself with
dignity that per behavior because on for and that behavior that she exhibited
there’s one hundred percent and of course use with the dignity and a lot of sense what seven other guys
below what now destruction did when you get a bad news in our satellite pay-back
for cheating is usually

100 thoughts on “Wronged Wife’s Public Revenge at Wrestlemania

  1. You know, that whole story about the asshole driver just made me remember that I still haven't built the cowcatcher and oil slick reservoir onto my car just yet. That shit's just sitting around collecting dust, I need to get on that.

  2. If you want to make your private problems PUBLIC, don't complain when the PUBLIC reaction isn't what you expected.

    Maybe the guy spent the last 10 years being utterly humiliated by his wife and he's trying to get a divorce… I don't know, but at least he's not bothering me with his problems. If the guy is so bad, she should be talking to a lawyer instead of making signs and camping out at stadiums.

  3. Humiliation is the worst part about it? No Ana no…She was at Wrestlemania…the worst part about it is that the Rock lost to John Cena -.-

  4. OK, I understand your POV. And, TTYTT what really bugs me is how hypocritical they were – I mean Jesus H Christ, they do this for a living. It's pretty much ALL they do is shame people. If I were to sum up their business model it'd go something like this: Start Youtube channel, shame the shit out of everyone, offer no serious solution, rinse and repeat.

    Pretty much as dumb as this dizzy chick.

    PLUS, if she were young, skinny and HOT, they'd be running to her defense.

  5. Cenk runs a small Youtube channel modeled on Roger Ailes's Fox News. Mainly pick cute girls, have them show some leg, turn off the volume, see if you still like watching the channel. Only substitute idiotic conservative rants with idiotic liberal rants. Rinse. Repeat.

    Entertaining, but don't expect much more than that. This isn't a "News" channel. They don't do reports. They don't do primary research. They just shame others who do or make smart arse comments about fat chicks being cheated on.

  6. I wonder why he cheated? You're a immature bitch who needs to grow up from child like antics. He moved on to a women who was probably comfortable in her skin unlike this women who did this in public to get some kind of attention.Why act like a child about him cheating why not just divorce him? Exactly why he cheated on this women.

  7. It's not even fair. Oh he's embarrassed. boo hoo. He cheated on her. That fucking hurts. It's not even about embarrassment

  8. He deserves it, but she's stupid for doing this. All it does is make her look trashy, airing shit out in public like this, like she's a Jerry Springer participant.

  9. I like to know what both the idiot conservatives AND progressives are talking about from time to time. Particularly when I'm eating yogurt and drinking coffee in the morning. BUT, that aside, you're right – other than that it's a waste of time and I personally prefer to listen to something like a lecture uploaded from UC Berkeley.

  10. Fear of spiders is arachnaphobia, fear of tight spaces is claustrophobia, fear of Ben hosting TYT is called Logic.

  11. If the women was the cheater and the man did this, the man would be being shamed. Think about it, it's all over Jerry Springer that kind of logic. "jerry jerry jerry!"

  12. They're 'shaming' people for running their country into the ground, not to get petty revenge on someone for having the audacity to not be attracted to their 300 pound ass anymore – like a lot of people apparently think their spouses are contractually obliged to do.
    I don't mind them not always offering concrete solutions, either. Just like I don't expect my food critics to be cooks or my movie critics to be directors.
    Also, are you shaming them for shaming her for shaming her husband right now?

  13. Yes, thank you, I meant to type downloaded. Although, that said, the University I lecture in and conduct medical research uploads my own lectures – I teach medicine.

  14. Wow guys i couldnt believe you are against her!! You are pretty much doing what those f*ckers from the catholic school did to that girl who after being a victim of rape and bulling was thrown out of school!

  15. An eye for an eye doesn't make the whole world blind. I take an eye out, you take an eye out, then I take your other eye out. You are blind and I have one eye, I just run away not like you can see me.

  16. Dude the seventies called and want their glasses back. He's like I wouldn't be with someone like that go ahead an cheat on that home maker. Whata turd only a guy that couldn't get a wife would talk some smack like that. Give that bracelet back to the girl scout you stole it from and take that shirt back to the good will it's too tight for you anyhow. And stop talking like you're the man I bet you can't even get a second date, much less a wife.

  17. He's not saying it because she's a woman you dumb feminist shit. He's saying that because he wouldn't want to be involved with such an emotional, histrionic piece of shit.

  18. I have and it wasn't the humiliation, it was the shock of having some one you were 100% invested in betraying you in the worst way imaginable. I was never embarrassed or "humiliated" when others found out because their feelings were never a defining factor in what I felt for this other person.

    To say "humiliation" or the thought of what others saw is such a vain thing to say. Maybe if you are used to pre-1960's when people married for appearance or stature but not real love.

  19. she is a horrible person… she tried to humiliated her husband for cheating (which happens in marriages all the time) and she got burned for it and I am glad she did

  20. I dont agree with what this lady did. But her husband is a coward. Just because cheating happens all the time does not make her husband look any better. She did not act with dignity but then she was probably hurt and her husband caused that hurt by cheating. And she felt humiliated so clearly wanted him to feel how she felt.

  21. Are you kidding me? It happens all the time so it's no big deal? He shamed her, his family, and her family and do you honestly think the adulterer cared about her sign? It's obvious he does not care at all about his reputation or humiliation. No person,woman or man, deserves an adulterer as a spouse and it's the cowards way out. Instead of being a man and asking for a divorce he will now be known as a cheater- Forever. She didn't need a sign for that to happen, he did it to himself.

  22. I think it's humiliating,imo, to have an adulterer spouse. Every one talks about you behind your back including family and then they feel sorry for you. The looks of pathetic pity are embarrassing. I am not vain, but I do care what I look like and if people think I'm a good person.

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  25. happens all the time? really? my husband doesn't cheat on me. i'm so glad to have him and not an ass like you

  26. Women say the "cut of penis" thing all the time with pride and some do it too like it's a joke.

    That is extreme violence like cutting off a limb, don't you realize that the penis is an organ not some pinky finger or toe.

    My response is always the same.

    In that case, if a woman cheats on you or messes up

    Heat up a long metal rod in blazing hot fire, tie her up, spread her legs apart and dip it deep into her vagina. That seems to be a fair equivalent.

    Typical ignorant female.

  27. Sitting there and showing the world your huge fat gut just makes everyone realize he was right for cheating on your ugly fat ass. Not to mention how you draw negative attention to your children at the school and in the community.

  28. Why are people attacking her appearence? Who says he's any better looking? Besides, her body probably "went" having his children. What's his excuse?

  29. Thats why people have low esteem these days. Someone does us wrong and we are to absolutely not do anything other then shake the persons hand and say well we are over. Is this guy on the panel married? has he ever been in love? and been cheated on? if yes, he's a bullshitter, i know he didn't just smile and walk away. If we are done by such a degree its healthy to say i'm mad as hell and u will be shamed and take the lawfully steps. we are human and its good to react.

  30. Post your mug then. I'm willing to bet you're no super model. Looks arn't everything you know (and in you're case, I'd be willing to bet they're nothing).

  31. You dumb ass, Clint never said the host said it was only because she was a woman, the host was endorsing cheating, end of.

  32. Brilliant comment. For your information, the ugly wife CHOSE to put herself in the spotlight and therefore opens herself to criticism. My comment is based on my opinion of her behavior and if I were the one to make a video and expose my ugly body or face (like she has), then the world has the right to comment on it. And yes, Im not ugly 😉

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  34. I don't see the big deal. He's the one who cheated and if he didn't want to be put on blast, he shouldn't of done it.

  35. It kinda shows why he would do it in the first place. The woman is clearly irrational and immature, probably even brain dead, and could only cope with her husband cheating by getting even? Really says a lot about who she was to begin with. And you're right he is a dick and got humiliated anyway, so why make a sign and try to be smart and cheeky? she didn't care about him either, I guess it's fifty-fifty. 😛

  36. Yeah, fifty percent of the time actually. And I'm sure your husband just isn't telling you something. I was stating my opinion don't call me an ass because your life is miserable

  37. Public shaming is instinct, we used to have communities of hundreds, not millions, and when you shamed someone for being unfaithful it actually had an effect. It doesn't now because of the 7 billion other people but you can't just drop thousands of years of something that worked because we've had global communication for a few decades

  38. Guys, TYT, your talking about this like she had this sign at a baseball game or something. It's WRESTLEMANIA, your supposed to bring signs with stupid shit!

  39. The ONLY reason Ana agreed with the guys is because there were 2 guys and she was outnumbered. If it was only one guy, she would have totally said she supported the fat bitch and tried to get the other guy to agree with her bullshit reasoning.

  40. You people do realize that people are killed for cheating, if you're bold enough to play with fire ( "fire" representing a persons emotions) then you deserve to be burnt both physically and metaphorically speaking. This woman showed wisdom by passively displaying a sign which exposed her husband's infidelity, when she could've simply taken his life (should have in my opinion), which would've prevented future heart breaks 

  41. She should absolutely drag her husband through the mud but she should leave fucking wwe out of it (way to mess up an otherwise fun event)

  42. How dare anyone say how she is to handle the hurt, grief, and pain of being a wife and being cheated on. She didn't physically do anything to her husband who I deducted is STILL her husband at the time and at an event with the person he is cheating with. Get real, for every reason she looks and does what SHE is doing – does not justify being torn apart by others. SHE is the one not stepping out on her vows and celebrating it.

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