WWE 2K20 – HIDDEN FEATURES You Might Not Know! (Secret Title Motions, Never Ending Matches, & More)

WWE 2K20 – HIDDEN FEATURES You Might Not Know! (Secret Title Motions, Never Ending Matches, & More)

what is up guys welcome back to the
channel and tomorrow WWE 2K20 hidden features as always discussing
some of the secrets easter eggs hidden and new features that you might not come
across that often in the game so you might not know about it as always keep
in mind that some of these you might know some of you might not but make sure
to leave your suggestions down in the comments below and I might cover it in a
future video without being said don’t forget to elbow drop and hit those
notifications for more and let’s get into it to start off this year once
again we are able to do the endless match type if you are new to the series
then you might not know about it and even if you know about it there seems to
be a bit of an update for it so the way that we get this done is of course head
over to creations and then custom matches because you are about to create
a match that never ends because it has no wind conditions and it is a glitch
that they still haven’t managed to fix from previous years and previously it
only worked for a man or a woman matches but now you can also do it for five men
and six men matches so pick one of these three options five six or eight men
matches could be inside Hell in a Cell battle royal or just to keep it simple a
normal match which is the best option here on the first page you got a pic a
wink condition but instead it turn off painful and submission and only turn on
two out of three force with all of the other wing conditions being turned off
there is no way to win a fall and there’s definitely no way that you’re
gonna win two out of three after that just change it to whatever
you want you’re gonna see that this qualification is off which means you can
customize the weapon wheel to whatever you want and once you get in the match
things are gonna get crazy you can also customize this to start off with
finishers if you want to spice things up but just remember it’s never gonna end
but it could be a great way to just mess around and to another set of features
with the last DLC of course we got the fiend Bray Wyatt and something that I
definitely recommend you guys do is go ahead and put the new Bray Wyatt on
because it is not a sign by default for some apparent reason instead of taunts
assigned to him it’s for the regular brave
why so make use of it go to moveset and assign it it is kind of odd that it
wasn’t assigned to it by default if you don’t assign it it is basically there
for nothing while they are also at the Swan father to taunt because instead of
him pulling out the regular Lantern from the ring from out of nowhere if you do
this torn with the fiend he actually puts out the head lantern that belongs
to him which is a very nice detail the fact that the game recognizes as the fee
has its own taunt so he is able to put that out but again you got a head to
moosa’ and assign it then you feed tone and also this one father too much as a
mother feature and this is definitely a glitch which I see a lot of guys already
doing because it is all I see in community creations this glitch
basically removes the hair of the superstar or just makes it I sure as
possible head over to creation pick the superstar that you want to push your
hair to and at the entire clothing then upper body and anything from here it
could be a top and elbow pad assure it doesn’t matter head over to images then
design and here you’re gonna pick this rectangle some of the other design tools
will work but keep it safe pick the rectangle and now goes to the color of
it and this is what the glitch comes in don’t worry about what color it is just
leave it at default and then change the opacity to zero once you do this just
save it head over to head gear pick this change head cover here and for the color
just pick the reason one which is already set our opacity zero so it’s
just going to disappear and the superstar is gonna end up pushed your
hair you goes to do the scott steiner chain head gear and this one might even
give you a different short hairstyle for the superstar and it will also short
down the beer which is you guys can see some superstar actually looks really
good like Sheamus and the last handed feature that I got for you guys is
actually coming from mr. big show off as he ended up showing off two new hidden
entrances specifically championship entrances for Alexa bliss in Baron
Corvin that could be coming in a future update for WWE 2k twenty now these
entrance files of course he found on the piece
version of the game and it is a very similar situation to what we got last
year for example for Roderick Tron and also gender Mahal who already had
updated entrances file as soon as the game came out but it wasn’t finalized
just yet so we had to wait for a future update and they gave it to us for free
so there is a high probability that it can happen like last year and we could
be getting these updated entrances in an upcoming update I’ll leave a link in the
description of mr. Shroff video if you want to check out this fool hidden
entrance then of course it’s not finalized just yet anyways guys that is
what I got for you in this hidden feature after so if you enjoy don’t
forget to out boy drop it and leave your suggestions down in the comments below
of anything else you want me to cover wind over to 200,000 subscribers am I to
T ow did you

53 thoughts on “WWE 2K20 – HIDDEN FEATURES You Might Not Know! (Secret Title Motions, Never Ending Matches, & More)

  1. How about fact if own the bump in the night Pack u don't even get the superstars u gotta unlock them in a wwe originals but errors

  2. Just a question because I dont have a Twitter or reddit. But have they said when they would be putting out another patch, to fix the remaining creation, and other issues in the game yet?

  3. I got the fiend for free someone with the dlc uploaded a creation of him and I downloaded and was able to use his parts during a match and while editing that superstar

  4. I wish we could edit match rules in universe mode, specifically for time limits for matches so I can have some matches end in draws and maybe have a bad ass animation after the match where both superstars either leave the ring angry and upset or they shake hands afterwards

  5. Great vid!!! I just got 1 ? about wwe 2k20…i aint bought a new wwe game since 2k18…cause i am partial to aew…tired of same ole same ole greedy wwe…had the network 2 times and both times just let it go…anyway…we r at 2k20 and they havent added war games to their match list??? Personally i think they should just sell it to cody but thats my opinion…i think aew would do it more justice especially once their roster is beefed up more and has more marquee players and they will be coming on board…tag teams and single stars…anyway im not hating on wwe and their war games…the 2 i watched were good….i miss the roof…aside from that they have done ok….but of course that's been in NXT…their best product…i say sell it to cody and aew and make their own team warfare match in the elimination chamber or hell in a cell could work also…these r soley my opinion and mine alone

  6. Everytime I start up the game, the fiends moveset and attributes goes back to it's default setting, anyway to fix that without redoing it every time?

  7. Can't even download creation on PS4 like Dean Ambrose or CM Punk or Jericho then crash from triple threat match it crash during unvirese mode and royal rumble to definitely need another patch soon so I can enjoy this game because I really can't enjoy it at all

  8. This hair glitch fixes gable and fandango which 2K couldn't do! It works for others but it's not what Tyler Breeze has

  9. My game keeps crashing any time I try fix any created superstar or my career superstar does anybody know what can I do to fix it

  10. All the title motions the belt is around the waist they take away all the things that's you can make your caw different smh

  11. The problem Is with the fiend I went to edit his move set and change his attributes and a few things and saved but after closed the game and played it the next day everything went back to default with him anyone else finding this problem?

  12. why would you want to play a match that never ends

    it's just like that dumb ass tower that has you fight 20 mins so it can be a draw smfh

  13. Hey macho t, there are three more glitch I've came across recently and they are

    1.the rock and sock connection entrance is only of the rock and not mankind, which annoys me lol

    2. If a 2k tower match is a tlc match and can't win or even lose because it has steel cage rules on the rock and mankind tower

    3. I just forgot lol

    But is there a way you can ask or tell them to fix it pleeeeeeeaaaaassssseeee, I reeeeeeaaaaaalllllyyy appreciate it

  14. You can get up to 30,000 points in iron man match. Make a 6 man tag team tables match. Set it up as Iron Man rules. We slammed 1 person though a table and the points didmf stop adding up until the same person put someone else through a table. We even went all the way to -30,000 and lost after a 20 minute match lol. Whoever you put through the table cant attack you anymore either. They just run around trying to attack and grab tables

  15. How do you find the alexa championship entrance and victory ? Cuz the video the mrbigshowoff uploaded it from ps4 the menu button in the corner proves that

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