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we’re talking heated exchange between a fan and superstar following Smackdown
Live top superstar teasing and unexpected return of character after
recent he’ll turn the banter between aew and WWE Superstars continue John Cena
sort of WWE returned confirmed WWE wasting and almost bearing their former
champion already attack happening after Smackdown and the good and bad and ugly
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into the news Hulk Hogan of course been traveling with the WWE as of late
especially to promote the team player vs. team Hogan match at the crown jewel
pay-per-view now that he is on the road Hogan has been traveling to hotels with
the rest of the WWE roster and after Smackdown life this week a recent video
have emerged online where we can see Hulk Hogan have a heated exchange with a
fan or maybe someone who doesn’t necessarily like him as much video was
posted by par Stuart sports and we don’t know what led to this heated exchange
but you can see Hulk Hogan being a good sport about it not getting too upset and
just telling the fans to come down it is interesting to note though that Hulk
Hogan is carrying crotch in this clip although we haven’t seen him win it on
television which could just be that he is dealing with some secret injury or
recovery for some type of recent surgery looks like we might not be seeing Hulk
Hogan and take a bump anytime soon there were rumors that we could get some very
good interaction between him and Ric Flair a crown jewel but that might not
end up happening on to some other news Finn Balor appear in WWE backstage after
Smackdown live and he says some very interesting stuff when being asked why
the heel turn finn bálor simply indicated that this is the real finn
bálor and even told the Booker’s see the following you’re a big fan of my word
before WWE right well let’s just say the prince is back of course Balor’s refer
into his day a New Japan Pro Wrestling as Prince David but he was a three-time
IWGP junior heavyweight champion and six-time IWGP junior heavyweight tag
team champion along will be the original leader of the bullet Club so Balor
teasing that the prince is back is very interesting to say the least moving into
some other news a shot between a WWE na e w continue this time in the form of
Chris Jericho also responding to Seth Rollins minor-league comments directed
towards Kenny Omega and him being in aw Jericho stated the following and exceed
is still the minor league those guys are still unknown performers it is not a
competition to us I knew we will win because we have more
star power when you look at the end of our first week of TV who was out there
at the end Chris Jericho we know him Dustin Rhodes we know him Jon Moxley we
know him he used to be another name but we know who that is Jim Ross is
commentating I know that guy Jericho’s who said that Vince McMahon choose to
put an X C up against aew to keep the competition away from WWE flagship
brands Raw and SmackDown Jericho called the move a stroke of genius and said hey
it’s obvious here to compete with guys like Roman reigns and WWE champion Brock
Lesnar is interesting to see Chris Jericho take a shot at NXT and calling
it the minor leagues because of WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins recent
comments about aew the one thing to keep in mind is the fact that every single
brand including nxe has a lot of star power right now and this is just silly
banter back and forth that us the fans should be enjoying as for what Jim Ross
said of Seth Rollins not being as over as his girlfriend Becky Lynch
Seth Rollins kind of made in in direct response to all of this promoting an
upcoming appearance stating the following come hang out with
me and my super over fiance why is pro wrestling and social media
more interesting than what’s happening on TV right now I am so confused on to
some other quick news last night WWE backstage to air a special show on fs1
but that was not the weekly debut episode of the show
the premiere is gonna be happening on November 5th at 11 p.m. Eastern Time it
was confirmed that one of their special guests on that premiere episode is going
to be none other than WWE Champion John Cena it’s not that entering return that
we were looking for but happy John Cena there and that premiere episode is gonna
make it feel special and of course we’re gonna be able to hear his insight on the
current product and some of the storylines happening and now let’s go
ahead and recap what went down on Smackdown live on October 25th 2019 I’ll
let you guys know my quick thoughts on it so the show started off with The Miz
TV Ric Flair and Tim Hogan in the ring but it was just some of the
Smackdown members of the crown jewel team which I respect because I was
honestly expecting WWE to just already bring back the wild card rule but they
didn’t they start with Smackdown members of each of the teams team Hogan got a
leash or TG and Roman reigns so missing rusev and Rikishi who are on Raw and
team Flair was represented by Shunsuke Nakamura with Sami Zayn and King Corvin
Randy oh and Bobby Lashley and Joe McIntyre of course on Monday Night Raw
so they were also not at the show there was a lot of incoherent insult rona each
other between Flair and Hogan which then finally Sami Zayn saved a segment by
getting on the microphone which led to a sense of in so between all of the
superstars in the end we got the six-man tag-team match for the main event setup
which Sami Zayn said he won’t compete in and then tazawa comes out who’s going to
replace him in that match and everything turned into a brawl shout out to Cesaro
for being so awesome for someway somehow the WWE always managed to have him be
the loser and the first match of the night we had Robert who and Dolph
Ziggler defeating the new day now I will usually
be okay with this you guys know that I’m an absolute Dolph Ziggler mark but it
didn’t make sense for him to actually paint the former WWE Champion who just
lost that title literally three weeks ago
WWE is really at the stage where they’re already making Kofi Kingston irrelevant
almost like if he didn’t hold that championship for over six months and
after winning such a big event at WrestleMania I don’t
know what their plan is but this has to be one of the short-term worse booking
that they could do come crown jewel I’m almost certain that the new day are
gonna win the tournament but if you were gonna have somebody lose tonight why not
just have somebody else besides Kofi Kingston your former WWE Champion that
carry the company or that represented the company for multiple months this
year instead you haven’t loose on a date where after the match the revival run in
and attack the new day put heavy machinery made the save
lucha house party was backstage watching the whole thing on TV if you’re gonna
have the attacked anyways doesn’t really matter who went at the end of the day so
stop pinning your former champion on weekly television and actually let us
know that it meant something second match of the night we have Lacey Evans
defeating Cameron Connors Lacey initially refused to fight her because
the crowd doesn’t deserve to see her fight she almost got counted out the
referee start counting tonight and the last moment Lacey Evan gets in there hit
the local talent with the woman’s right and call it a night this was actually a
good lacy event segment so props to the WWE for keeping it short instead of
dragging it out we had a usual recap of Seth Rollins burning down the Firefly
funhouse which led to an actual episode of the funhouse which Bray Wyatt was
proceeding over rambling Rabbids funeral as he was burned down during a violent
attack then Bray Wyatt kisses rambly Roberts corpse and magically brought him
back to life for like the 10th EIN in the last three weeks good ass kneel pray
why even tells him that he is now safe once again
unfortunately mercy the buzzer immediately rips rambly rabbit apart
once again it was a quick segment and I enjoy it mostly because of rambly Robbie
but it wasn’t really much built for adiphene that versus Seth Rollins match
in this whole segment do Gulick attempted to continue his PowerPoint
presentation about braun strowman and tyson theory before his match against
kalisto who defeated him with the help of braun strowman
then went on to beat up to a good luck a little bit more and cut a promo Tyson
Fury we are Michael Cole with an interview in
the ring with Daniel Bryan asking him if the yes movement is back
how come Sami Zayn because it is Smackdown Sami Zayn edition and he cuts
a promo on Daniel Bryan telling him to move forward when he mentions can a
Kimora and to join them instead of reviving the yes movement with all of
these people who are not vegan with them Daniel Bryan refused to shake Sami
Zayn’s hand but left without saying a word so this is a storyline that’s gonna
develop we’re gonna see whether Daniel Bryan is gonna turn babyface or not but
at the end of the day he kind of already did I guess he just hasn’t accepted
we had a Niki cross defeating Mandy Rose who was with Sonya deville and we did
have Bailey and Sasha banks on commentary with Bailey playing a good
heal and Sasha banks literally in the shadows in Sasha banks no longer in the
spotlight she had a great return WWE should continue that momentum hopefully
they don’t slow down on it we are Campbell asked when Rey Mysterio coming
out to the ring and for some reason they left Dominic on the backstage area well
we know that Brock Lesnar is around rightfully so common sense tells us that
Brock Lesnar is gonna talk Dominic and he does he brews him up Rey Mysterio
came by last square Ronson was the backstage to get Dominic everything
leads into the medical room which then Brock lies don’t attack everyone from
behind running down came the last quote what a trash can throwing Rey Mysterio
towards the wall and fi became the last went to Dominic knocking them both to
the floor after all of this and after we come back from commercial Kane’s angrily
yelling into a camera in Spanish about Brock Lesnar instead of just looking for
him and in the main event we got Roman reigns and shorty G with his WWE 2k 20
randomized glitched attire and Ally defeating King corporations can a Kimora
and Cesaro very good back and forth we suite certain superstars like King
Corbin and shorty G and Roman reigns and Cesaro in the end of course
Cesaro who is not gonna be part of the match
ultimately takes the pen for expected but Elise’s our would look like a
million bucks even though he always does while getting defeated
now after Smackdown live one off the air Roman reigns was in an interview for WWE
backstage where reigns was answering question in the locker room and he ended
up getting attacked by King Corvin which is all leading to next week match as
both of these guys are set to go one-on-one
next Friday just one day after being in the crown jewel five-on-five match
anyways guys that is what went down on Smackdown live with although star power
that the ended up having in the show I do feel like WWE could have done better
and some of the decision may were a bit illogical an extremely awkward segment
will like Rey Mysterio Kimball ask away with Brock lesner
compared to previous weeks I’m gonna give this wicked thumbs down but let me
know your thoughts down in the comments below don’t forget to hit those
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