WWE CLASH OF CHAMPIONS 2019 Full Match Card Preview & Predictions

thank you guys so much for joining me
again here on the channel this is gonna be your class of the Champions preview
and predictions video for this Sunday ladies and gentlemen clash of the
champions you say clash of the champions you know WWE Vincent man have some nerve
to call this pay-per-view clash of the champions ladies and gentlemen we have
champions we have champions in the WWE folks this fucking pay-per-view should
be called clash of the worthless champions because these championships
are worthless they’re absolutely worthless these
championships have no prestige whatsoever in 2019 you want to call this
fucking paper you clash of the champions give me a break ladies and gentlemen do
I even have to go over these worthless championships on this fucking card we
have eleven matches on this car ladies and gentlemen eleven matches on this car
we have the cruiserweight championship being put on the line we all know what
we think about two or five alive and their fucking cruiserweight championship
it’s worthless don’t get me started with these tag team titles and this fucking
worthless tag team division Smackdown live tag team championships are gonna be
on the line and the raw tag team championships are gonna be on the line
the hot potato United States Championship one minute
Rousseff has it the next minute schinsky Nakamura has it then fucking AJ Styles
has it this title has been fucking hot potato for the last fucking eight
fucking months the Intercontinental Championship my god
this title used to be prestigious when the honky Tonk Man had it and the Macho
Man Randy Savage and Bret the Hitman Hart right now the Intercontinental
title is around schinsky Nakamura we don’t know how bad schinsky Nakamura has
been buried in this company and he makes the title look even fucking worse the
Smackdown Live Women’s Championship do I have to go over this women’s division to
Smackdown live Women’s Championship is god off and so is the raw women’s
championship to the WWE Championship do I have to go over the WWE Championship
the WWE potato Championship because because Kofi Kingston has just made this
title look absolutely bad with him playing with his fucking pancakes ladies
and gentlemen and the universal title the universal title that Brock Lesnar
has buried to the fucking absolute ground when he was Universal champion
for the last fucking two years do I even have to get started with the universal
title ladies and gentlemen class of a champions
great fucking champions we have into WWE in 2019 clash of the war for this
champions is what this paper you should be called because these titles are
absolutely worthless ladies and gentlemen ww all they care about is the
fucking pop is the fucking rating and they don’t build these championships
they don’t even build the champions I don’t even know why we even having this
fucking pay-per-view called clash of the champions give me a fucking break
ladies and gentlemen this pay-per-view this pay-per-view has been built so
poorly just like the fucking previous pay-per-views with this fucking company
do you care about this paper you and any of these Championships being put on the
line let Jim ask yourself that question ask yourself that question I’m shocked
at the fucking 24/7 title is not on this fucking pay-per-view but you know we’re
gonna have multiple multiple 24/7 title segments on this show
I guarantee that ladies and gentlemen the only thing lady gentlemen the only
thing that I am intrigued about this pay-per-view this Sunday
hey seeing the fucking pancake man get RKO to oblivion and Randy are becoming
the new WWE Champion that’s the only thing that I am looking forward to this
Sunday ladies and gentlemen Kofi Kingston and his pancakes have to go
they have to go we need a legitimate legitimate and I
don’t care how many Kofi Kingston marks all there and all these Kofi Kingston
bang Waggoner’s ever since fucking WrestleMania I don’t care who the fuck I
trigger Kofi Kingston is a god-awful WWE Champion he is Kofi mania is dead okay
it was fun when it happened at WrestleMania was something different
that’s it it’s time for him to drop this title at the clash of the champions to
Sunday to Randy Orton we need to go into fucking Fox with a legitimate WWE
Champion and Randy Orton is that guy ladies and gentlemen but folks we have
eleven matches on this card and is not one match that I am fucking intrigued
and watching that I am excited I can legitimately say my god I cannot wait to
see fucking Steph Rollins take out Brock Strommen for the universal title my god
I cannot wait to see fuckin Bailey and her fucking dolls in her fucking
ponytail take on fucking Charlotte Flair oh my god I cannot wait to see Roman
reigns versus ever-growing and a fucking Disqualification match No
Disqualification match I should say how about the fucking mace versus chintz
Kane Nakamura for the Intercontinental title why are they doing this match why
are they doing this match we’re doing this match because we don’t want Chris
Jericho to have the fucking record of being the fucking the the most one
Universal champion of all time that’s why we’re having this match it’s all
about a fucking agenda isn’t anything about the fucking title AJ Styles shit
Cedric Alexander that should be a good match I’ll give you that one
Steph Rollins and Bronson rivers Dolph Ziggler Bobby Roode Robert Roode or
whatever the fuck his name is nowadays the new day versus the revival how many
times how many times have we seen that magic vision yet Alexa piece and Nikki
cross vs. fire and desire Sonya deville Mandy Rose full of full of fucking women
Tag Team Championships cruiserweight champion true black gulick and herberto
versus fucking lance and dorado I don’t care I just don’t care I just don’t care
ladies just I just don’t care legit but let’s get right into it people let’s get
right into the preview predictions we do for clash of the champions this Sunday
we’re gonna start with the fucking cruiserweight title my god I’ve heard
rumors that they’re gonna get rid of this 205 alive division and they’re
gonna put these 205 live guys on either NXT Smackdown live or Monday Night Raw
they have to do something they have to pull the trigger on this 205 live Brad
because no one cares about 205 live we don’t we just don’t
and drew google act being the fucking champion is making the title look even
fucking worse true Gulick versus hobart oh and Lanson Dorado I don’t even know
where to start with this match people nor do I care if I’m picking someone to
win this match I want Herbert so to win the fucking
match because in the ring he’s fucking great I love Herbert oh I’ve seen him
from he was coming out from NXT every fucking match this guy has is fucking
great he’s athletic as fuck drew Kulak is a charisma vacuum he is a charisma
vacuum and he’s making the fucking title look bad he’s making the title look bad
he’s not elevating the title whatsoever put the title on Alberto and be done
with it I’m picking up Berto to beat drew Gulick
and Lance in tirado do you care novena the women Tag Team Championships Alexa
piss and Nicki Cross vs. fire and desire mandy Rosen Sonya Deville well ladies
and gentleman this is a tough one to pick because we have blondes on both
teams we have the blonde Alexa piss on Nicki crosses team and then we have the
other blonde which is hot as fuck Mandy rose and I’m sorry yeah Mandy rose and
Sonya deville so this is a tough one the big but if I’m picking one since they
have been promoting Alexa bliss and Nicki cross for fucking god knows how
long these girls have been getting matches after matches after matches at
the match I’m picking Alexa pace and Nicki Cross to be fire and desire in a
worthless boring match moving on a match that I’ve seen a hundred gazillion times
to Smackdown life Tag Team Champions the new day and they’re fucking pancakes
versus the revival versus the revival um correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t a
revival on Monday Night Raw why are they challenging for the SmackDown live tags correct me if I’m wrong if I’m wrong let
me know in the comment section down below but is it the revival on Monday
Night Raw why are they challenging for the Smackdown live tag team
championships correct me if I’m wrong ladies gentlemen I don’t care about this
match this is going to be a bathroom break match I have seen these teams in
the ring so many times that I just do not care seeing him in the ring again
nor do I care about the Smackdown live tag team championships but if I’m
picking a team to win this match I’m picking the new day to win because the
new day are the Roman reigns of the tag team division they are they get tag-team
opportunity after tag team out between the after tag-team championship
opportunity of the tag team championship opportunity so why wouldn’t they be the
fucking Roman reigns of the tag team division the new day win this match and
bury the revival even more moving on the raw tag team championships a team that
is fucking toll polar opposites Stef Rollins and braun strowman versus Dolph
Ziggler and Robert Roode ladies and gentlemen Steph Rollins and braun
strowman are handcuffing the tag team division they are sacrificing the tag
team championships to build their worthless feud for the universal title
how many times have we seen this script done we saw it done with Steph Rollins
and Dean Ambrose when they would tag team champions right we’ve seen it done
with many other fucking guys they’re about to feud for a big match or for a
big title they put them together and they put the tag team titles on them to
sacrifice attacked in division that make any sense Lee well this is what they’re
doing again ladies and gentlemen Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode I’m believing
are gonna win this match because they have to take the titles off of step
rollers and brought strowman they have to there’s no way that these guys are
gonna walk out of clash of the champions the tag team champions they cannot be
Dolph Ziggler and Robert will have to win this match either braun strowman
turns on step for all those that Rollins turns on braun strowman something has to
give but the tag team titles have to come off
stavros and Bradshaw I’m picking Dolph Ziggler and Robert
root to win the raw Tag Team Championships moving on the United
States Championship I think there’s gonna be the match of the night AJ
Styles were Cedric Alexander Cedric Alexander just beat AJ Styles on Monday
Night Raw clean beat him clean one two three in the 10-man tag match but the
OSI is dlc and AJ Styles makes the OSI look look good and him being the United
States Champion makes OSI look good but with that being said I don’t think AJ
Styles needs a title he doesn’t need a title he is AJ Styles
put the fucking title Cedric Alexander let him defend that shit against an
Alistar black against the Samoa Joe against the fucking Ric issue so we can
start building this title we need to start building these titles back up
we have Fox coming up we have a W on our on our fuckin asses we need to start
building these titles and hopefully WWII and let’s add Cedric Alexander win and
become the United States Champion I’m picking Cedric Alexander to stun the
world and beat AJ Styles for the United States title moving on the
Intercontinental Championships shitski Nakamura versus the means ladies and
gentleman we all know why this match was done this match was done because the one
they want the maze to break Chris Jericho’s record as being the one who is
one day in tuganda title as the most the most times Chris Jericho’s money it’s
kinda tell the most of all time and they want the miss to break that record
that’s the only reason this match had been put put together that’s it and
she’d say Shinsegae Nakamura’s gonna get sacrificed like a fucking lamb for this
fucking agenda Shinsegae Nakamura The Miz beat schinsky Nakamura and the mrs.
your new Intercontinental Champion a match that I don’t care about and nor
should you the fucking Roman Empire versus Eric Rowan
we all know who’s gonna win this match it’s predictable the Roman Empire is
going to hit the spear to Superman punch and that’s it this match is probably
five minutes long tops I don’t see her growing getting any type
of fucking offense on Roman reigns and if he does it’s gonna be a same old
Roman reigns match Roman reigns gonna get beat up for fucking five to ten
minutes and then he’s gonna hook up and he’s gonna hit the spear and his
Superman punch Eric Rowan is not beating Roman reigns living on the Smackdown live Women’s
Champions championship Bailey versus Charlotte Flair Charlotte Flair is the
Roman reigns of the women’s division Charlotte Flair is a blonde with big
tits she has an advantage on Bayley for being a blonde with big tits and plus
she is shot she is Ric Flair’s daughter Bailey is losing her smackdown like
women’s championship people she’s losing it Charlotte Flair becomes your new ten
times ten times ten times Smackdown live Women’s Champion the
Royal Women’s Championship Becky Lynch versus versus off Sasha banks Sasha
banks is apparently a heel she’s back she’s coming to lift his women’s
division up miss fucking Becky Lynch has had this title since WrestleMania
she needs to drop the title that’s enough of this Becky Lynch demand
bandwagon because it’s slowly dying a slow death Charlotte Flair I’m sorry
Sasha banks needs to win this match Andrey lifts this women’s division I’m
picking shocked at Sasha banks to beat Becky Lynch one two three in the middle
of the ring and the boss is back on top moving on the WWE Championship the
fucking pancake man versus the Viper Randy Orton the Viper Randy Orton RKO
out of nowhere Kofi Kingston loses I’m even predicting
possibly the new day turning on Kofi King
in this match the possibility I think it would be a fucking excellent cliffhanger
let’s have biggie or Xavier woods turn on fucking Kofi Kingston and shove the
fucking pancakes down his fucking throat I would love to see that people I think
that will make the fucking biggest pop of the night if the new day
Kofi fucking a big E and Xavier woods turn on Kofi Kingston and cost cost Kofi
Kingston and his pancakes batter or his fucking pancakes with fucking
blueberries on top the fucking WWE Championship it’ll be money people
absolute money let’s fucking make it happen
Big E and Xavier woods turn on Kofi Kingston and Randy our wins the WWE
Champion that’s what I’m going with you’re not the universal championship
and last but not least the universal championship Steph Rollins versus Brown
fucking strowman we already seen the advertisement the feed has said it
himself that he’s coming for the universal title ladies and gentlemen we
saw advertisement for Steph Rollins versus the Fein at Hell in a Cell so
that’s probably what’s gonna happen braun strowman is just at the wrong
place at the wrong time every fucking time when it comes to the universal
championship he was in the wrong place in the wrong time when he was fighting
brock lesnar for the university of Campeche he got buried he got sacrificed
like a little fucking lamb then he won the fucking money in the bank and he got
used as a fucking puppet to be fuckin thrown outside in the ring during
brockless turn and fucking roman reigns match because the fans were trying to
not fuckin uh they put braun strowman in that match to think that he’s gonna
clash cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase during the match braun
strowman’s not winning university no I don’t think he’s ever gonna win the
universal title I don’t even want him near to universal title Steph Rollins
wins he beats braun strowman the fiend the fiend
fiend probably is going to show up during this match either he’s going to
distract braun strowman or he’s gonna help Steph Hollins I don’t know but the
fene well I think we’re gonna see the fiend there in this match somewhere
somehow but at the end of the day several is gonna retain his title and
we’re gonna have Steph round some bursted feet at Hell in a Cell for the
universal championship I’m picking stat wrongs to beat Brunnstrom still be your
universal champion well ladies and gentlemen that’s all I have that is your
2019 clash of the champions preview & prediction 2013-2014

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