WWE Backlash’s most extreme moments: WWE Top 10, May 5, 2018

WWE Backlash’s most extreme moments: WWE Top 10, May 5, 2018

>>Mocking Randy Orton.>>Mama mia, drives Kane through the table. [SOUND]
>>Rhino, he’s got something on his mind here. [SOUND] He was looking for his Gore and
he went right inside the shopping cart. [SOUND]
>>Let’s go,>>[NOISE] One, two, three.>>Watch this. Look out.
[SOUND]>>Michael’s body driven through that table by the five members
of the Spirit Squad. [SOUND]
>>No, no no Show don’t do this. My-
>>What s Big Show doing?
>>No!>>Stop this!>>No, no Show!>>My God!>>[APPLAUSE]. [SOUND]
>>Jeff I’m sorry. Jeff, I quit, I quit.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>He said it.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Matt Hardy quit. Look out!
>>And Jeff Hardy did not accept the apology. [SOUND]
>>Randy Orton is gonna->>No, no, no.
>>Into the Spanish announce desk.>>You got a problem, you eliminate that problem, that’s exactly
what Orton is doing to the Singh brothers.>>He’s gonna eliminate both of them Samir, and Sunil. My god! [CROSSTALK] Turned inside out by Orton. [SOUND]
>>There’s gonna be a Pedigree. Low blow.
>>A little cheap shot there, you gotta admit?
>>It was real cheap.>>Shane!>>[APPLAUSE]>>Wait a minute, no, no! [NOISE]
>>My god, a double Rock Bottom! A double Rock Bottom all
the way to the concrete!>>[APPLAUSE]. [SOUND]
>>Batista barely able to stand. Undertaker with Batista on his shoulder. What the hell’s he gonna do here? And Batista, a spear! A spear! [NOISE]
>>Holy. [NOISE]. [SOUND]
>>Cena’s up, and so is Edge! Edge is up!
>>Hey wait, what the hell?>>Big Show!>>The Big Show! What in the world is he doing? No!
>>Big Show.>>Put him down.>>My God, look out! [NOISE]
>>My God!>>My gosh! [SOUND]
>>My god, don’t do it Shane! Don’t do it!
>>My god! [NOISE]
>>My god, Shane McMahon put his body and soul on the line to drive his
body through the Big Show! [MUSIC]

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  1. When my grandchildren ask me What did I learn from that thing that in the days before was so much named as a TV….
    Me: hmm.. well… I.. (in my mind 3:06)

  2. Как по мне, топ 2, когда биг шоу выкинул Сину и взорвал им какую-то электронную штуку, это лучше.

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