WWE Champion Injury UPDATE! Kevin Owens SHOOTS On WWE! | WrestleTalk News July 2019

WWE Champion Injury UPDATE! Kevin Owens SHOOTS On WWE! | WrestleTalk News July 2019

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Bang in the Middle, SmackDowner, and A Smack in the Face. This is the 9th of July 2019
edition of SmackDown Live – the go home edition for Extreme Rules!
The show opened with the night’s biggest story – Kevin Owens’ ‘shooting from the
hip’ style comments on WWE. Pew pew. It kicked off with Dolph Ziggler arriving at
the building and getting into a scuffle with Owens who interrupted his interview. Shane
ordered Owens to leave, but KO came out to cut a promo for the crowd – where he essentially
buried the McMahon’s hollow promo from back in December where they promised things would
change and we’d be The Authority now. It was all scripted of course, and clearly signed
off by Vince McMahon himself, but hearing a guy like Owens vent the frustrations of
WWE fans on a live WWE product was quite liberating. He brought up names like Apollo Crews and
Buddy Murphy not getting on TV, as all we’ve had since December is more and more Shane.
However like Beetlejuice, KO said his name one too many times and Shane appeared. Adding
even more realism to the segment, by ordering the production team to cut two different mics
that KO tried to use, leading to Owens stealing Byron Saxton’s headset to continue his rant.
This was a fantastically chaotic opening to the show. You can’t do it every week, but
this felt so different to every opening to Raw and Smackdown in 2019.
The main event of the show was supposed to be KO vs. Dolph Ziggler, but Shane told Not
Renee that he’d cancelled that match and later told Ziggy Stardust he’d face Roman
Reigns instead. Roman Reigns on a Smackdown show? Well, it had to happen sometime.
If there is a downside to this, however, it’s that Owens has now become part of something
he was criticising the company for: The OmniShane. Shane is currently involved with The Revival,
Elias, Drew McIntyre, The Miz, Roman Reigns and The Undertaker, and now KO and Dolph Ziggler
have fallen into his vortex. That is far too many wrestlers to be involved with one guy.
Even if that one guy is the best in the world. But enough negativity, we got a really good
Finn Balor vs. Shinsuke Nakamura match – which was set up a couple of weeks ago. Nakamura
looked great here, with this match designed to rehab him after his pretty lousy second
half of 2018, and his forgettable tag run with Rusev. And credit to WWE, Nakamura did
feel different here. He felt new again, and he beat Balor with the Kinshasa in convincing
fashion. I cannot wait to see them do a full match on PPV.
After a recap of Joe vs. Kofi – where they blurred Kofi’s middle finger from last week
– Joe cut a promo saying he would win at Extreme Rules. Kofi later cut a promo with Kayla Braxton,
where he also said he would win. It’s a shame that Kofi is dealing with an injury
at the moment, as this was not the hottest go home angle for a WWE Championship match
I’ve ever seen. Speaking of segues, Kayla brought out Nikki
Cross and Bayley for a contract signing for their match on Sunday which also involves
Alexa Bliss. Nikki and Bayley said exactly the same things they’ve been saying now
for 2 months, and it led to Nikki beating Carmella quickly with her neckbreaker. Or
as I said on yesterday’s Raw Ramble, Necki won with a Nickbreaker. The key to this segment
was revealing that if Bliss and Cross won this Sunday, they would be co-champions.
They FINALLY recapped The Kabuki Warriors beating IIconics in Japan from a couple of
weeks ago, and Paige confronted the Women’s Tag Team Champions backstage about a future
title match – yeah, I forgot the belts existed too. Paige said the match will happen, but
didn’t specify when, because the writers obviously don’t care enough about the belts.
Becky Lynch and Alison Brie are on the cover of ESPN Magazine – will WWE get their own
award category for this too? And then New Day came out for a Tag Team Summit
with Heavy Machinery and tag champs The Planeteers. There was some funny comedy with Big E, and
a great promo from Bryan who told New Day that no one takes them seriously. Heavy Machinery
said they would win this Sunday because they’re blue collar solid, and Otis proved this in
some sense by beating Xavier Woods and Daniel Bryan in a triple threat. Which, despite getting
the shrink screen treatment, still had the match restarted when their respective partners
fought around ringside. That does not make sense.
Ember Moon continued her bland feud with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, who blandly challenged
her to a tag match next week. Who cares? Prince Ali, yes it is he, then cut a promo.
Said that when, he was a cop, he fought some monsters. This was more great stuff from Ali,
who said that evil only wins if you don’t show up for a fight. With him bringing up
demons one would think he’d be targeting Finn Balor, but he’s currently tied up with
Nakamura, so it will be interesting to see where Ali goes when he finally comes back
to the ring. Aleister Black had a split screen interview,
and found out that Cesaro was the man who knocked on his door – which was reported by
WrestleVotes a few weeks ago – and Black was happy they’ll have a match this Sunday.
And he’s not the only one. You know I could be down on this being another Raw vs. Smackdown
match, but it’s Aleister Black vs. Cesaro so I don’t really care about the rules.
Shelton Benjamin continued his very weird gimmick, and Roman Reigns took on Dolph Ziggler
in the show’s main event, which featured the usual OmniShane interference, but got
great by the end with Roman wiping them all out with dives, a Stunner by Owens to Shane
in the ring, and a spear by Roman for the win. This was wild stuff, and a great way
to end the show. And it was a really fun show, overall. Apart
from the Bayley/Nikki Cross stuff, there wasn’t anything really bad. Owens cut a great promo,
the main event was fun, Nakamura is back to his best, and we’re getting Aleister Black
vs. Cesaro on PPV! This week’s SmackDown Live, is SmackTastic.
And now over to Pete, with the news. Great review Luke! I’m still here filling
in for Oli as he’s on holiday, the selfish bastard. As Luke mentioned in his review, Cesaro was
revealed to be the man who knocked on Aleister Black’s door, proving the previous WrestleVotes
reports to be correct. Some fans had been speculating that the mystery
knocker man may be a returning Bray Wyatt after the culmination of his Firefly Funhouse
segments, and while this wasn’t the case, reports from Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling
Observer Radio are stating that Wyatt has been backstage for weeks now, and his return
is expected “any day now”. The belief is that they’re simply waiting
for the Extreme Rules PPV to be out of the way before they bring him back. Interestingly,
a brand hasn’t been chosen for Wyatt, not that it particularly matters these days, so
we could be seeing him make his return on the Raw or SmackDown after Extreme Rules,
leading to a SummerSlam program. I for one am hoping for a Universal Championship program
with Seth Rollins, which Wyatt wins. Speaking of winning, and it’s kind of hard
to tell who won in an actual shoot confrontation between AEW’s Joey Janela and former WWE
star Enzo Amore. The pair had been feuding back and forth on Twitter for a while, and
at a Blink 182 concert (Blink 182 are still around?), Janela walked up to Amore and introduced
himself, holding his hand out for a handshake. Amore didn’t take kindly to this, slapping
Janela’s hand down and putting his fists up ready for a fight. Depending on who you
listen to, they either proceeded to have the “s****iest fist fight ever”, or Janela
walked away. Both Enzo and Janela have spoken about the situation on Twitter at length,
so I would recommend checking their respective pages out if you’re interested. Enzo Amore made himself even more infamous
in the eyes of wrestling fans in April this year, when he and the former Big Cass seemingly
did a shoot run-in at the G1 Supercard at Madison Square Garden. Speaking of Madison Square Garden, and it’s
now been revealed that for the first time in over ten years, WWE will be holding TV
tapings at the venue. Tensions had been high between WWE and MSG,
as they began taking bookings for other wrestling promotions, starting with the aforementioned
G1 Supercard in April. Now though, WWE is returning for TV tapings of both Raw and SmackDown
on September 9th and 10th. Coincidentally, and I’m sure this has nothing
to do with it, AAA will be holding an event at MSG on September 15th, five days afterwards. Considering WWE tend to do tapings in larger
arenas than what MSG can hold, could this be a reflection of declining event attendance,
or just a play to get back into MSG’s good books, or both? Someone that will no doubt be hoping to perform
at the shows is current WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. It was reported that Kingston had
injured himself and missed the SmackDown live event that took place on Monday. Kofi was
seen on last night’s episode of SmackDown, but he didn’t wrestle, only cutting a backstage
promo. The reported injury he sustained was something regarding “back issues”. With Extreme Rules looming this Sunday, it
was unclear whether Kingston would be able to compete at the show. Now however, there’s
been an update on the situation. Mike Johnson of PWInsider is reporting that
the belief backstage in WWE is that Kingston will be fit and ready to go by this Sunday,
which is why they are still promoting Samoa Joe vs Kingston for the WWE Championship. This will come as a relief for many fans,
as WWE may have booked themselves into a corner if Kingston was not able to perform. Luckily,
we get to see the match happen and Kingston’s injury is not too serious. Power of positivity! If you still haven’t checked out ScreenStalker’s
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49 thoughts on “WWE Champion Injury UPDATE! Kevin Owens SHOOTS On WWE! | WrestleTalk News July 2019

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