WWE CHANGE WrestleMania 34 Match After FAN OUTRAGE! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2018

WWE CHANGE WrestleMania 34 Match After FAN OUTRAGE! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2018

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that movie voiceover guy everyone hated- WWE Change WrestleMania 34 Match
On this week’s Raw, WWE announced WrestleMania 34 will host the first ever women’s version
of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal… and that it would be named after The Fabulous
Moolah. In the announcement’s video package, WWE
presented Moolah as an all-time great, a pioneer of women’s wrestling… but in truth, the
reality is quite the opposite. Her career is littered with accusations ranging
from professionally selfish to downright illegal. She’s blamed for holding back the style
of women’s wrestling for decades, for scrapping WWF’s women’s tag team title belts in
the 80s, and for being the key player in WWF’s first screwjob – over a decade before Montreal. But most horrific are the allegations from
her former students, like Mad Maxine’s to Pro Wrestling Sheet: “She skimmed their
money, she ignored women who were badly hurt, she pimped women out to creepy men and on
and on.” Considering these allegations and the MeToo
women’s rights movement going on right now, it’s absolutely baffling why WWE would champion
Moolah as a pioneer of women’s wrestling. Backlash isn’t just a pay-per-view name,
it became a Change.org petition. The reaction became so visceral, that WWE
took the rare step of disabling comments for the announcement’s video on their YouTube
channel – a video that has since been removed completely. Possibly because that Change.org petition
got the attention of WrestleMania’s sponsors Snickers – who issued a statement to Wrestling
Inc: “We were recently made aware of the World
Wrestling Entertainment Inc’s (WWE) decision to honor a former wrestler during the upcoming
WrestleMania 34 event. As a principle-based business that has long
championed creating inclusive environments that encourage and empower everyone to reach
their full potential, this is unacceptable. We are engaging with the WWE to express our
disappointment.” Following that statement, WWE then announced
they’d change the Battle Royal’s name. “After further consideration, we believe
it’s best to proceed with the name ‘WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal.’ What remains most important is that this historic
match is part of WWE’s unwavering commitment to the Women’s Division.” Stephanie McMahon quickly spun the whole fiasco
to make it about WWE listening to their fans rather than the company honouring a morally
bankrupt human being or seemingly being told to change it by their sponsor:
“Thank you @WWEUniverse for using your voice. What remains most important is that the “@WrestleMania
Women’s Battle Royal” will be a historic match and is part of @WWE’s unwavering commitment
to our Women’s Division. #WomensEvolution #ChangeTheName”
Which Snickers’ parent company Mars Wrigley Confectionery US – catchy name – applauded
in a statement to Deadspin: “We are very pleased that WWE has decided
to proceed with the name ‘WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal.’” Fascinatingly, it seems the Moolah outrage
didn’t just catch WWE by surprise, it also came as a shock to its female wrestlers – with
Wade Keller revealing on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast that one woman in WWE DM’d him to
say she didn’t know anything about the Moolah accusations until the online outrage began. The Moolah backlash might also affect future
plans for the company, with F4WOnline reporting “this reaction is being thought about a
lot” when it comes to honouring other wrestlers from the past, or even bringing back controversial
former stars like Hulk Hogan. Click the video to the left to watch the explosive
season finale of NGW! And make sure to tune into our 500K Day party
later today! I’ve been Oli Davis, and what does the red
button do?!

100 thoughts on “WWE CHANGE WrestleMania 34 Match After FAN OUTRAGE! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2018

  1. Been with you guys for over a year now, and always find myself checking every 10 minutes for new vids. Needless to say, you guys are great congrats on 500k and keep up the AWEsome work

  2. See, I have to call bullshit on them never bringing Hogan back, because if they stay the course and refuse to bring him back at all because he dropped the N bomb in the privacy of his own home, then Vince Mcmahon needs to fuck off because he himself has said it on god damn TV.

  3. So can we complain to Snickers about the Reigns vs Lesnar plans at Wrestlemania and they'll fix that for us too?

  4. Which endorsement do we have to complain to , in order to remove Roman Reigns from the main event at WrestleMania?

  5. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? If she is guilty then fair enough but prove it first, anyone can say anything these days and people will believe it without knowing if it's true or not. At this stage it's just "accusations". If people were confused by WWE advertising Moolah as being a pioneer in Women's wrestling? Ummmm that's because she is.


  7. Oli, Oli, Oli… You don't say "yada yada yada" if your just going to read the entire quote; it's a placeholder, like an ellipses.

  8. "As the Americans write it."
    And all this time I was wondering why the Americans always say to remember what happened on November 9th, 2001.

  9. Yeah even though I already know that Benoit will never be acknowledged in WWE ever again & this is the reason why. People made the right move to voice their opinion. As much as I am a fan of Benoit (The Wrestler & NOT THE REAL LIFE PERSON) I'm aware that my hope of acknowledgement of Benoit went from 5% to 0% real quick.

  10. WWE listening to their fans? HA HA HA that's rich. It's all about corporate image and the support of their sponsors.

  11. The problem with this is just about EVERYONE has "skeletons in their closet" or has said or done something they're not proud of. Is WWE or its fans going to have a kneejerk reaction whenever someone makes comments, about someone else, who is no longer alive to defend themselves?

  12. I don't at all condone the woman's actions. But you can't take away the fact that by hook or by crook, she did open doors that might otherwise have stayed closed. Yes it was by morally and legally bankrupt actions but that's literally what this country is founded on

  13. Typical sjw Trying to ruin someone's reputation over accusations. This channel is the cnn of YouTube ,They just talk utter shit.

  14. You know I watched Raw Monday and when they showed Kid Rock going into the celebrity wing of the hall of fame in the video leading to the announcement they didn't show President Trump. I thought Vince was a Republican??? Is he scared the fake news may say something about it. How do you not showcase the fact that the President of the United States is in YOUR hall of fame???? Oh by the way, he hired your WIFE VINCE!!! She hasnt been shown the door yet. Stupid ass people in our country literally think he is the next Hitler. You fucking morons. Turn off the fake news and research something!!! President Trump is saving our country. The first scalp fell yesturday the firing of Andrew McCabe. The crooked FBI deputy director. By the end of this year a lot traitors will face military tribunals and one of them won't be President Trump but all of them well be deepstate traitors. Wait, Watch, see, learn something. He will go down as the greatest President in our countries history by far.

  15. This is what you to get more likes using one of the grestest stone cold steve austin. What a shame fuck you get a life bitch

  16. Enough of this liberal bulshit The Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal is what it should be I mean come on grow a fucking set of balls

  17. I think its ridiculous that people bitched and whined about them naming a battle royal after another legend.  Grow up people.  I thought it was awesome that they were doing it.

  18. The change had literally nothing to do with fan outrage. The only reason the change was made is because Snickers, their sponsor, took offence. WWE has indicated many times that they do not care what the fans think.

  19. BTW maybe you should do a video about how the only two races to ever be the main champion, as in Raw's world heavyweight championship, have been white or samoan. Rock is the only mixed race champ and he has on multiple occasions identified as strictly Samoan.

  20. Social Justice ruins everything. I am so sorry tired of outrage from people's who aren't even fans effecting events. Now WWE will allow me these people to who are now even fans to effect future wrestlers coming back? Ugh. Fu#k Social Justice

  21. Oh look, fans get mad with a damn good reason, what does WWE do? They disable comments on the video where they express their indignation….they actually try to CENSOR the fans…something they've done quite a while over the years actually. But a sponsor gets mad, money get involved and all of a sudden EVERYTHING changes. What are the odds? And they were surprised because once again they don't realize the passion most wrestling fans have means they have knowledge AND long term memory, while clearly they think they're selling a product to people with the span of attention of a spoon. Seriously, FUCK THEM.

  22. Since when is it guilty until proven innocent? Did everybody forget its easy to say anything about anyone. It's called lies lol. She isn't even alive to defend herself. The woman is dead and it's just ok to bury her career with no proof.

  23. Ah yes. Fabulous Moolah. What kind of 'dirt' do you think she had on Vince? (Snr & jnr). I'd be willing to bet that Vince K 'went there'…… in the 70's….

  24. Ok so Fans are outraged over Moolah name but isn't Outraged Trump is in the wwe Hof who is a Rapist and a racist and a bigot and a Misogynistic. Pat Patterson a child rapist and molester. Hulk Hogan a racist. Ect and now Kid rock another racist is joining the HOF

  25. Ok i don't care about Hulk Hogan that much. I am an Ultimate Warrior fan so.. Speaking on behalf being a brethren of the business, & not how he used it, i think NON-Hogan fans can look pass what happened for who he is as a person, ya there are those who give him a negative look, but you have the people that say he's ok when you get to know him. I can still see some people upset about it, but it is what it is. Bring Hogan back! He's cool. But Moolah, man fuck that old bitch! Btw Stephanie McMahon is sorta pimping the women out already. She just isn't telling them who to fuck

  26. Are they fucking kidding me? They changed the name because a bunch of whiny ass fucking women bitched?

    Who am I kidding. Of course they fucking did.

  27. Moolah was a heel and u pencil neck geeks don't get the fact that she was keep in kayfabe alive… #realheel #changethenamebacktomoolah

  28. If anyone was wondering why WWE is so boring to watch these days I have 3 answers for ya! First one are videos like this. Not that it's a bad video but it's a major spoiler. We have all the answers before a PPV even begins which sucks for real wrestling fans. Second.. There are way too many guys on the current roster. Back then we had Rock, Austin, HHH, HBK & The Undertaker leading the roster. That's 5 guys. Now we have Roman, Rollins, AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman, Dean Ambrose, The Miz, John Cena, Rusev, Baron Corbin, ETC..Who's leading the brand. 3rd.If you grew up in the 90s late 2000s PPVs were a special thing to watch. There was no WWE Network which made the PPV feel more important to watch. It was elevated to a higher level because well, some of us couldn't watch it lol. But when we got the chance to it was magic. I remember my parents paying to watch WrestleMania 14. It was talked about in school & everything. I'm not suggesting we go back to the old ways of watching PPVs on cable, but PPVs doesn't have that spark anymore beings we can just turn on our game systems & watch it like it's Raw Or Smackdown. The stage sets were different & commentary was gold. But you guys know these [email protected]

  29. well that was dumb lol i mean i guess they had to change the name but they couldnt find any other name

  30. WWE can do the Chris Benoit memorial battle royal, the Screw Bret Match, The Von erich Suicide match, etc. Seriously WWE needs to make better decisions.

  31. Why not just call it the Mae Young Memorial Battle Royal? May Young is truly a pioneer and deserves to be remembered as such.

  32. This is stupid Moolah died in 2007 and she can’t even defend herself. People need to stop this bullshit of using everyone’s past against them. Especially when it happened decades ago when people lived differently. And besides you assholes thought “pimpin ain’t easy” was funny before.

  33. PLEASE NOTICE MEEEE 😭: Question: (ok ive seen this a million times) whose to say Rousey doesnt turn on Angle and join HHH and Steph like Rollins or Big Show???

  34. “We listened to our fans because we are too stupid to know who we are pushing as good and historic people”……….rousey anyone?

  35. The WWE have forgotten Chyna who showed that women can wrestle with men & shouldn't be segregated to just wrestle each other but anyone they feel they can compete with!!!

  36. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! snickers#diabetesfactory Eliminates the greatest female champion ever as a movement for women! LOLOLOLOLOOL!!!!! Don't ask how sausage is made! nor Snickers!

  37. everything thats wrong with the world today in 4 minutes and 46. find something that might offend somebody and then nuke it with pseudo political correctness.

  38. I wouldnt mind if they removed the womans division

    seriously though, i always skip the womens stuff, they dpnt amuse me

  39. This is sooo stupid ! Even if Moolah was a bad person in a personal life (according to what certain people said), she and Mae Young made women wrestling ! She paved the way for the female athletes we have in WWE today, it's because of her and her friend Mae Young that people started to take women wrestling seriously. It would have been normal to honor her, as it would be normal to honor women like Sable or Chyna ! WWE and shitty people disdain and delete some persons because of their errors and forget the positive things they did and what they give to wrestling industry and to women superstars…Shame !

  40. Fans had nothing to do with it, SNICKERS wouldn't be their sponsor so wwe did what it does best, and that is kiss their sponsors ass!!!!! The things they do for money….. suck- ups

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