WWE 2K16 Wrestlemania 32 : Triple H vs Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins Returns! (Wrestlemania 2016)

WWE 2K16 Wrestlemania 32 : Triple H vs Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins Returns! (Wrestlemania 2016)

Welcome back to elementgames on youtube! todays video presents an alternate ending for the main event of wrestlemania 32 in this match, current wwe world heavyweight champion Triple H took on former champion and number one contender Roman Reigns in reality Roman Reigns left wrestlemania as the new champion however this was met with a huge sigh of disbelief from the fans in attendance despite being a baby face, reigns has been largely booed. this video presents a different scenario Epic highlights of the match is shown with many near falls and false finishes Triple H picks up the victory after hitting Triple h with a huge spear off the top rope Roman Reigns celebrates with his new title but wait?! what is shane mcmahon doing here Seth Rollins returns to the delight of this record crowd! Rollins nails the pedigree but its not enough… now what?! oh my goodness! he nails him with the curb stomp the move that was banned and rollins is the new wwe champion! history has repeated itself here at wrestlemania 2016! Thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “WWE 2K16 Wrestlemania 32 : Triple H vs Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins Returns! (Wrestlemania 2016)

  1. there should be some disturbing in the match bcoz else Roman vs triple h is not enough for main event !!! might be cena added to match and cena wins

  2. I think hhh pedigrees reings then Seth comes with Ambrose and the Rollins and Ambrose beat up ref and then Roman get up and Roman Ambrose and Rollins triple power bombs hhh Rollins and Ambrose wake up ref and then Roman pins hhh and wins WWE title and the shield reunite

  3. I think that Seth Rollins will return in the middle of the match and beat up HHH and Dean Ambrose will come out and The Shield Reunites!

  4. I would love this to happen but I don't want Shane to be in charge NOT because of Shane himself but because I don't want takers streak to be put to waste AGAIN

  5. Seth Rollins Returns and help Roman win seth rollins Face turn

  6. i hope Roman Reigns wins the World Heavywight Championship back 😀 btw. lets go Roman clap clap clapclapclap 😀

  7. Now if Roman wins I hope on raw the League of Nation surround the ring on Roman then lights go off then back on :Seth and dean are in shield uni forms and help Roman clear the League of Nation. Shield reunite. Like if you agree 🙂

  8. As long as the wwe champion ain't chris jericho I'm ok and plus i personally think that vince McMahon needs to put 3 rings together and have a pay per view and bring back a old wcw classic called world war 3 how the rules worked once you get tossed out of the first ring you go into the second ring once you been eliminated from all 3 your night is completely over and in all fairness let nxt and wwe superstars both be in it

  9. that's cool that's what I was thinking that would happen but when Seth comes back he. attacks triple h but that's really cool

  10. Wait, if this'd really happened, would this've been a Heel turn for Shane, or a Double Turn for Rollins and Reigns?

  11. Prediction: Seth Rollins Returns At Extreme Rules and Pedigree's Reigns after demolishing Styles. 😛

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