91 thoughts on “WWE 2K20 – Step Inside | PS4

  1. This is the only sports game I buy yearly buy is it just me because I want a WWE Game next year which will be constantly updated with a new roster update each year,new attires and arenas when a new ppv comes out.

  2. My goodness ! I'm not one to judge a game only by its graphics, but if the character models look Worse than the games that came on the PS2, then even I'm concerned.
    It's ridiculous that these WWE games have some of the worst character models in gaming today.

  3. Same Graphics, Same Limited moves , Just change the game cover and number of the year and sell it by 60$, Typical 2K.

    i wish THQ return her copy rights.

    PS1-2 Eras was the best especially shut your mouth.

  4. I'm sorry that people still buy this cash grab. Like we in 2019 and the game looks like it came out 10 years ago.

  5. Still refusing to buy another wwe 2k game until they decide to stop shutting servers down a year and half to 2 years after launch

  6. The trolls in the comments section should go back to fortnite and go get their eyes checked, the game looks great.

  7. Honestly… WWE games have just been recycled for the past decade, Smackdown vs Raw looks just about the same, maybe better considering the it was ps2/ps3.

  8. I’ll only buy it if they have Sting Starrcade 97 attire and or the ability to mod the in game Stings paint so I can create it myself. If 2K can spend time making wrestlers look like zombies they can surely give us a new Sting models instead of the same ones in every other game

  9. Honestly… I just think there focusing on realism too much, I just wanna have fun! I miss the music that played in the background, jumping off the smackdown fist, that satisfying sound of the mat when you slam somebody, the faster pace of the game. Just make it fun again!!

  10. I wish another company would get a shot at these games. Haven't enjoyed them since the old Smackdown games, those were so much more fun

  11. I remember when wrestling games on ps2 were the best looking games. Now ps4 games look like high end ps3 games.

  12. I heard rumors about smackdown hctp remake, I know they're not official but I'm excited for that rather than this 2k20

  13. Looks like a PS3 game.

    … seriously. Check out the graphical capabilities of PS3 games late into the generational cycle and then look at this.

  14. resolution gets better bu the graphics. details, creativity, and effort feel very minimal, since their doing these every year instead of taking their time being creative, altho i aint gonna lie, fifa 20 finally brought back fifa street and i loved it.

  15. it doesn't work, by the loading screen I get the viedo you put you and it tells me options = jump but it doesn't jump and it keeps letting me see the video. because?

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